Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 4.2.2 JB or S4 4.3 maybe


The Samsung event starts in less than 4 hours and already new teases are coming out of the woodwork, one of the biggest teases for current Samsung flagship device owners is the Android 4.2.2 JB update that could possible be available tonight.

SamMobile is teasing the pants of everyone, they said yesterday that you should prepare your flagship device and you should also backup your files, applications and charge your smartphone. They also added hashtags such as #TheNextUpdate, #40Million, #48Hours and #EarlsCourt, well at least we know an update is coming and it will be for smartphones, they also said a perfect test update is closer than you expect!

Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 Android 4.2.2 JB update possibly tonight pic 1

There could be an announcement at the Samsung Premiere tonight that starts at 19:00 BST letting users know the 4.2.2.Jelly Bean update will be available later today.

The source said ‘Flagship Devices” now seeing as they said smartphones we could only hazard a guess that it will be the Samsung galaxy S3 and the Note 2 that may be blessed with the Android operating system — don’t you just hate cryptic messages?

It is obvious a new update is coming but the part that confuses us is when SamMobile mentioned “Test Update”, now could this be Android 4.2.2 JB or could it be the  Android 4.3 test for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to test the waters before the final public version releases?

This is where we are confused
The hashtag “#40Million, now we know Samsung sold over 40 million Galaxy S4 devices, so this could either suggest Samsung will announce its sales tonight, or could it mean because of the success of the S4 sales will Samsung offer S4 users a 4.3 update test, strange seeing as 4.3 has not been announced yet. You never know they could mention it tonight.

Do you think Samsung will give the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 the Android 4.2.2 JB update tonight, or do you think there is more to this?


13 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 4.2.2 JB or S4 4.3 maybe”

  1. Vernon Denison says:

    No i don’t think Samsung will give the over the air update for the Samsung galaxy s3 out tonight, I think they are full of sh-t and don’t give a dam about last year’s phone and it will be the same next year for everyone that’s brought the Samsung galaxy s4 this year.that’s why i will never ever buy Samsung again,even Sony are updating last years phones to 4.2.2 says it all.

    1. Dawid Hudziak says:

      that’s crap and you know it. I have ion (last year flagship) that’s still waiting for 4.1! only limited phones got 4.1 and that 99% the last update they will got.

  2. Vernon Denison says:

    Not meaning to upset anyone, but i have had 4.1.2 since i bought this phone Samsung galaxy s3 and i would just like it to be updated to 4.2.2. Yes i can root it, but i should not have too, my point is this if you are able to root the phone and get the update which is nothing to do with Samsung, it really cannot be that hard for Samsung to do update for this phone and has to parts of the USA not having or only just receiving 4.1.2 that is down to your phone carrier and not Samsung.

  3. Denry says:

    I just receive an update on 21/6/2013 i am so happy and thought that was 4.2.2 update for android, but the result come out. I feel very dissapoint.

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