Sony Xperia SL and Acro S Jelly Bean update is ready


Earlier on today we reported that the Sony Xperia S Android Jelly Bean update started rolling out, and now we can add the Sony Xperia SL and the Xperia Arco S 4.1.2 JB roll out.

The world went crazy today when they heard about the Sony Xperia S Android Jelly Bean update, so much so our previous article covering the news has hit over 190 comments, it seems a lot of people are still waiting for their update.

If you own the Sony Xperia SL you will be notified when your Android JB 4.1.2 update is ready to download and install, if you cannot wait you can head on over to the Sony PC suite to see if it is ready.

This new Sony SL update was confirmed via the tweet shown above, and more good is to come for Sony Ion owners, because you will get the update soon too.

What ever country you are in please do let us know if you have received your Jelly Bean update on any of these devices: Sony Xperia S, SL or Arco S?

Please remember to let us know what device you have and what country you are in, the more information you provide the better, thanks all.


118 thoughts on “Sony Xperia SL and Acro S Jelly Bean update is ready”

  1. snh says:

    No update in Australia for acro s LT 26w. Its 10.58 am 31 05 2013. I think Australia and New Zealand are usually last to recieve most updates.

  2. Dior Hirai Ruado says:

    I have upgraded to JB yesterday on my Sony XS (from the Philippines), I just wanna have feedback if people would have reviews on what are the additional features that comes with this OS. Thanks!

  3. Dior Hirai Ruado says:

    So far what is so fascinating about the JB updated for Sony XS is fixing the camera auto focus problem, it has snapshot feature which takes pictures in .5 seconds, auto scene has been very sensitive in determining environment. The walkman feature has added options to look for the song in you tube (including lyrics), even to look for the song being played in google. Android beam (good news!) has been an added feature for this NTC capable device. Power management has been added to make sure data or wifi is not working if the phone screen is off (downloads though will continue till it’s finish), Google now works just fine, it gives you additional ‘cards’ to weather and whatever interest you have, google voice also is quite exciting (works like siri) will put additional if I can just have time to check out the other features..Hope someone can post an article or video of the added features as what I’m trying to discover would be the multi-tasking capability of JB in XS:) so far so good πŸ™‚ Follow me @thediored

  4. Julienne Kate V. Julianes says:

    Still no update here in the Philippines for my Xperia Acro S! In fact, I’ve been so problematic with my unit because no update have been installed since I updated it to ICS last year. Even minor updates cannot be installed! the status bar always says “initializing” and does not continue at all. Any help from Xperai Community is highly appreciated. thank you.

    1. Andrewfication says:

      its available .. dont use phone wifi to update .. use PC Companion .. automatic it detects the new update .. πŸ™‚ im from Bukidnon, Philippines!

  5. Robert Llobrera Jr. says:

    Just updated my phone last day. The update is nice but there is a problem with the video recording. I notice there is a noticeable frame drops in the video. They added the portrait video recording which is nice and when taking pictures, the camera is much much faster than the ICS though there’s still no improvements on the noise when taking pictures in low-light conditions. The layout is nice and also the added widget. I must say, the Sony UI has improved a lot due to the fact that it’s less cluttered.

  6. Andrewfication says:

    REMINDER TO THOSE WHO DIDNT GOT UPDATE YET! please use PC COMPANION! i didnt get new update on phone but when i plugged using PC Comp ..it automatically detects the new update! CHEERS! im from Philippines and using XPERIA SL! πŸ™‚

  7. Ash says:

    Sony you seriously need to learn some lessons.
    1. Make sure there are no leaks on dates that can’t be met
    2. when you release an upgrade say for a country on a particular model, all the models with different build numbers should get the update same day

    nevertheless, we users in the UK are really pissed off by your incompetency….US and UK are the largest markets and no update to UK owners compared to rest of asia…..you’re making a lot of mistakes and its time to learn from it and ensure not repeated…

  8. fadi haddad says:

    there is no update in lebanon!!!!!! looked over phone sony pc companion and even sony update service when will the update be released in lebanon!!!!!

  9. fadi haddad says:

    i have xperia s and the update is not available in lebanon does someone have any idea when will the update be released to lebanon and tell me if someone received update for xperia S not SL

  10. Vishnu Kanth says:

    Updated in INDIA for Acro S
    working smoothly… good camera interface, we can take snaps while recording video
    and even lock screen is awesome
    battery percentage
    home screen editing
    etc are added… i’m pleased as interface is diff from other android mobiles

    1. Kiran says:

      Did u really got the update . Iam from India I didn’t got the update for acro my mobile is UN rooted can I get the update please guide me

      1. Vishnu Kanth says:

        download PC companion from sony web site or click install on ur phone when u connect to computer…..

        and then open ur pc companion, it automatically shows u update, if not on top left u will find ” check for firmware update” or A phone/tablet has update” or ” phone/tablet is up to date” click on it and it will check updates and show you jellybean update. accept it and sitback relaxed

  11. Johnnie Yang says:

    Guys, Please don’t just wait for OTA (over the air) update for your phone.

    DO TRY using the Sony Companion Suite !!

    I just updated my Xperia S (LT26i) with Sony Companion Suite a few minutes ago (now it’s 4.1.2)

    I’m in Sydney, Australia……..Good luck!

        1. Al says:

          I tried updating mine via pc companion suite and couldnt find anything. Even tried their other Update Service and couldnt get jellybean either. im Brisbane, though surely they would release nationwide… can any1 help me

          1. Yolo Swaggins says:

            Yeah, same with me im in perth and so far i have nothing. ive used the pc companion and nothing has come up

  12. malik says:

    are people in this board serious. jelly bean has bean out for a while for acro s. just plug your phone to the computer, open sony companion and update. if there is non update for you just read about how to unlock flash roms without opening bootlocker and flash firmware version 55 ( or 58) and then plug it in the computer and update to jelly bean. im from sweden and ive had jelly bean since the beginning of may

    1. Johnnie Yang says:

      As I’ve mentioned in an earlier reply, I’m in Sydney and I updated mine Xperia S 3 weeks ago via Sony PC Companion !
      Do plug your phone to PC via a USB cable to run Sony PC companion for an update !

  13. eric says:

    I am in vietnam, after update my xperia sl to jelly bean firmware 6.0.B.0.211 and somethings wrong have happened, the apps funtion inside the setting force to closed when I open want to uninstalled some app. thanks to give me help

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