5 BlackBerry Q10 accessories for professionals


If you’re a fan of QWERTY keyboards on your mobile, it’s been a rough couple of years. The same can be said for one of the biggest makers of QWERTY phones, BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Q10 has been the one recent bright spot for both, with a popular release in the UK and Canada and reaching US customers on Verizon and T-Mobile.

If you’re one of the many business people who’ll be upgrading to the Q10, then why not have a look at five of the best accessories available for the phone!

5. Parrot MINIKIT Smart
If you’re a real road warrior, then here’s one essential box ticked right off the bat. This Parrot MINIKIT Smart is three devices in one, acting as a Bluetooth hands-free kit, car holder and car charger. The Parrot lets you take calls safely and legally – as well as being louder than the Q10’s internal speaker, it also features an extensible microphone with great noise cancellation that’ll make sure your caller can hear you clearly. The car holder works well on dashboards or windscreens, and the adjustable holder will keep your case or uncased Q10 safely secured.

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4. Martin Fields Overlay Screen Protector
Here’s another no-brainer – you’ll definitely want to keep your Q10’s screen scratch-free and in good condition. This Martin Fields Overlay screen protector for the Q10 covers the screen and camera lens with a scratch-resistant film, ensuring that your BlackBerry will stay in good condition. The Japanese-made screen protector is available in a single or double pack.

3. STK BTH12 Mini Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth headsets don’t need to be massive to be effective. Living proof is the STK BTH12, which offers excellent call quality and a full feature set despite a small size. That makes it quite comfortable to wear, even for extended periods. It’s quick to recharge too, with the included USB cable.

2. BlackBerry Q10 Flip Shell
If you’re looking for a high quality BlackBerry Q10 charger that retains the phone’s professional design, you can’t go too far wrong with a case from the company itself. The BlackBerry Q10 Flip Shell is made of handcrafted genuine leather, ensuring a top-quality look and feel. The flip cover will keep the phone’s screen protected while it’s in your pocket, bag or belt.

1. BlackBerry Q10 Battery and Charging Bundle
Keeping your BlackBerry Q10 is a top priority – you don’t want to miss an important call or BBM. The battery charging bundle is a great way to keep your phone ready always – with it, you’ll get a spare battery and a charger that can charge both phone and spare battery simultaneously. That means a full charge is only a battery swap away, and you’re effective battery life will be doubled.

These are the five accessories that’ll keep your Q10 looking good and powered up, no matter where you are. Thanks for reading and please let us know what you think of these BB Q10 accessories in the comments below!

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