iOS 6.1.4 battery life issues hit iPhone 5, various fixes


When a new operating system is released for modern mobile devices, the end user can experience problems, and now since the iOS 6.1.4 update some battery life issues have hit some owners of the iPhone 5 with various fixes offered by users.

Apple released the update a few days ago to update the audio profile of the speakerphone, but since then there are a growing number of users that are complaining of worsening battery drain on their device.

The last update that Apple released for the platform, iOS 6.1.3, seems to have caused a bigger issue than this one but users have taken to the Apple Support Communities complaining of problems. Users are reporting that the battery is draining down before their eyes losing about 1% every couple of minutes.

Some have suggested that to fix the problem they should hard reset the handset before restarting and restoring, but some have stated this still doesn’t work. Other users are complaining that they lose 50% of battery life while the handset is laying idle overnight.

One owner turned off all of the data services on the handset before power cycling the device that has seemed to have fixed the problem for that user, an all of the users have stated the problem only started after installing the new firmware to their iPhone 5.

It does seem though that the battery life issue isn’t as widespread as the previous update but it has only been a few days.

Have you had any issues since updating to iOS 6.1.4?


16 thoughts on “iOS 6.1.4 battery life issues hit iPhone 5, various fixes”

  1. I really don’t know how come that so many people have battery issues, my iPhone 5 is on one charge about one day(24h), with intense use… From this last update, it’s a bit shorter, but in a sense of lasting 17-20hrs with heavy use. I would like to know where is the difference, I have A 1429 GSM model for international use…64GB. Maybe we should find out if some devices are inferior?! Really don’t know…

  2. Joe M says:

    I am just experiencing battery life issues with my I phone 5. I used to get a good 12/14 hours intensive use, since the IOS 6.1.4 update on Saturday, I get a couple of hours then the battery life falls off a cliff, very annoying and disappointing!

  3. Since the newst update, battery life sucks, goes just about 6 hours using the phone or not and then near death…. Apple, PLEASE help this. It’s f***ked. It’s like every app has been turned on to suck the life out of the battery.

    I had 2 plus hours per my battery life and then in 20 minutes it died only needing to be fully charged….


  4. Logan says:

    I’m having some serious battery life issues as well. I usually use my phone as an alarm, and I went to bed with about 30% battery life, and then woke up late because my phone was dead after about 5 hours on standby. I’m glad that it’s just a software thing, I was seriously unimpressed with this battery life (I just switched up from an iphone 4)

  5. stef says:

    What the hell is wrong with this battery. why did i even upgrade to the iphone 5? it dies twice a day and even overnight it depletes 30% even when im not touching it.

  6. Martin S says:

    With IOS 6.1.4 my fully charged iPhone 5 goes down to 30% during the night.
    I killed all the apps before. Sometimes the phone gets warm even if I don’t use it, stays warm and after 20mins shuts down. Something is terribly wrong here. I want the speakerphone problem back! 😉

    1. stuwilso says:

      absolutely – since i installed the upgrade my battery is dead in 3 hours whereas before 5 days ago it would last all day

      does anyone know if we can uninstall theupdate?

  7. Chris says:

    Just upgraded from 4 to 5 thought I made a huge mistake. Removed my exchange email, (just haven’t reset it), turned off email notifications and turned off auto brightness. Battery life is much better but still not as good as my 4.

  8. Soots says:

    Updated to .4 and lost the microphone. Nobody could hear me on a phone call unless I used speakerphone or BT. Voice Memo could not hear me either

  9. kaan tokat says:

    i am having the same issues with the battery right after upgrading to ios 6.1.4
    battery dies in only 3-4 hrs following a full charge. this is just ridiculous. tried every possible remedey alternative offered in forums but no improvement whatsoever

  10. Rajeshkanna Jayaprakash says:

    My phone is 5 days old and i am so fed up with battery life. I disabled all data settings and location services and i have nothing in notification center for any push notification. But still i lost 40% of the battery in half a day with just 5 mins of voice call and 15 mins of texting. Phone was idle the rest of the time and when i used i had brightness at around just 10-15% this is my first iPhone and totally disappointed as i saw battery to last a full day of normal usage in the internet. I am totally fed up with apple. What should i do now ? I am a student and invested an year’s savings of mine to get this phone. I am totally fed up. Someone please help me.
    iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
    My speaker for calls is performing to the worst possible level. Worse than my rs.3500 worth samsung chat 3222. In india iPhone 5 costs rs. 45500.
    There is a bug with voice control. It gets on randomly without even touching while watching video or playing temple run. I will never buy an iPhone in my life. Ever again.

  11. Dustin says:

    well I took my phone off of the charger at 100% and then when I woke up it was at 82%. And when I had my other iphone I could do that and when I would wake up it would be still at 100%

  12. Tom Redhill says:

    My iPhone 5 cannot last a working day without recharging. It’s rubbish. I will have to replace it & I will not be getting an iPhone again. Problem only seems to be since IOS 6.1.4. I could try switching off wifi & 3G but then why have an iPhone??

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