Skype update for Android gains problems


The way we communicate with our friends or family has become easier in recent times with the advancement in technology and the increased use of the Internet. One hugely popular service has been Skype that allows users to enjoy video chats from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the web, but the recent Skype update for Android has gained some problems.

Skype has been available for what seems like forever but has actually been around for ten years gaining users all the time with over 250 million people now using the service. Once limited to computers Skype can be used on our mobile devices now but the recent Android app update has left some users with problems.

The Android Skype app has been given a completely new design to the user interface that for the time being is limited to the smartphone version of the app with the tablet update promised soon. There is free and unlimited video messaging that is promised to allow users the chance to record life’s everyday moments.

There have been lots of complaints from users about the settings option disappearing as well as not being able to sign out, and other users are reporting that the app now randomly crashes while in use.

The majority of complaints centre on the fact you can no longer logout of the service and some users have said they will be uninstalling the application from their device, although the new UI is liked by most users and the app is available via Google Play.

Have you had issues since the update?


12 thoughts on “Skype update for Android gains problems”

  1. Aravindh says:

    I updated Skype too and I initially thought the sign out option was missing.But it is there.Click on the profile picture and you can find sign out option.

  2. Caernon says:

    No problems with the new update whatsoever, and the Sign out option is there – tap your avatar, tap menu button, tap Sign out. I’m quite amazed at the improvement over the previous versions of Skype: this one is -significantly- faster in every department, and it no longers drains the battery like mad. The UI doesn’t thrill me (not a big fan of Microsoft’s approach to typography), but it, too, is generally improved over the previous versions.

    I doubt it’ll replace Hangouts as my primary IM, but at least now I don’t mind having it running on my phone.

    (BTW, running it on an unmodified Nexus 4.)

  3. Gunnar Vik says:

    The only problem with the new version is that the volume is so low u can’t hear the other person. Fix this issue pls. im paying to use skype to call people on

  4. Matt says:

    the update is TERRIBLE!! although I’m ‘signed in’ I’m not actually connected or online and there doesn’t seem to be any clear way for me to do so

  5. helion says:

    samsung galaxy III, android version 4.1.2 here. just had the same problem with the update, solved it like this: settings-> applications manager->Skype-> clear data. restarted phone, everything works! hope it does for you too.

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