iPhone 5 removable battery in simple video


There are a number of smartphone owners that prefer to own a device that has a removable battery, as it not only allows you to quickly put in a spare if you run out of juice, but after the battery starts to lose its usefulness it can be easily replaced. Trouble is there are a number of popular handsets where this isn’t possible, but today we have a simple video showing you how to remove the iPhone 5 battery.

Obviously given the age of the iPhone 5 the majority of units will still have a perfectly functioning battery so there will be no need to change it, but the video bellow this article courtesy of iFixit goes through the process of removing the battery of the iPhone 5.

Replacement batteries are always available at a relatively low price so with a bit of time and patience and some special tools you can replace the battery yourself. The instructional video is less than five minutes long and shows the entire process needed to achieve fitting a new battery into the handset.

It has to be remembered though unauthorised work on the handset will invalidate your warranty, and the handset will still be covered by the warranty if the battery isn’t holding a charge correctly. You will need a selection of special tools that can even be purchased from iFixit and as long as you follow the step-by-step instructions you can have a new battery fitted in no time.

Would you attempt something like this?

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