BBM launch for Android, iPhone popular with teens


We have been talking about BBM for Android and iPhone this weekend in the office, and a few of the Phones Review team have teenagers in school that own BlackBerrys, iPhones and also Android smartphones. It seems that the popularity in BlackBerry Messenger is still clear with teens.

You can find a number of popular chat apps on Android and iPhone already, but we have heard directly from teens that still love BBM when compared to the likes of WhatsApp. This is one of the reasons why so many people are looking for an update on the BBM launch for Android and iPhone.

No official launch date has been given yet – over the weekend we updated our readers with some insight into the BBM release for both iPhone and Android, and also made it clear that BlackBerry never gave a release date for June like some people think. A few of our readers are disappointed that BBM didn’t release at the end of last month, although this was a rumor that seemed to originate from T-Mobile in the UK.

While some of our readers state, “It’s too long waiting for BBM for Android, I’m going to stick with better apps already out there”. There are also a massive number of teens that love BBM a lot, and it is good to remember that this messaging system drew both business people and teenagers in the past.

BBM for Android and iPhone will be popular with teens — the teenage family connected to some of the Phones Review team make it clear that schools are buzzing about BBM coming to iOS and Android. One teen stated, “nearly everyone at my school is talking about BBM for Android and iPhone, when is it going to release?”

Another student added, “I loved BBM on my BlackBerry, but now I’m using an iPhone and really miss BBM. I will be one of the first to download BBM on my iPhone, just want it to release right away”.

Are you looking forward to BBM launching on Android and iPhone? Do you know people still at school, and if so are the students at that school talking about the BBM app coming to Android and iPhone?


16 thoughts on “BBM launch for Android, iPhone popular with teens”

  1. Susan says:

    My daughter is 15 years old and she just told me that most of her school are talking about BBM and the release on Android and iPhone. It seems most children are very positive about it and can’t wait to use BBM on their smartphone after using the chat software before on BlackBerry.

  2. Xavier Müller says:

    I really can’t wait for the launch already, I moved away from black berry 2 months ago, the phone I had purchased brand new did 9months later and black berry refuses to repair it, so take every opportunity to hate on them, the only reason I stuck to black berry was for bbm, cause there’s this girl I really love and bbm really was the best way to keep in touch ( long distance) but the app made it feel like we were right there next to each other, and it’s the only app I know of where I can send her a hug, so I really can’t wait for bbm for iPhone and android to launch so I can finally send her that hug

  3. brian says:

    Gosh!! plz release the App already we’ve been waiting like druggies in need of a fix , i really want to get rid of my blackberry coz it freezez all the time my Sony xperia go is much better only thing thats missing is bbm

  4. Issa Ndoye says:

    Come on its just a messaging app just release it already for god sake we have been waiting for the last 5 months come on just release already for god sake

  5. chels says:

    I’ve had so many blackberries in the past and each one of them broke, so around 6 months ago I finally gave up with blackberry and I now have a iphone 4s. That is the best change I’ve made although I do really miss having blackberry messenger so it’s great that they are launching it on Android and IOs, they just need to hurry up about it now because they are taking the p***

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