iPhone 6, 5S release size matters most


If the results of a few polls on different social channels are anything to go by, then the iPhone 6 or 5S size matters most to potential buyers according to more than 1,500 voters. The results we have collected from general online users points to a number of iPhone 6, or 5S, features that users want most above all else.

It is still not clear if the next iPhone will be called iPhone 6 or 5S, but we will almost certainly be able to confirm the start of production next month just after WWDC 2013. This would allow for the normal production time of up to 3 months, which then would offer an iPhone 6 / 5S release date around September.

A bigger screen on the iPhone 6 – rumors point to a minor change in features this year, so we’d expect an iPhone 6 to arrive next year with a lot more changes to specs and design. The top feature shown within the polls reveal “a bigger screen” being the most demanded improvement, and while this isn’t for everyone it certainly met the desire of 38% (around 570 voters).

Built-in fingerprint scanner on iPhone 5S – if we go with the assumption that there’s going to be a minor updated named iPhone 5S this year, then the headline feature could be a built-in biometric fingerprint scanner. This is the opinion of many analysts and claimed from so-called insiders leaking information over the past couple of months, but it is also the second most wanted feature for the next iPhone from online polls. 17% or around 255 people want a built-in fingerprint scanner to feature above everything else.

Other desired iPhone 6 or 5S features that could arrive with a release date this year, or next, include wireless charging at 240 votes, NFC/mobile payments at 210 votes and a cheaper iPhone price at 90 votes.

Do you agree with the majority, and if not what do you want to see change most on iPhone 6 or 5S? Other than hardware and specs, it is worth noting that some users aren’t happy with the lack of support for older iPhones. This worries some iPhone 4 users that would like support for iOS 7, but could end up being singled out from the upgrade thanks to the device being too old.

Sadly, it looks like a growing number of iPhone users are expecting a lack of innovation with the so-called iPhone 5S release pegged for a launch in fall. One reader stated, “the iPhone 5S will release completely useless, then a more innovative iPhone 6 will release later in 2014”. Do you agree with this line of thought, and what do you think about the desired features from the above poll results?


6 thoughts on “iPhone 6, 5S release size matters most”

  1. Dodurgali says:

    I like to have a phone that I could hold comfortably and safely in one hand. For me, the size is least important. Higher screen resolution, more durable or shatter-proof screen, faster processor and compatibility with global 4G networks are more important.

  2. Ed_Luva says:

    The best case scenario is that the next iPhone comes with both the NFC and fingerprint capabilities, which would then work together to support using the phone to pay for things. If the iPhone gets this ability, then more merchants and stores will be more likely to upgrade to accept NFC-based payments, making it a possibility for all NFC-equipped smartphones, like BlackBerry, Android, etc.!

  3. rene says:

    size matter plus global 4g, better hardware, and wireless charging, if they dont go with the flow, they will loose market share a lot quickly against samsung and android that for sure,and the their stock will be less value,

  4. iwanta5inchiphone says:

    I am sick of all the fanboys with their “i don’t need a bigger iPhone” BS… every Apple product comes in multiple sizes why do you small handed people need to monopolize the size of the device? Either Apple makes the change or i will go to Samsung and i have at least 20 friends that feel the same way. Six years ago i switched from Blackberry to Apple. I hope Apple gives me a reason to stay.

  5. wky says:

    iphone has it days which fans would like to see them back on. being a pioneer in technologies and feature. also in full control in it own development on both software & hardware. everyone wish to put their hope on the coming debut.

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