Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with waterproofing desirability


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is widely expected to be revealed at IFA Berlin in September. There’s a massive amount of anticipation surrounding this phablet type of smartphone, following the enormous success of the Note 2. Today we are thinking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and waterproofing desirability, and we wonder if there is a demand for a waterproof variant of the phone.

Earlier today we shared a video review of the Galaxy Note 2 vs. Galaxy S4 Active. Most readers will know that the Galaxy Note 2 is a phablet device with a larger display, but some may not yet have heard of the recently released Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. This is a more rugged version of the standard Galaxy S4 and it’s also dust and water resistant, offering a real alternative for those who need a sturdier device.

Ultimately, the choice between the Note 2 and Galaxy S4 Active seemed to come down to whether people want a device with a larger display or a waterproof phone, but when you think about it there must be a lot of people who would like to have both. Recently we’ve been hearing more and more about possibilities for the Galaxy Note 3, including an LTE-A variant, 3GB of RAM, and both AMOLED and IPS LCD displays. However, why not a waterproof Galaxy Note 3 or a variant with this factor?

In our many posts about the Galaxy Note 3 we’ve received plenty of comments from readers saying what specs and features they’d like to see for the Note 3. We’ve had suggestions such as dual SIM cards and also dual SD cards, a removable battery as well as increased battery capacity and much more. What we now want to know is whether potential customers of the Galaxy Note 3 would also like to see waterproofing for the device, or similarly to the Galaxy S4, a variant offering this?

It’s worth taking into account that rival manufacturer Sony seems to feel there is a desire for a waterproof phablet device. After the success of its dust and water resistant Sony Xperia Z, Sony is to release the Sony Xperia Z Ultra in Q3. This is not only dust and water proof but also has a whopping 6.4-inch display, so the company obviously feels the market is there for such a device.

We’re really interested to hear from readers about this. Would you like to see a Galaxy Note 3 with waterproofing, or a variant of the phone which could perhaps be called the Galaxy Note 3 Active? Maybe there are other factors that are much more important to you than a device that offers water resistance? Let us know with your comments.


26 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with waterproofing desirability”

    1. phone master says:

      Water proof is not a wow spec as you dont need to call or surf the web under the rain what they should consider is the body should evolve to aluminum not this cheap plastic body they used….

      1. Stilez says:

        Different users and climates…. some of us live in countries where rain happens more than once a year. We still need to take calls when walking with our coats on, we still need to navigate and find places we’re going on a street with the sky wet. And we might feel that it would be worth it to have a phone that doesn’t care, so we don’t have to hunch over to shield it from rain or find a tree or doorway to talk in, when we want to walk and use it at the same time.

        Then of course we get home and some excited young family member may knock a coffee over the table or desk. “Sorry” doesn’t repair a phone.

        Yeah – you do sometimes need to navigate or use a handheld device in the rain.

        1. machine says:

          Man its a common sense instead of coat use umbrella so your phone wont get wet…I agree to phone master at these days most expensive phone is in aluminium body cheers phone master…

          1. Stilez says:

            Mhm.. I see. I’m walking down the street in the rain and a text goes or there’s a call or I need to navigate, so with my umbrella (which I always have anyway because weather is easily predictable all day when out) and my 4th arm (because nobody is already carrying a work case or shopping bags or holding their kids) I can easily use my phone and walk and navigate and take calls.

            Then, I get home and the umbrella stops my coffee being spilt on it, or else I live with a house where the kids are kept in cryogenic containers after school so they can’t ever knock or spill anything when racing round.

            I think you get the idea. It’s great you can always predict when you might be in rain, and be sure it won’t get damaged. I prefer not to have to think about it, given how insanely useful these devices are (and how expensive!).

            Different needs? For me I cannopt guarantee something I keep in a pocket or desk 24/7 for 2-3 years won’t one day get watered. To be sure, I’d have to restrict my use so much it would lose half the benefit.

  1. schillet says:

    If waterproofing the note 3 means the camera quality would have to go down like the s4 then they shouldn’t do it. Would rather have great pictures than okay underwater ones.

  2. Surapun says:

    I prefer most the bigger screen between 6 or 7 inches which is more comfortable to browse & read and also still portable as large limit for me. Waterproofing is surely expected, it’s much better than not, at least it secures itself from raindrops or spill water. Anyway waterproofing is not for underwater use, isn’t it ?

  3. Michael Dennique says:

    Sound exactly what I want for my Note 3 but I still want the large display and the water/dust proofing. May I ask why is everyone so keen on LCD. LED is so much better for my eyes. Hell just give it all to me lol.

  4. Money Money Money says:

    We want everything in 1 phone. All these different variants are a joke, why can’t there be an ultimate phone with the best camera, best screen, removable battery, latest technology and waterproof, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice specs over different specs, all these phones are already outdated as soon as they have launched!

    Money Money Money
    It’s the Samsung Fleecing World!
    Ah huh, ahah huh if we had a little money, it’s a rich mans world!

  5. Stilez says:

    Waterproofing? For a $600-800 handheld devuce that I’d want to use in good and bad weather, that coffee might spill on, and that accidents can happen to?

    As of 2013, I wouldn’t consider any (new) premium phone or tablet to meet the mark without IP rating as standard. My next phone would ideally be a Note 3 (sub ject to price) but if N3 doesn’t have waterproofing it’ll be a Motorola, Xperia Z Ultra, Galaxy Active or other device that does. I’m waiting to find out on this one, as Summer 2013 seems to be when water resistance goes mainstream.

  6. Grace Marie says:

    I would like the Galaxy Note 3 to be Water and Dust Proofing and obviously a wider display; the large screen is very convenient for my eye-sight and the water/dust proofing is a major plus too, I wouldn’t worry about spills or any splashing so please let it be that way!

  7. archont says:

    Waterproofing is becoming the new standard for high-end phones. I would like to get a note 3, but not without ruggedized design and waterproofing. Whenever I see a galaxy S4 it’s in some case cover – while a thin phone is nice, it doesn’t matter if most of the time it’s inside an ugly case. The active line is strong and resilient enough to work without a cover.

    Some customers would rather have a thinner phone, others would rather have a sturdier one. I approve of Samsung’s strategy to release multiple types of the same device, because there is no such thing as one best pasta sauce flavor. I’d definitely get a note 3 active, if one was available.

  8. John says:

    yes please I live in a monsoonal area (the Philippines) and it rains 6 months of the year so a waterproof galaxy Note 3 would be fantastic.

  9. Imelda Post says:

    I would LOVE a water proof phone I have been WAITING for it, I bought two different covers for my note 2 and neither one of them allow underwater photo’s. I believe the water doesn’t allow the sensor to feel the touch. I can go near the water with the cover but I can not take any underwater pictures. I have been bummed ever since I lost my underwater camera.

  10. julie says:

    I would get this phone if is water proof as i rain alot and u dont want to take your phone out because of getting water in it and i have 4 kids and they are alway on the go just to put your phone down for 2sce is a death wish in my house i have one phone going down the toilet as my olds it not very smart at times. I got my partner the new Sony’s Xpheria Ultra Z which he love i give birth to a baby girl last year she it very ill had reflux issues and some time jokes and had been sick on his phone which we is a worry as you just wash it off which my 8 year said so cool i want one he like that going to happened but I am a Samaung lover so i want water proof phone looking in to samsung galaxy 4 active and i see samsung galaxy note 3 i really hope it is water proof if not samsung galaxy 4 active it well have to be

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