Sony Xperia M surely too late to please


Q3 is a massive year for new releases and many commenter’s across the web are saying, “Sony Xperia M is surely too late to please,” this is something we want to look into.

The Sony Xperia M is set to launch Q3 this year in two variants, one being single SIM and the other dual SIM. Sony are trying to use all the alphabet at the moment and so far what we know about its devices is interesting, the Xperia Z / ZL are the high-end boys, the SP is a nice phone with a reasonable price tag, the Xperia L and M are what we call mid-range and the E is the baby in the low-end category.

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Phones Review will put its neck on the block and say the best ever smartphone Sony released is the Xperia Z, this is a stunning phone that comes with superb specs within, cannot really see the point of the M but everyone has a different reason why they want a smartphone.

The M is nowhere as good as the Z but then it was not meant to be, it is not high-end and the specs shows you that. The Sony Xperia M features the likes of a 4-inch FWVGA display, LED illuminations, ClearAudio+, xLOUD and 3D Surround Sound, 5-megapixel camera on the rear with auto-focus and HDR and a dedicated shutter key, Battery STAMINA Mode, NFC and Sony’s OmniBalance design.

Other features include 480 x 854 screen with 245 ppi, 1 GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB internal storage as well as a micro SD card slot. Is has a 1750 mAh battery and only a mere 0.3-megapixel VGA front facing camera.

Phones Review Says
If you want a smartphone that has style and many colour options then the Xperia M is for you, if you love to shoot photos with a smartphone then maybe this one is not for you. The battery is said to provide 23 days of standby time and 10 hours talk time, which is vey good but still standard.

We asked a few people about the Sony Xperia M and they said what is the point of this phone when you have the Xperia Z, ok that is a valid point but many consumers may like a cheaper phone and not interested in a more technical smartphone. There are so many Android smartphones coming this year and the list is long, we are not saying the Xperia M is a bad phone because it is not, but we do think it may be a little too late in the year to release it considering we have been blessed with the Xperia Z.

What are your views on the Sony Xperia M, do you think it is too late?


4 thoughts on “Sony Xperia M surely too late to please”

  1. Alexander Shepherd says:

    This is far too late for a mid-range dual SIM phone. I have recently got the HTC One dual SIM (the HTC 802w) which has a vastly better spec with HD and quad core. Samsung is launching dual SIM versions of the S4 and S4 Mini shortly with HD and quad and dual core respectly. LG has launched the Optimus L7 II dual. Blu is launching a range of high-spec dual SIM phones. There are endless good (and cheap) Chinese dual SIM phones now.
    Sony has missed the boat – if this said they were launching the Xperia Z or ZL in dual SIM by the end of the month I would say good on them, but a midlevel dual SIM in three to four months? Why bother?

  2. vimal says:

    stupid review for highly ignorant people, I am also insulting to the commentor alexander shepherd. Thank you for showing me that not every is born with brain

  3. johnie walker says:

    Xperia M is the only phone on the planet that supports all of the hspa+ bands for T-Mobile and AT&T in the US and all of those Chinese dual sim phones don’t come with Google play store without loading a custom Rom

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