Sony Xperia S clarification for Jelly Bean update news


It has been a rollercoaster ride for Sony Xperia S owners looking for news on the Android Jelly Bean update, and even after promises for the new software arriving in May and rumors of a rollout, it looks like we’re back to square one.

Around 5 days have passed since we saw reports pointing to the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update landing on Sony Xperia S handsets. This was even confirmed by the official French Sony Xperia team, although our readers revealed their frustration and confusion for the upgrade during our last news update.

Shortly after hearing that confirmation from the French team, it seems this “was a mistake” according to a tweet on the official Sony Xperia DE channel. You can see that tweet below, which explains the Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean announcement was an incorrect update from their “colleagues”.


Sony Xperia S clarification for Jelly Bean update rollout — you can see another tweet below and this was published on the same Twitter account today. It clarifies how long the Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean upgrade can take to reach all devices, which is basically up to four weeks.


Have you received the Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean update yet? If you have seen the upgrade rollout, then please share your location and Android version in the comments. We have heard some people stating they’re in London, UK, and have the Jelly Bean update but others deny this is true, so your feedback is welcome below. Only a few days left in May, so with any luck things will start moving soon but remember the above tweet that explains how long the rollout can take.


43 thoughts on “Sony Xperia S clarification for Jelly Bean update news”

  1. prasho says:

    sony lost all their support …iam changing to HTC ..They are good in customer support .sony will regret for this,,because like me there are so many peoples…they will also change,we together convert more people to htc or apple…

  2. Savanto says:

    This Sony device has just drove me nuts, I can’t wait around for weeks for an update. It’s too slow, too laggy, it’s just insane, I was thinking about the galaxy S4

    1. xdir says:

      Back up your contacts then perform a repair, that sorted out my laggy/slow phone. Also remove the task killer, its buggy and automatically relaunches random apps, I installed ES task manager.

    1. xdir says:

      What makes it worse is that Sony took down Ericsson with them, Ericsson made great devices, the T68 was outstanding (still use it as a backup device) and the P900 was amazing.

  3. loplop says:

    haha i rather buy samsung because samsung knows how to please their smartphone users..unlike sony, they are so delayed on updates…

  4. shiva says:

    What a shame.why sony is manufacturibg mobiles if they cannot provide satisfactory support to customer.Now I will never buy any if sony mobile and advice other not to purchase its phone.

  5. vivek says:

    i ll never tell ne 1 to buy sony phone the update was scheduled in 1st quater
    its may end now
    and this phone is flagship of 2012 what a shame

  6. 2hats says:

    yep, SONY FAIL massively with this update to JB, I purchased this phone on release and every single update has failed to be on schedule, watching the other phones models updates roll out.

    1st and last handset from SONY. Shame i have 8 more months of contract to endure this terrible aftersales service.

  7. govind banglore says:

    sony has time launch new phones and tablets and dont have time to provide an update for their flagship phone. what a pitty.

  8. Bangalorean says:

    Every one is very frustrated and so i’m I, Samsung has released JB update 4.2 for S2, which is way behind Xperia s and sl in terms of hardware and we were the flagship of sony and we are receiving the older update and I’ve heard that this will be the last update for S and SL. They are planning to update Z and ZL which are today flagship, I feel cheated, I wish Sony goes down to hell. No more sony product for me, will not go with any sony product.

    1. Zed says:

      Please like his/her statement and let others see this. Stop buying any Sony product after this! We want Sony to be eliminated from this Earth.

  9. Goutham says:

    Hey Sony guys,

    Do you see the msg below. Do you have any words here. are you vanished…. SUP!!!

    !!!Hellow!! Knock knock knock….

  10. walling says:

    I HATE SONY. I hate their advertising and lies. I hate that I gave them money for a pile of rubbish. Stay silent, ignore your customers, fail to deliver on your advertising promises in every aspect. nobody is impressed with your pathetic service. idiots.

  11. xdir says:

    At its premier the Xperia S was demo’d as the flagship phone from Sony with ICS yet at its launch the OS was ginger bread and update support has been pathetic, EVERY SINGLE early adopter of the Xperia S did so under the impression it was either ICS ready or would get the update within days of launch, Sony screwed us all over – by deliberately using the older OS they will provide the 2 updates (ICS & JB) as per the rules of Android OS then drop all support for the S.
    The customer has been short changed with a phone that has been hamstrung by the manufacturer to be deliberately sub par.
    Shame on Sony, I for one will never buy another Sony phone and have already discouraged several would be purchasers of the Z.

      1. xdir says:

        Off course the update will arrive, but why so late and its not the 1st time. Xperia S was the flagship phone that was going to rival the S3 and it had the power but Sony just did not follow through with update support. The S3 was launched with ICS which means it will get Jelly Bean & Key Lime Pie (2 updates), by deliberately launching with the older Ginger Bread Sony will stop supporting S after Jelly Bean, which means Sony gave the S only 9months of OS support (Phone Launched in Mar 2012, JB released in Nov 2012).
        Its the like buying a brand new PC with Windows 8 on the label and find its running Windows 7, you complain and they install 8 but say if you want 8.1 you will have to buy a newer machine

  12. Bernie says:

    The aftersales support of Sony is damn pathetic. It just reveals how backward their support team is in terms of innovation and software updates. Yes their phones are physically handsome but inside is not. I was thinking of getting the Z but with this experience, nah. I’l get SGS4 instead.

  13. subhakar says:

    This is my last Sony product. Really fell like cheated. Shame on you Sony. Brands like micromax and cellkon are giving 4.2.2 update and u couldn’t even release 4.1.1 . Are you really such a waste brand. ?

  14. atul says:

    its really really a downfall started for sony. I am reading everywhere customer frustration, myself also feeling cheated, and who talks about being patient really don’t using his/her phone, or don’t bother about any update. i am huge sony fan and every gadget i bought is sony. but look, their led tv isn’t playing subs formats other than one, phone is not updating, customer service is poor. I don’t know where these guys are planning to land. go to hell sony.

  15. atul says:

    and yeah i didn’t add about removing wifi direct from xperia s , when even it was mentioned in their white paper on behalf of which some guys are planning for lawsuit case against sony, other xperia s ics does not have feature for
    How to change from MTP to mass storage mode.
    Sony if are seeing this you have lost one of your permanent customer. guys don’t buy sony product any more. seems like now Japanese are not any more honest people

  16. makiomilano says:

    This is a shame! I wont buy or recommend a Sony device ever. I have Xperia S and this is frustrating. And the worst thing, my phone is stuck in 2.3.7 cant upgrade to 4.0 – Samsung is a choice and maybe a Blackberry Z10 or Q10 (soon).

  17. kunal says:

    What an idiot I was to buy sony phone..pathetic after sale service…its been a long time sony is promising for upgrade … Xperia S was there flagship device for last year and this is how they care about their devices. F**K Sony…never buying it again.

  18. rajesh says:

    sony xperia is just an average phone. bottom 3 dots are really annoying thing. its sensitivity is very less. while using Instagram, or any other games, phone stop responding. instead of releasing jellybean, they can resolve this kind of problems first….!!

    1. Mick Smith says:

      had this xperia s since release let me begin, the phone is not slow it’s fine if you know how to close apps and stop your phone using less resources you will know exactly what i’m saying. As it is i don’t care if jelly doesn’t come out till next week not like the phone is unstable/unusable.. This is about the release of jelly not complaining about what you have now?

      1. rajesh says:

        im my opinion, releasing of JB is secondary. there are some other problems with the phone as i said. even if update to JB, this kind of problems never be solved. thats it…

  19. val says:

    I’ve got my Jelly Bean update in the Philippines.
    I re-install my PCC. Open wi-fi connection and attached my phone to the PC.
    Then update came rolling in. 🙂

  20. Val says:

    I rather have the ICS back…Jelly Bean drains my battery insanely. In less than a day my battery with less usage from 100% became 64%. Teach me how to downgrade. :((

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