Samsung Magna Carta Holy Grail platinum album debate


Yesterday we reported about the Jay Z and strategy for Samsung mobile deal, but since doing so we have looked into this a little more and we have found the same question popping up time after time, Will the Samsung Magna Carta Holy Grail album by Jay Z go platinum be its official release?

We all know Samsung paid $5 each for Jay Z’s album called ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ and 1-million lucky Samsung users who download the album app will be in with a chance to get the album for free before the official release.

After looking into this The Wrap reported that a record couldn’t go platinum, gold, or multiplatinum before it has released nom matter how many presales occurred. Back in 2010 Soundgarden went platinum after selling 1-million album copies to Activision, this was bundled with Guitar Hero” instalments and each unit represented an official sale according to RIAA blog.

Jay-Z said that the Internet is like the wild; Wild West and we need to rewrite the rules. It seems like an album such as Magna Carta Holy Grail will not be certified platinum until official sales have been recorded after the official release. It has been reported that artists have to wait 30 days after the official release to apply for the platinum status.

In theory if Samsung has purchased 1-million Jay Z albums in our mind it is platinum, but official it is not. Pass your own judgement on this.

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