Samsung Galaxy S4 personalised cases follows devices lead


The raging popularity of personalised phone cases for Samsung Galaxy S4 is only natural when you consider the device’s record sales.

The media’s reaction to the iPhone 5’s opening weekend would lead most onlookers to believe the company was on a downward spiral. Some believe the truth of the matter is that the 3 million units that were sold that weekend only paled in comparison to the somewhat ridiculous expectations of shareholders. And perhaps the catharsis of jaded writers tired of singing praises had something to do with it as well.

Conversely, Samsung have seen a largely favourable media reaction quite similar to the response from consumers ever since it launched its latest device; the S4. Breaking the company’s own records, the device was able to sell 10 million units of the device in just under a month. That makes for less than half the amount of time it took them to sell as many units of its predecessor the S3.

Further analysis of the product and more tellingly, the developments since the launch of the previous version, reveal that the brand is going in a direction that is based on the same principles as personalised phone cases for Samsung Galaxy S4. Those principles pertain to ensuring each individual user has an experience that feels as though it caters specifically to him or her.

The most striking of these new features is probably the Smart Stay function, which ensures the device’s screen, doesn’t lock when a user is looking at it. On the one hand this removes a rather annoying aspect of most other devices where users have to keep pressing the lock button during use. On the other hand though, it customises the experience in specific response to how it’s being used.

When Apple designed the first iPhone to ensure the screen goes blank when the device is near a user’s ear, the intuitive response was aiming to do the same thing in a bid to save battery life. In a similar way, the Smart Alert feature indicates that Samsung are continuing a theme across developments. And it’s not just the use of the word ‘smart.’

This feature ensures that users get notified about pending messages, missed calls and social media activity only when they lift up their phone. This hardware based responsive system is also evident in the number of motion based user interface gestures users are now capable of. As a response to certain movements the device can be refreshed and even muted.

Somehow, all these new functions have been added to the device and placed behind a new bigger screen, without significantly changing the dimensions of the phone. By maintaining the sleek style that won so many users over, the brand can continue to compete with Apple on a purely aesthetic level, while augmenting that style with a great processing core.

When users pick their personalised phone cases for Samsung Galaxy S4 from Wrappz, they’ll be sure to notice how the tech giants are giving Apple a real run for their money when it comes to creating genuinely customisable user experiences. From the different screen modes to the cover, that flexibility is exactly what users require from their phones. That’s smart technology.

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