Bowling Paradise free iOS game won’t disappoint


Smartphone users are able to pick up a number of free game titles that can be ideal for passing the time while out and about covering a variety of genres, and the free iOS game Bowling Paradise has recently received an update that won’t disappoint.

The game is promised to be a fun and unique 3D bowling game for iOS users to enjoy that includes six different exotic lane locations. There are also lanes that move in waves and in outer space where the bowling ball flies onto the lane.

This game features stunning graphics and the powerful physics engine will take into account the angle, collision, gravity, and spin for the ball as well as the pins. This update brings three new balls to the game along with some graphic and gameplay improvements.

Players have total control of the balls position behind the foul line as well as its direction and velocity on release, and left or right spin as the ball travels towards its target of the pins. Bowling Paradise is available worldwide on the App Store for owners of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 3.2 or later.

Users can also download a paid for version that also offers three different playing modes such as single player, play against another iDevice, and up to four players on one device with Pass and Play.

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