Samsung Apex isn’t an Apple copycat


This week saw Samsung Apex hit the news headlines and some of our readers might have missed the video showcasing this new product, which certainly steps away from the so-called Apple design copying and tries something completely new.

We have embedded the video below this article that details Samsung Apex, its features and explains exactly what this new technology can do. Before watching the video you need to know two things: First of all, this video is targeted at adults so don’t let children see it if possible and second of all understand that this is a parody video, if you didn’t guess that already.

The Samsung Apex has landed on all the popular technology websites this week and on mainstream media blogs, TV channels and more. We wanted to highlight the video showcasing the Samsung Apex this weekend just in case you missed the parody earlier in the week.

What do you think of Samsung Apex? Were you fooled by The Onion, although they pretty much understood what was needed next considering Google Glass, 40MP cameras, super high-res screens and more. This could be the next big thing, or maybe not. We laughed, so if you haven’t seen it then it might brighten up your Sunday.

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