Nexus 5 release conjecture after no N4 stock


This week has seen Nexus 5 release conjecture move up another level thanks to the lack of the current generation at retail locations. Reports spread across technology blogs that the Nexus 5 launch was closer after one retailer removed the smartphone from its online website.

If you take a look at Carphone Warehouse, a popular UK mobile phone retailer, then you will notice that the LG Nexus 4 page has been removed and a search for the handset reveals no search results or at the very least only the LG Optimus L3 after searching for Nexus 4.

This doesn’t seem like a big deal to us and we have seen it happen in the past with the likes of current iPhones and iPads going on sale, or out of stock shortly before an expected release date for the next generation.

We have spoken to one Carphone Warehouse employee this weekend that stated, “we are still selling the Nexus 4 and a new poster has only just been put up in store”. This is a comment from only one employee, so take this statement as you will.

Fans agree this is Nexus 5 conjecture and not proof — the majority of feedback we’ve seen in relation to this story has been one of shock. In fact, it shocked some people that anyone would believe this is proof towards an imminent Nexus 5 release date.

One potential Nexus 5 buyer stated, “This is conjecture based on one retailer no longer stocking the phone”. We have seen dozens of comments following this line of thought.

It is true that Google’s Play Store also marked one version of the Nexus 4 out of stock this week, but others were in stock and the UK has stock of all versions at the time of writing.

When do you expect the Nexus 5 to release? What brand would you expect to see make this smartphone and do you agree with some people that the next handset could still be an LG Nexus 5? You can see a recap of June rumors in this article.


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  1. newsjunkieintl says:

    Nexus 5 will be released with Key Lime Pie 5.0 in November. Both will be “announced” in late October, but actual RELEASE will be November. Nexus 4 RELEASE was in November. Nexus 3 RELEASE was in November. Nexus 2 release was actually in December, but the last two have been November. No need to change now.

    Here’s the 2 ways to know what the Nexus 5 will have:

    1) what do the current top tier Androids on the market have? Look at the Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and Zperia ZL (especially the C6506). Except for maybe an updated CPU (i.e. Snapdragon 800), the specs will be very similar. Nexus phones have competitive specs with great price, not next gen specs at high price. Except no expandable memory, ever. If you see someone saying the Nexus will have expandable memory, they are clueless. Google has stated the Nexus will never have expandable memory.

    Thus we are looking at about 5″ (maybe 5.2″), HD 1080p phone with at least 2GB RAM, a 13 megapixel camera and probably Snapdragon 800 “system on a chip”.

    2) What are the specs of the upcoming LG G2? The Nexus 4 was based on the LG Optimus G, and the upcoming Nexus 5 will be based on the updated G, which is called the G2. LG will “announce” the G2 specs and release date in August.

    But the G2 will actually be RELEASED in September (Q3, as promised). That will then give LG the time to ramp up production of the Nexus 5 for November release (Q4, just like the last 3 Nexus phones.)

    And YES, LG is manufacturing the Nexus 5. They showed Google’s Larry Page a prototype in early May when he visited LG headquarters in South Korea. Due to that visit and intense speculation the Nexus would actually be released in May (which was ridiculous), an LG Europe VP tried to deflect attention and his comments were mistranslated that LG was not producing the Nexus 5. LG quickly corrected that statement, while still not admitting they are in fact producing the Nexus 5. But they clearly said the VP’s comments were mistranslated. They can’t say much more, because it’s not up to them to make statements on the Nexus 5, but Google. Last year, it was October before Google even admitted LG was making the Nexus 4 — which was released in November.

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