Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 with iOS 7 beta


Now that iOS 7 beta 1 has been released for a few days it was only a matter of time before someone published a video comparing the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 with iOS 7 beta.

The Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s flagship smartphone and a lot newer than Apple’s offering, but iOS 7 breathes new life into the aging handset, so this will entice some people to just update the OS without splashing out on any new hardware.

In this 11 minute hands-on review found below we will see if much has changed now the iPhone 5 has new software, although it is still good to remember iOS 7 is in very early beta. The comparison video focuses on browser speed for both smartphones.

The video once again highlights the big difference in screen size and this alone could separate both smartphones for some buyers, but add to that the fact one runs Android and the other iOS, then you have two very different phones.

How do you think the Samsung Galaxy S4 stacks up to iPhone 5 with iOS 7? Take a look at the video below and let us know if iOS 7 changes anything for you when it comes to iPhone 5.

You can also see a painful Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 video in this earlier article that puts both smartphones through some extreme tests.


25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 with iOS 7 beta”

  1. fox says:

    clearly u like iphone. make some sence when reviewing. galaxy s4 have good browser nd fantastic options for sharing anything on web to 10’s of social media. in iPhone u have 4. now that’s a feature everyone likes nd use. what kind of crap is this. do u even know how to review mate.

    1. tas 737 says:

      The only offending part of this comparison is that it focuses on internet browsing. The title should read “comparing interntet browsing on S4 and IOS 7”.

  2. SadExcuse says:

    This is a joke of a review. I stopped watching after pointing out that the iPhone had a brighter display when it is clear the brightness on the Samsung has been turned all the way down. Fail review is fail.

    1. bootak says:

      I don’t know about the review, but the iPhone 5 is in fact around 200 nits brighter than the S4 panel. You can really tell in sunlight. That said, I find the S4 screen slightly more pleasing to look at.

    2. Migu3L says:

      if you are not blind you can see at 05:8 that the brightness of th samsung is 100%. and if you checked other reviews you would know that in fact S4 is less bright than i5

  3. Mr JJ Ireland says:

    I thought a review was supposed to be impartial comparing the features and benefits of both devices , its obvious you are an apple fan .

  4. tha don says:

    I never cared for the iPhone even when it first came out for some reason. May be its because I just dont want a phone that everybody has. Im not saying the iPhone isnt a good phone in any way it just doesnt appeal to me. I have a galaxy s currently and am thinking of upgrading to the Galaxy S4. HTC one looks nice too.

    1. blacks329 says:

      “I just dont want a phone that everybody has”

      “[I] am thinking of upgrading to the Galaxy S4”

      Hahahahah, people are so funny!

      Get the HTC One if you’re dead set on an Android phone.

  5. Logan Belt says:

    This is bull. I have a gs4 and everything about it is awesome. This guy didn’t know anything about how to work a android. The gs4 is the best phone on the market and will even be better than the i7

    1. Lyle Gentlemn says:

      Obviously you’re dillusional! iOS 7 is said to have more features for the iPhone 5 that the Galaxy S4 doesn’t have! Think again!

  6. Hinton says:

    Rubbish review, no idea what he’s doing. “Maybe you can display history on safari… but I can’t find that”. While the history option is clearly displayed on the screen. You shouldn’t review things you know nothing about.

  7. Uzin says:

    Its true iOS7 on iPhone will set it in a different league. However, you’ll have to wait till fall i.e. September to get the update. In the mean time there is a very interesting Face-off happening between world’s two most debated phones – iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 at this interesting new website I came across:

  8. Nes says:

    Total bull. Im not that techy but I know more about ios7 than this dude. Im using ios7 beta 2 and its awesome despite the bug. Cant wait for apple to officially release it. I know samsung offers a more convenient way to use phone but i rather have quality.

  9. Jack says:

    iPhone can do the pretty much all the same things Galaxy can, except for the smart scroll junk that didn’t work very well, you just have to go to Settings to turn it on, unlike Galaxy where you have it all at your fingertips. S4 VS. iPhone 5 iOS7? I’d say iPhone. It’s a close race but with pure quality it goes to iPhone.

  10. Gus says:

    ok i have a iphone 5 and i have to say that if i knew more about phones when i bought it than i would be holding a s4 cause it has so many more features than the iphone all you can costomize on the iphone is the backround! so in my opinoin the samsung is way farther ahead of apple. and if apple fanboys would actually do some reasearch they would find out that the galaxy is much better than the iphone

    ps. dont say that apple can be costomized cause it cant with the gs4 you have wigits

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