iPhone 5 cover and conscious expectations


Making the additional purchase of an iPhone 5 cover means customers are expecting a significant uplift in style and function. When someone makes the decision to purchase an iPhone 5 cover they’re usually conscious of the fact that it’s likely to be at the expense of the exquisite look of the iPhone 5 itself. However, with the protection of the device on the line, it’s usually quite clear that an iPhone 5 cover needs to be bought.

It is therefore necessary to make sure that the value seemingly lost from one feature, in this case the original design, is at bare minimum matched in value gained from a feature of the iPhone 5 cover. Of these features there are many, but it’s worth exploring which of them have the most impact and why the value gained is enough to trump the apparent loss of look and feel.

The first and most obvious additional feature is protection. The faster and smoother the operating system gets, the more a new customer will want to protect their investment. Whether it’s from jangling keys or clumsy trips down the stairs, an iPhone 5 cover by Wrappz for example should protect the phone from the most commonplace mishaps and in some cases more grueling adventures.

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Several options exist to ensure you can take your phone to the depths of the ocean and the punishing heights of tricky rock surfaces, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into. In all these cases though, it’s important to note that the iPhone 5 cover does end up adding significant weight, height and thickness to the otherwise sleek design.

The other additional features are in fact, just additional features. There are a multitude of highly specific things an iPhone 5 cover can do to an ordinary device. Some of these features simply augment parts of the phone. For instance, several cases exist to increase the lens power of the existing camera or the battery life of a standard phone.

Other such features make for an added bonus function. These iPhone 5 covers are great for when your aim is to mount your device to a bike, strap it to your arm for a run, harness it while doing extreme photography or snap out a kickstand for an enjoyable viewing experience. While no iPhone 5 cover exists that enables all four of these features, individual functions can be enjoyed.

The primary feature all customers are looking to gain from an iPhone 5 cover is style. While most of the covers available do alter the shape and look of the device they do not necessarily fit with the personality of each individual using them. This then becomes a case of selecting the option with the most suitable feature and the most suitable colour scheme, rather than a real signal of style.

As such, there is an increasing demand for personalisation. No iPhone 5 cover speaks more clearly of its owner’s taste than one that’s actually been designed by the owner. Whether it’s by selecting pieces of art otherwise consigned for online consumption, or even the creation of one’s own designs, the customisation feature seems to be fulfilling style requirements better than most.

In fact, the ability to adorn an iPhone 5 cover with personal photos has resulted in the creation of an additional feature- sentiment. As gifts to loved ones or as keepsakes for one’s self, images of family, pets, moments and memories can turn a lifeless piece of technology into something to cherish.

Above all, what an iPhone 5 cover is expected to bring to the table is a better experience.

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