Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SD, removable battery desire


This week we heard a few Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumors that focused on the handset being found in Samsung’s system, although the phablet has yet to receive a confirmed release date or any official specs. The latest Galaxy Note 3 news claimed that the handset was found on Samsung’s Global Download Center under the name SM-N900J, but at the time of writing this reference is nowhere to be found, so these rumors were either false or Samsung removed the listing considering it’s been a few days.

In June, we have reported a few details about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that have included the remote possibility of the new phablet arriving next week at an event in London, the favored choice of a Snapdragon 800 CPU and also a leaked image that some fans hoped is the Galaxy Note 3.


Most wanted Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features — there’s a long list of specs that Android users want to see launch with their favorite phablet, but top of most lists we have seen seems to be a removable battery and SD card. No matter the news or rumor, our readers keep coming back to these two features being a must on the Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 3 that’s expected to launch around September. Please note the image above is just for reference.

We have seen countless comments in this regard with one example being, “Having a removable battery and SD card would be a deal breaker for me” and another Phones Review reader stated, “SD and removable battery a must on Note 3”. Others explain the Galaxy Note 3 might depend on “the demographic they target”. While we expect one of these features to be almost certain, we imagine most people will want both to be included.

Do you class an SD and removable battery as the two most wanted Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features for you? If not, share a comment with the features that you class as a deal breaker when it comes to the new Galaxy Note 3. We have seen a few people have battery life problems with the Note 2, and launching a Galaxy Note 3 without a removable battery could cause some hardware repairs to become more complicated.


13 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SD, removable battery desire”

  1. Richard Yarrell says:

    Definitely don’t have anything to worry about here. The sdxc card and removable battery will be available as always. It will also start at 32gb internal storage NO more 16gb. It will also have that 4200mAh battery.

  2. davedutah says:

    Expandable memory and swappable battery are certainly “deal-breakers”, but I wouldn’t say they are the most “desirable” features. They are more like minimum qualifiers. The GNote screen is the most desirable feature. Performance is a close second.

  3. Jia Jun says:

    Lol for me..maybe im weird,I think that SD card slot and removable battery arent must-have things,instead,they are not important to me at all. Removable battery means no unibody design,the phone will not look as sleek and solid comspred to phones like HTC one. I personally feel that unibody designed phone is really great. SD card slot isn’t quite relevant anymore unless you really need tons of memory space,as nowadays phones internal storage can already offer up to 64gb of memory,which is already a lot.

  4. Prem Kumar says:

    Very Good…………….I want………1).minimum internal memmory……..64GB…and SD card also 64 GB…2) Battery removable type….7100 mAH …..3) 3D cammera …. ….16 mega pixal

  5. maaen says:

    This is the essence of a decent gadget…removable battery and as bigmemory as it is humanly possible …32gb minimum internal and 64 gb via the micro sd card…not only in Note 3 but also in Note 12.2.
    If Samsung really cared then that is the way they should go …and the consumers will know that Samsung can be relied upon to think of sensible essentials first..and then worry about the facial cosmetics…Cosmetics are important to dress the look of the gadget but only after due care and consideration for removable batteries and sd card slots.
    In the case of the 12.2 Note please think of semi large twin removable batteries …this will be an easier way to manage to power the tablet by one battery at a time and to make it possible to remove the depleted battery from the tablet in order to charge it in an external charger.Please solve this problem once and for all to make tablets with removable batteries….and you will always have loyal customers.
    Also think of multiple slots or at least two slots for micro sd cards one switched on at any given time and that would help so many of us …students proffessionals … in fact all customers .THANK YOU.

  6. Still a waiting says:

    Removable battery and SD card great but not deal breaker, since it is a true multi- media device duel front speaker ( aka note 8) are a must. Big battery and a beautiful screen are all I need.

  7. chaz says:

    Don’t know what all of you are going on about?
    SD card…and…if its a SDXC card…l can drop in a 128gb version!
    That’s heaps of memory…awesome!

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