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There are mobile apps for just about everything these days, and pregnancy apps are no exception. Being pregnant can be one of the most exciting times of life, and it’s good to feel in the know about what’s going on with your body and of course, how your baby is developing, childbirth and more. With this in mind we’ve gathered together some of the best pregnancy apps for Android, iPad and iPhone.

We’ve embedded a couple of videos below this story for you to watch, one of which discusses some of the best pregnancy apps for iPhone and Android, and the other which shows apps for following your pregnancy. We’ll give you the details of a few of these apps, plus a couple more that we think you’ll find useful. Simply click on the relative links to be taken straight to Google Play or the App Store.

One of the pregnancy apps on the first video is I’m Expecting by MedPlay. This is a free Android app or iOS app and shows you what is happening to your body and what’s happening to your baby. This includes 3D pictures updated every week and also helps you organize the information you need when you visit the doctor about your pregnancy. There are resources from medical professionals and a well-used forum for asking any questions you have.


Moving on to the second video, and the first app mentioned is WebMD Pregnancy, a free iOS pregnancy app for iPad and iPhone from iTunes. This one is tailored to give you the most relevant information for the stage of pregnancy you are at, as you log in with your due dates. There are also weekly updates on the growth of your baby, and when it’s time for the big day there’s even a contraction timer.

Up next is BabyBump, which gives information based on your due dates as well as other information such as diet and fitness tips, car seat safety, and planning a baby moon getaway. There are also chat rooms and discussion boards so that you don’t have to feel alone, and you can share tips and advice with other moms-to-be. This app is available for iOS and Android users.

There’s also My Pregnancy Today, a free app from BabyCenter, and one of the most popular pregnancy apps around. This is for iOS or Android and gives weekly information, pregnancy and birth videos, a to-do list, nutritional information, a progress tracker and much more.


Another good pregnancy app that offers something rather special is Pregnancy /Sprout by Med ART Studios. This is an iOS app for iPhone or iPad priced at $3.99 /£2.49 and gives stunning color images and 3D models of fetal development. It also includes pregnancy tools such as a weight tracker, kick counter and contraction timer, as well as interactive My Baby and Doctor Says sections.

We’ll end with something that’s a little more fun and that is m Pregnancy. This iOS app is aimed at fathers-to-be, maybe the kind that wouldn’t usually get stuck into a pregnancy book. The price of this app is $2.99 /£1.99 and it includes pregnancy tips and facts, and gives details of fetal development slanted towards Dads. For example it gives a 1.2-inch size for a 10-week old fetus and likens it to the size of a beer cap.

That completes our roundup of some of the best pregnancy apps for iPhone, iPad and Android that are available right now. Hopefully you’ll find some of these are particularly useful to you, or maybe you’d like to recommend any other pregnancy apps that you have found to be a good resource. Send your comments to let us know.


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