Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 12.2 or Camera 2 next week


There is more rumor than solid news for Samsung Premiere 2013, an event set for June 20 at 7PM in London. It is exciting for technology enthusiasts that follow this brand, but most of us wonder what will launch next week? There’s not a lot left other than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 12.2 or Camera 2.

We touched on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date rumors a few days ago and how some blogs keep contradicting themselves from claimed insiders, and while the Galaxy Note 3 is widely expected to release in September it seems a lot of fans are hoping for something sooner.

September might be the more realistic launch date for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, but as one reader put it “they seem to change release dates to earlier points a lot”. This is obviously more hope than fact, but the truth is no one really knows when the Galaxy Note 3 will arrive exactly other than Samsung. Although we did see what could be a Galaxy Note 3 prototype within the last week.

While we’d love to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch at Premiere 2013, in our opinion it will be IFA thanks to this becoming a familiar tradition with Samsung highlighting some of its most groundbreaking handsets.

Another possibility for the Premiere 2013 event in London would be Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, and this has been made more likely thanks to the Galaxy S4 Zoom being announced earlier today. It is also worth noting that one of Samsung’s CEO’s reportedly confirmed the Galaxy Camera 2 would be at the London event next week, although this hadn’t been through official channels. If the rumors about specs are real, then we look forward to seeing an over 20 megapixel camera.

Lastly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 is a rumor that surfaced at the start of this week. The new size of Samsung tablet would arrive with a stylus and sized at 12.2-inches. You can read more details on this rumored tablet in our earlier article, although in a nutshell it seems we could see a 2560×1600 native resolution and a launch at IFA, but we shouldn’t count out next week’s event.

What would you like to see launched at Premiere 2013, and do you think it’s too soon for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? We might even see a new Galaxy device that no one has even heard of before; leave a comment with your thoughts. Earlier today we saw some hints towards the Galaxy Note 3 specs through S4 certification.


11 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 12.2 or Camera 2 next week”

  1. Jenn says:

    Re: sooner the better – AGREED!!! I doubt it’ll happen but in this case I would be over the moon to be wrong! I need a new phone right away and this is the ONLY phone I want!

  2. Drake says:

    I just want to note that I wish Samsung would add a detachable bluetooth ear phone on their phablets. One that is ready to use upon detachment and is placed within the contour shape on the side of the phablet body.

    It will not need a lot of battery juice unlike the typical earphone because once you’re done talking with it, it will go right back to the phablet and be recharged. When a typical earphone is being recharged you are recharging its usage calling time and also its resting time (rest times tend to be longer at most times). With the detachable earphone idea you are only recharging the usage calling time which translates to less battery power and less time needed to recharge back in replacing the juice that was used up. Having said that you will not have an issue of having an uncharged earphone and don’t have to spend extra time recharging it as well and does not have to find a place to recharge it. If Samsung maintains about having a removable battery on their phablets then one can simply choose to bring an extra battery. In the mean time the ongoing advancements is trending towards less power drain capability type of hardwares and more juiced up battery types. Not to mention phablets can accommodate a larger piece of battery which can hold more power. Having mention trends – there’s more texting now than phone calling. With regard to uncomfortableness on the ear usage this will get better during trial and error in the development stage – and by the way the earphone will not be on your ear at most times as it will rest back on the phablet when not in use. When competition kicks in you’ll see several awesome choices instead. There will be competition with this feature especially when it start to be applied to laptops (business laptops too) and who knows what other type of machines. You won’t look like a geek anymore.

  3. turtle says:

    I would like that samsung give to their tablets any type of smart cover, and that the galaxy series have a better Android, because the ios 7 is amazing

  4. hok says:

    i think its about time the 16gb was not brought out on the Note series. the note is less of a phone and more of a tablet so 11gb of usable storage just isnt enough these days. i realise about micro sd cards but most apps require to be on phone storage thus creating a problem UNLESS i root the phone which samsung so dearly hates

    1. maaen says:

      You are so right…32gb should be the minimum internal memory on any Galaxy Note gadget…with even two slots for extra SDCards so that you could use one card for say… music and movies and the other card for perhaps books or files or artwork or writing ….whatever …and it could easily be achievable in a Note…and of course you would only use one card at any given time…and operate the switch system …..So come on Samsung…PLEASE MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN.

    2. noc007 says:

      You must be installing a lot of big apps. I’ve got about 6GB usable for internal storage on my phone. It’s enough to house all my apps, including games, and their required profile data. All my pictures, music, and docs go on the SD Card and I can source that storage for cheaper than the increased cost for internal.

  5. maaen says:


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