Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 Unbeaten Tracks racing game release


There are always some great racing games being released onto mobile platforms and quite often these are free to download. And today we have news of the Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 that is set to arrive by the end of this month on the iOS platform with an Android version also in development.

The long awaited sequel to the hugely successful Red Bull Kart Fighter that got great ratings from reviewers and users alike is almost upon us. The game will bring with it some exciting new features that feature some cool karts with over 25 challenging race courses to compete on.

You will have an experienced mechanic to help you along your way and once you have chosen your personal kart, which can be customized, you’re good to go. There is a career mode that as you progress will provide new karts such as the hovercraft, snowmobile, and moon buggy.

Each course has its own big ramps and jumps and hair pin turns that allow for 360° jumps that can be completed, and there are three different control options that will help you get started that include automatic gas/brakes, manual, and automatic steering.

Once you begin to win races you can earn additional stars that can be turned into wild cards that will give your kart higher speed, better handling, and better acceleration. A quick play mode you can get access to some locked karts or locations along with some free wild cards for free once each day.

So keep an eye out for the game that is down to arrive later this month and check out the demo video we have embedded below.

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