Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active release appreciated


There is growing anticipation for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that most people expect to be unveiled at IFA Berlin in September. In a recent post we thought it would be interesting to gauge if there was any interest in a waterproof Note 3, and the feedback that we have received suggests a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active release would be highly appreciated.

The Galaxy Note 3 is a much-desired smartphone with a huge prospective market, both from previous Galaxy Note customers and also those who’ve heard how impressive the Note series has been so far. Over the last few months we’ve posted many articles with leaks and rumored specs and also asked readers what they would most like to see appear for the Note 3. Last weekend we asked readers if they had any desire for a waterproof Note 3, as it seems to us there are a growing number of people who want this feature in a phone.

We noted the success of the highly impressive Sony Xperia Z, which arrived with dust and water-resistance, and Sony certainly feels this factor is important as the company is following up with the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, due for release in the third quarter. The Xperia Z Ultra is a phablet-style smartphone with a massive 6.4-inch display, and it’s also dust and water proof. Of course the Samsung Galaxy S4 also arrived in recent months, and Samsung too must feel that there is a demand for phones that are waterproof, as a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has also followed. This is a more rugged version of the S4, that has dust and water resistance.

If Samsung has managed a waterproof variety of its flagship phone, then it makes sense to us that it could also issue a Galaxy Note 3 that is waterproof, or possibly a variant of the Note 3 that features this and could perhaps be dubbed the Galaxy Note 3 Active. We’ve taken a look at comments from readers in response to our previous post on this and there is undoubtedly a demand for a waterproof Galaxy Note 3.

Many people noted a strong preference for a Note 3 waterproof variety, with some readers saying they hope for it while others expect it. One person wrote, “Would absolutely LOVE a Galaxy Note 3 Active version,” while another wrote, “Waterproofing is surely expected, it’s much better than not.” Another reader pointed out, “Waterproofing is becoming the new standard for high-end phones,” which seems to reflect the growing demand.

However, other readers felt that waterproofing was not so important for the Note 3. One reader commented, “Waterproof is not a wow spec,” and felt that a move to an aluminum design was more important. Another made the point that, “If waterproofing the Note 3 means the camera quality would have to go down like the S4 then they shouldn’t do it.

Overall though, we’d say there was definitely a call for a waterproof Note 3, either as standard or as an ‘Active’ variant of the phone. We’d like to hear your thoughts once more. Do you back the idea of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active release? Maybe this is a minor consideration to you when compared with other desired specs and features? Let us know with your comments


33 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active release appreciated”

    1. squiddy20 says:

      What a narrow mind you have then. Sad that, just because you can’t think of a good reason to have waterproof devices, doesn’t mean other’s won’t.

      1. Tommy N says:

        That’s just his opinion. Chill. I personally do not have a need for a waterproofed phone because my lifestyle doesn’t demand being connected whenever I’m near water. I’m a bit more bothered by them branching out their flagship model into little niches (S4, S4 Mini, S4 Active), I’d prefer them to fuse the devices together like the Experia.

      2. topshotta says:

        Do you remember the release of any waterproof laptops? Its a gimmick feature and once everybody’s seen what their bath tub looks like underwater its a pointless feature.

        1. squiddy20 says:

          And how many times have you heard of people accidentally dropping their cell phone in the toilet or accidentally getting pushed into a pool while their cell phone is in their pocket? A cell phone is much more portable than a laptop. Most people don’t leave their homes without their phone. The same cannot be said of a laptop.
          Again, just because you think it’s a “gimmick feature”, does not mean everyone else thinks so.

          1. Yoyo says:

            And in addition a laptop is usually too big to fall into the toilet ^_^ just saying hehe

  1. topshotta says:

    Its better to be waterproof than not but I wouldn’t pay any extra for it to be.

  2. freddieboy says:

    Water & Dust resistance, doesn’t mean u only need it because u’re around water often, u have liquid spills, grandkids (toilets, mud, pools, sandpiles, etc.), rain (while outside), & ruggedized for numerous reasons. But I do agree with Tommy, n a way, why not have a waterproof/dustproof, flex screen, Carbon Fiber Body (S/Sung bought 50% of a major Carbon Fiber Co., a few months ago), with a smaller, lighter chassis, with all the various features being mentioned (n multiple places). Hello.

    1. ipadisthepast says:

      Would you pay $3,000 for this phone? The general idea is to make money, not put every top feature in there regardless of actual practicality.

  3. Gina Flores says:

    Love the idea of waterproof dust proof but it would be important to me to keep a good HD camera

  4. Jeff says:

    Why would we be forced to take a lower quality camera with waterproofing? Has to be a way to seal the case without swapping internal features. I could care less what it has if only 16GB and made of plastic though.

  5. DILock says:

    If lifeproof cases would start making other brands, we wouldn’t have to sacrifice anything. But seeing as they won’t, everythingproofing the note 3 would be amazing. Just don’t take away the 13mp camera. 🙂
    That’s a line of poop. They can make them both work.

  6. kokob says:

    galaxy s 3 should be more durable like the iphone 5 (be covered by aluminum)

    1. archont says:

      Aluminum is less durable than many plastics. It’s stiffer and feels nicer but the body has to be made very thin because of the higher density. Plastics have more elasticity than aluminum.

  7. dan says:

    Is good to be water proof especially when biking and the phone is used as gps or when is raining and have to chat

  8. Allan says:

    Why do they all have to bear a common name? Samsung could have just called it the Galaxy Active. Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy S4 Mini (although this one is understandable), and Galaxy S4 Active.

    I’m not prepared to face a whole slew of phones all belonging to the Note 3 family. No samsung, more is not always better, considering that you put an Exynos 4 Dual SoC in the Galaxy S4 Zoom while the GS4 Mini is blessed with an MSM8230AB. A dual Cortex A9 is in a completely different category than dual Krait 300, so does the GS4 Zoom really belong in a family with the other GS4s when its camera is the only thing about it that’s impressive?

  9. castiel bonfiglio says:

    I don’t want 2 kinds of galaxy note to pick from I want one kind with all features….why do they have to make an active version justincorporate the waterproof in the regular one so we can have the best of both worlds and not sacrifice camera quality for waterproof

    1. archont says:

      Because waterproofing doesn’t make sense without a ruggedized design – which makes the phone larger and heavier. Personally I find the stylized rugged design of the S4 active much more appealing than the generic blob of regular S4. Some customers however do want the lightest and slimmest body possible – including women.

      Xperia Z created just one version, but it suffered from having a fragile and flimsy body. Samsung, by creating multiple versions of their flagship phone, doesn’t have to compromise.

      One missing feature I found extremely annoying on the S4 active is the lack of a pressure and temperature sensor. Casio has had water-proof thermometers and barometers in their watches for a decade, it’s puzzling why Samsung decided to cut this feature on their ACTIVE line instead of putting a bit of effort into redesigning that module.

      Personally I’d like to see three versions of the phone – a regular plastic one, an aluminum unibody with an enhanced camera and an active.

  10. bob says:

    Why wouldn’t all phones be water proof but like said if it’s going to take away from the quality of the camera?

  11. duffis23 says:

    just release the phone already ,but one thing I hope doesn’t happen is a bigger screen 5.5 is perfect ,if it is bigger then I think im moving to sony

    1. Noah says:

      yeah right. Sony is making 6.4 inch screen. If you want 5.5″, Just buy Galaxy S4 or Galay Note 2. I like big screeen so I am waiting for bigger screen.

  12. Lolly says:

    abt the size 5.5 is perfect,
    just want an improved battery, a good cpu and adreno 320(gpu) water proof is not dat imp, performance is

  13. red says:

    water proof???!!! just buy a water proof camera then!! are you gonna call under water or text? what the heck..if you wanna go biking just go biking, chat while its raining?? lol …that doesn’t make any sense!! just bought a zip lock who ever want a water proof, problem solved.

  14. Doc says:

    Waterproofing would be nice but not a deal-breaker. With the stylus, though, it might be a tad more difficult. As for me, in due of the expected bigger size, I’d rather have a self-charging stylus that can be activated as a bluetooth headset. It would be nice to have access to screen information while conversing and, especially on long conversations, it’d be less strain on the arms

  15. David says:

    I definitely want to see Galaxy note 3 with 6.5″ screen. I will buy it with joyful heart.

  16. maaen says:

    Beyond waterproofing, my needs are for removable battery and micro sd card access.If samsung do a sealed unit which cancels out instant battery removal and replacement then I will not be buying the device..I will live with Note 2 for as long as possible and buy a few batteries to keep it functioning for a few years at least.Once the device gives up the ghost I might have weaned myself off the need for smart phones altogether and just buy a simple cheap device for the phone and the odd emails.
    What is so wrong with good design with carbon fibre…what is so amazing about aluminium….what is so fantastic about waterproofing….what is so innovative about all that if you compromise the battery removability.
    Amazing marketing …..

  17. anythingbutatt says:

    As long as they don’t only poor it on one carrier. I wouldn’t own a note three active if I could only get it on AT&T.

  18. Dion Obanion says:

    As a marine I’d like to speak both active & on libo… a waterproof phone would mean les worries in the rain or rugged environment. The fact that being poolside on a summer day means less stress about my beautiful note of it were waterproof!! I strongly support the idea. & ANYONE that does want isn’t going to worry about a few mega pix difference when they can say they took the photo UNDER water 🙂

  19. Chelsea Broadway says:

    I would like the active just for the “bendable” screen. I drop my phone all the time. I’d like it to last.