iPhone 6 2014 release strategy with iOS 8


We have been contemplating about the iPhone 6 release for some time now and even though we are 95% sure the next Apple smartphone aka iPhone 5S will come in September, we are starting to wonder if the iPhone 6 should release with iOS 8 in 2014.

In our previous article we wrote about the iPhone 6 release practicalities and how Apple should skip the iPhone 5S and just release the 6 in September, but then this got us thinking a little more.

It makes sense for Apple to release the iPhone 6 instead of the iPhone 5S this year, as this would stand a better chance of not being ridiculed as a refresh of the iPhone 5, no one wants a new smartphone with no exceptional features. Apple consumers want a radical iPhone like the amazing change the new Mac Pro got.

But, after thinking about the iPhone 6 release practicalities it got us wondering if Apple should just release the iPhone 6 in 2014 with iOS 8, this would give them plenty of time for innovation, but having said that no one is sure if Apple have something special up its sleeve anyway.

Apple’s biggest rivals by far are Samsung, and this year alone they have released a number of new smartphones as well as new ones coming. The next big smartphones for Samsung is the Galaxy S5 and Note 3, this will happen this year we are sure, and Apple needs to play this release game carefully.

At the end of the day it is not only Apple and Samsung that are rivals, consumers of Android and iOS devices love to slog it out too and if Apple get this wrong in September with a boring refresh then Android fans have the best ammunition ever.

This is not the case of cat and mouse; it is fact that Apple needs to get it right. We love the new iOS 7 and yes Android users are saying there is nothing new, but to be fair it is new for iOS users (Well developers anyway at the moment).

The Debate Worth Consideration
Should Apple release the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 this year, or should they just simply release the iPhone 5S in September 2013 and the iPhone 6 with iOS 8 next year?

Your Time to Comment
A few of our readers commented saying Apple should just release the iPhone 6 this year and skip the iPhone 5S, please do comment below with what you think Apple should do.


45 thoughts on “iPhone 6 2014 release strategy with iOS 8”

  1. aishwarya shinde says:

    m dying 4 iphone 6
    i had an option of having galaxy s4 bt its jst a bloody piece of plastic!!!!
    plz plz release apple iphone 6 soon…i wanna get one

  2. Sunny Isle of Wight says:

    iPhone 6 should be released this year as I for one wouldn’t waist my money on
    an iPhone 5s as there wouldn’t be anywhere near enough changes to make it worthwhile
    changing from the 5. Just like the 4 and 4s what’s the point just go straight
    to the 6 and make a real big impression.

  3. MichaelMP says:

    Agree with the article author. If Apple release just an update of iphone 5 i.e. 5S then they may as well say goodbye to half of ther market share the next day. Many iphone holders including myself we are waiting to see what September will bring. If its an updated version of iphone 5 then for me its like admitting that you surrender the innovation edge and lead to Samsung and you fight for number 2 position with HTC. If that happens the the choice is obvious and its no other than Galaxy S4. Plastic or not by the end of the day its the smartphone capabilities that count and not the looks. If however you can compine both then you have a winning choice in every aspect. As simple as that.

    1. Tyson says:

      I couldn’t agree more with Michael. I am holding off for Iphone 6. If it doesn’t show in September with a drastic improvement… Hello Samsung!

  4. Hashir says:

    i think its better to release iphone 6 with ios 8 in it n plz i beg bring some more changes in it or i bet in d upcoming years samsung will take over apple’s place.besides samsung ,htc,nokia and brands like huawei r also not sleeping they definitely hav got some brilliant ideas which they r providing rapidly not like apple which is now providing very slow progress.
    im srry to say guyz iwas an apple user but because of u guyz not giving good outcome i now prefer android phones, n im sure many people like me have stopped using apple products n this my friends u better understand before its too late……….:)

  5. Jeff Hards says:

    Yes release I phone 6 in 2013. I am skipping I phone 5 and I phone 5S if released and will buy Apple 6 if its released ths year. If not, them Samsung

  6. Ari says:

    I have been getting the new iPhones on the very first lunch day since the very first one up until now, BUT i will switch to Samsung Note III or HTC One Max (T6) if apple don’t come up with something new this year (No 5S will be tolerated not from me or any apple fan that i know), i give them until September and they have to prove they can do it again without Steve Jobs. I defended apple against samsung in the past years but other than better exterior, samsung S3 & 4 are better than iPhone and HTC has a aluminum exterior and if Note III comes with plastic exterior ill switch to HTC.

  7. Niall says:

    I have an Iphone 4 and in my eyes none of the newer Iphones are any different. They really need to make radical improvements for me to upgrade.

  8. Tony101 says:

    If Apple do not release an iPhone 6 with a bigger screen then it is bad marketing strategy. Clearly they have lost Jobs touch to ‘feel’ the market. Many past iPhone users are holding on to their devices aka iPhone 4 waiting for THE phone to make them upgrade. iPhone 5, iPhone 5s with the same screen does not cut it. many will go to Samsung which is now looking good with most apps in iTunes now making a presence on Android marketplace.

  9. bdun says:

    We have about every Apple product in our house, they are very well built outdated backwards running pieces of poo. For some reason my wife and kids think they are great. I really want to be an Apple convert but as much as I try I just can’t get there. Sooo please Apple come out with something to rival Android but in the Apple way of building great electronics. I will soon be in the market for a new phone and I’m afraid Apple will be to late coming to the table once again. I want an iphone that I can make my own is it really too much to ask for?

  10. Joan says:

    I believe they should relase the iphone6 this year, just to be able to compete with their competitors. I personally know of a lot of iphone users switching to android and windows phones because their technology seems to much more advance. I am trying to hold off and stay loyal to Apple but it is getting hard considering their phones are falling so far behind.

  11. Skeet says:

    I hope the new bigger version of the iPhone is out before the NOTE 3. If not I may have a hard time waiting. I have been considering the change. I love my iPhone, but it seems apple may be falling a little behind. PLEASE prove me wrong!

  12. Steph says:

    i completely agree. I still have the iphone 4 and i have been waiting for a radical change/new functions on the iphone – to make it worth the upgrade. If Apple does not release iphone 6 this september, I will not be likely to upgrade.

  13. Bigred says:

    Why waste a brand new iOS 7 on a revamped iphone 5s instead of putting it on an iPhone 6 ,we know ios7 is coming out in the fall, that makes you think ?. Bring out an iPhone 6 with a 4″ and 4.8″ screens and let the consumer decide?

  14. Vrob says:

    Iphone 5 is nice and fast, but lets face it people want a bigger screen, Apple needs to put out the 6 to be cool again, a 5s would kill ape sales and the android woul rule forever, apple would never catch up. If apple puts out a better screen, android can not compete against the reliability of an apple device

  15. wants iphone 6 this year says:

    I’m all for Apple releasing the iphone 6 this Sept. I currently have a iphone 4 and I’m rather partial to the iphone user experience and itunes. but I can very much see myself switching to an android in the near future and even sooner if the iphone 6 is not launched this year. I’m kind of tired of how apple does the whole launch only 1 phone per year while other lines are constantly updating and launching fresh new models to keep on top of the latest technology.

  16. Apple devotee says:

    I told apple product dept that they were in danger of losing a devoted apple product owner to samsung if they did not offer a large screen iOS phone at their next release.

  17. Sean says:

    Great article, I was JUST thinking about this.
    With Samsung becoming really innovative with their new phones, Apple REALLY needs to step it up with every single model they release. They can’t afford anymore to just add a few features & release it. I’m really debating if I should wait for the 6.
    I STILL have the 4 & I’ve been eligible for an upgrade since November 2012. And I’ve been waiting for something COMPLETELY new from Apple. I’m really tired of waiting. I’m also tired of rumored articles saying that the iPhone 5S won’t be extremely great. That the iPhone 6 is going to be something great. Just tired of waiting.. Apple needs to come full force with every model or not release one.

  18. S.O says:

    Apple should forget about their traditional “s” and skip it
    To the iphone 6,
    I am a school student and will finish in week and that’s when
    I will get my first smartphone.
    I love apple but I just can’t wait for almost ayear to get their
    next iphone ,the iphone 5s is not an option.

    1. Alecks says:

      i dont understand why everyone is so convinced there will be a 5s. remember the 3g was because of the new 3G mobile technology and the 4s was because it was iPhone 4 with Siri making the s. there is no evidence to support a s version of the iPhone 5.

  19. prius says:

    My verizon contract ends in oct. I have a 4s and am tired of incremental changes. personally i dont need a mega screen since gaming is not an interest, so a slightly larger screen will do fine. If no iphone 6 with nfc capabilities by the end of the year, then it’s samsung or htc (android) for me. Waiting another year for iphone 6 is absolutely absurd. I too am tired of waiting

  20. apple user says:

    I think apple should really concentrate on the real innovation and iphone 6 shouldn’t come for commercial sales like they did with iphone 5, currently I am using iphone 5 and I dont feel real difference compare to iphone 4s beside the sizes and little bit improved screen resolution. Therefore I would recommend apple to work on design and new version of iOS bit deeper without rush in responding to market and make new iphone better by all means compare to I phone 5 or any other upcoming new android phones. From another side they can be sure that many iphone users will not switch to other android devices . if they will keep focusing on real innovations rather than just keep responding to a competition in the market. Taking into account above I would say iphone 6 or new release should come somewhere in 2014.

  21. wong chee kheong says:

    I would like to give my opinion. It is better to increase the screen at least 5″. As we can see , nowadays the markets are much more favor in larger screen. So, Apple needs to make a more daring move. About IOS 7, it looks awesome .

  22. bargilt says:

    Like most of the posers here, I too and most of our colleagues from work are holding on to their Iphone 4 and waiting for the iphone 6 with bigger screen, though some of them has switch to samsung note 2 and galaxy S4, I bet they will switch back again to apple should it comes out with a real killer to note 2/S4 or HTC one. If nothing that most is anticipating has come out this Sept, I am switching too with either HTC one or HTC max 5.9inch screen..

  23. WAWA says:

    Both Apple and Samsung have brought out great phones recently (iphone 5 & galaxy S4) and i am a current user of an iphone 4 due to indecisiveness. Apple needs to come out with a way to personalize a phone to make the use of it less complicated and less boring… the galaxy S4 is a great phone as well, but in my opinion it beats any iphone out right now..

  24. richie463 says:

    I am due an upgrade in October. I need a bigger screen and am quite prepared to go s4, note or htc if no size improvement in apple. Sick and tired of this waiting around. although apple iOS is great the iphone is not the be all and end all that apple thinks. we still can’t use our mp3 as ring tones for goodness sakes!

  25. JV Salud says:

    Unless Apple releases an iphone with a bigger screen this year, I will not buy a slightly upgraded version of the 5 (whether it’s a 5S or a 6).

  26. Alecks says:

    i dont understand why everyone is so convinced there will be a 5s. remember the 3g was because of the new 3G mobile technology and the 4s was because it was iPhone 4 with Siri making the s. there is no evidence to support a s version of the iPhone 5

  27. Al-romaihi essa s says:

    The time come to get this iPhone in track releasing iPhone 6, we shall have first relase them up grade after, offers inspiration, Apple make up our day ones.

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