iPhone 5 with iOS 7 vs. HTC One, Sony Xperia Z


Good morning, we have two great videos to show you today and these include the HTC One vs. iPhone 5 iOS 7 and the Sony Xperia Z vs. iPhone 5 iOS 7, both of these are small videos and the YouTube comments seem to be slating the videos slightly.

So now it is time to discuss a little about the videos without spoiling it for you to watch them, both of these videos are reviewed by adrianisen and in the first video titled “HTC One vs. iPhone 5 iOS 7 — Review, “ which is 15 minutes 20 seconds long talks about the phones side-by-side, but some of the commenter’s believe that doing a vs on a beta version is not the right way to go.

HTC One vs. iPhone 5 iOS 7 - Review

The comments in the video are a little harsh, and yes it goes back to the argument in, which phone is best. The video talks about the features on both phones including apps, widgets etc and much more.

The next video titled “Sony Xperia Z vs. iPhone 5 iOS 7 — Review” is a similar review with different phones, but the comments under the video are like the first one, the arguments continue.

The reviewer in these videos is not getting any brownie points, look at our previous article here covering the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 with iOS 7 beta, we got a few comments on this article with one commenter saying “I have a GS4 and everything about it is awesome. This guy didn’t know anything about how to work an Android. The GS4 is the best phone on the market and will even be better than the iOS7.

Phones Review is not here to slate any phone because everyone has a choice, we all have a favourite and it is fair to say we can all choose what smartphone we like the most.

After watching the two videos by adrianisen, it does look like he plays with iOS 7 side the most. Now we know this is a new beta so maybe he wants watchers to see more of it, but to review two phones side by side looking at the UI you should review both phones equally.

Anyway, we will let you watch the HTC One vs. iPhone 5 iOS 7 and the Sony Xperia Z vs. iPhone 5 iOS 7 videos below, please do post your comments.


16 thoughts on “iPhone 5 with iOS 7 vs. HTC One, Sony Xperia Z”

  1. Ed_Luva says:

    I like most of the gesture and navigation changes that I see in iOS7, but the themes are not attractive. The real problem is that, compared to the HTC One, the iPhone 5 is too small and has inferior specs and build quality.

    1. luiszerp says:

      Dude, you whole credibility just went to the trash when you said iPhone 5 had inferior build quality. You could have fooled many if you had not included that last bit!

      Too bad :p

  2. Sean_007 says:

    Does the reviewer work for apple, ??? I have the HTC one, I’ve also had the iPhone, and being used to both phones can say without doubt the HTC one is a nicer phone to use, sure the both have there good points, but for user friendliness and spec I would recommend the HTC one always…

    1. Ash Verschuur says:

      Similar question back at you – Do YOU work for HTC one?

      …you can play this game all day with a review/opinion read online.

      Most people reading are just looking to support what they already think anyway.

      Personally, i think at the end of the day, you’re never going to go THAT far wrong. They’ve all got pretty good technologies in them. Just go have a go in the shop, and if the sales rep is hot, you’re fucked anyway – you’ll buy the one they say.

  3. D says:

    To be honest, the guy sounds like he only touched the phones for the first time right when he did the review. Lack of information and proper comparisons. Using an HTC one, and although ios7 has caught my eye and makes me consider revisiting it in the far future, the one is certainly much much more interesting than this guy is making it appear.

  4. Matt Perkins says:

    First off Android and iPhone aren’t really aimed at the same kinda people. For instance the majority of people own Android but not because of the specs or how large their phone is … 90% who own Android have a free or cheap phone. Only 10% of all Android users own a high end Android phone. You will see more people in real life with an iPhone 5 than a S4 and One combined. Hell for everyone 1 One or S4 I see, I’ll see 10 iPhone 5s. Now that said for every iPhone 5 I see, I’ll see at least 10 low end Android phones. So people are not buying Android in general for the specs or because they’re Anti-Apple, they’re buying it for cost or because their carrier doesn’t offer iPhone (or their carrier got the iPhone while they’re still under contract).

    Outside of cost you gotta take into account other things when considering buying a phone. If cost doesn’t matter then what is the main purpose of your phone? If it’s simply calling and texting then it doesn’t matter. If specs or customization are more important then Android should be your phone. However if security or quality matters then iPhone is the best choice. Android has millions of malware around compared to less than 100 on iOS. And most Android phones are made of plastic while the iPhone 5 is metal. Then think about stability and apps games. Android has more free app/games however iOS apps/games tend to get new features first and the best games tend to be iOS exclusive plus iOS apps/games seem to be more stable compared to the Android counterpart.

    I have owned both an Android device and an iPhone. I will never go back to Android. Because all the things that matter to me favor iPhone which is security, stability, and quality. I’d rather have a secure phone made of metal that is stable with low specs than a phone that isn’t secure, that’s made of plastic and constantly freezes/reboots with high end specs. But that’s just me.

    1. Phone Thoughts says:

      As a sales rep that sells 4 high end android devices for every Android device, I’m afraid I’d have to disagree. Many people have been jumping ship off Apple due to their recent failings with the iPhone 5 and the huge strides higher end handsets have taken in their competition.

      My store burns through the Galaxy line at a rate about five times greater than we do our iphone inventory. -Including- iPhone 4 and 4S stock. HTC ones have been outselling individually the iPhone 5 and 4S models. Most people are getting away from Apple due to the heavy restrictions that the handsets give, the fragility and poor design of the hardware (Same hardware faults on the 5 as the 4 (Power button jamming in the frame, etc), anyone? Zero resistance to drops, etc). iCloud is an incredible headache for most people because of it’s flawed nature of not responding to on demand action. This means that if someone relies on it for backup purposes, which many people do, you cannot force the cloud into recognizing and uploading new things in a timely manner. For people I’ve done exchanges or insurance claims with (On iPhones there are many, many insurance claims) iCloud and Iphones due to their locked nature routinely prevent data salvaging from the phones. If you’re seeing 10 iPhones for every Galaxy you might want to stop hanging out at the Apple store watching people bringing in broken iPhones.

      Hardware, the HTC One, and most other phones now are built with better tolerances, specifications, and quality materials thanthe iPhones are. Cameras, frames, battery life, screen resolution, and other hardware functionality are always superior on a given Android handset to iPhones thus far. You cite millions of malware for Android and 100 for iOS. It’s true that Android is significantly easier to acquire a form of malware, but the people who suffer malware attacks on phones aren’t Jane using her phone for a calendar and to share her internet down the street. It’s the people installing and using hacked and unverified roms and apps on both devices. Android is easier to to have malware due to the ability to simply download a hacked market and use it. I know one person who uses such a market, and have only encountered one customer to use such a market. What’s in the wild is a far different statistic than what affects people in every day usage. There are dozens of kinds of disturbing ways to die by being exposed to space, and if you live on a planet in space it’s bad for your health. Except that we’re not exposed. Same thing..

      You talk about quality of workmanship of the device, when hands down the HTC One is better built. Let’s exclude the HTC since it’s not fair. Look at devices such as the Galaxy S3/4 or Motorola’s entries to the market. They bring better statistics in every way in a package that is -less likely to break-. Apple wins on the Galaxy line hands down for a premium -feel-, but when you want to tout design and security, reliability, etc. you need to think about that one for a second. iOS is notoriously bad with backing up devices. iPhones are notoriously fragile (2/3 of owners suffer a *break* not just a warranty or insurance claim). s3s/s4s are lighter and are less likely to break. Have removable batteries which means they can swapped out if the battery fails. They have an SD card to keep backups, which take 3 minutes tops and not up to an hour like on iOS devices) which is also removable. Sony/LG/Motorola bring in several sealed designs that use plastic instead of soft aluminum, and hardened points around the glass unlike the iphones exposed and protruding glass. Again frequently with an SD card. So where are those devices inferior to iPhones?

      Aside for those points, it comes to preference.

      1. Booboo says:

        Well… I’ve had android phones for a while, and I would always hate on Apple because of all the restrictions it placed, such as flash, storage, etc. then I realized how much smoother the iphone experience is and got the iphone 5. So far I haven’t missed all the perks of android and I’ve enjoyed how the iphone simplicity. I’ve played with the gs4 and I still feel as if android has a ways to go. Maybe in a while when android becomes more polished and less cluttered I’ll switch back, but for now,,.. I’m happy with the iphone. If you’re willing to outweigh the complexity and tediousness of android for the marginal functionality, go for that. But the iphone just gives you a simple, very functional phone that is more reliable . My 2 cents

    2. Paul says:

      ” because they’re Anti-Apple, they’re buying it for cost” So Android is more accessible to more people, that a +1 for Android (not to mention how customisable etc it is) “However if security or quality matters then iPhone is the best choice.” Really? Free antivirus etc etc.. Windows is more ‘insecure than’ OSX, but it still does well, for example. “And most Android phones are made of plastic while the iPhone 5 is metal” I wouldn’t knock plastic if I were you, the old Nokia phones were plastic and they were tough as nails. You ding metal, it dents, polycarbonate plastic does not. “iOS apps/games tend to get new features first and the best games” Don’t make me laugh! Angry birds is iOS exclusive? How many downloads for Angry Birds? Not necessarily true then, is it?

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