Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3 dual SD cards welcome


Plenty of us are already thinking ahead to the Samsung Galaxy S5 even though the Galaxy S4 has only just released across world regions. Something we have touched on recently for the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 is a desire for dual SD card slots, and we feel that Samsung Galaxy S5 dual SD cards would be a welcome move.

Recently we have been discussing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that we feel is likely to be announced at IFA in Berlin in September. There have been a lot of rumored specs, but we’ve asked our readers what they would like to see and received many comments about this. One of these suggestions was for dual SD card slots for the Note 3, with a reader saying, “Think of multiple slots or at least two slots for micro SD cards, one switched on at any given time and that would help so many of us.” Needless to say we immediately thought this would be a great idea, as many people now use their smartphones constantly and the limitations of internal storage can be a real bugbear.

Following this post we later asked readers about the greatest flaws of the Note 2, although we want to point out we still find this to be a highly impressive phablet-style phone. One of the main concerns people had with the Galaxy Note 2 was storage capacity although we also informed readers about an update that would enable users to run apps from an SD card, therefore freeing up more internal storage.

Thus the ability to store apps to an SD card was seen as something that the Note 3 should come with out of the box, and we mentioned the earlier idea from readers about dual SD card slots. This would allow users to run apps from an SD that could stay in the device for much of the time, while another SD card could be used for media content and other files.

This idea was extremely popular with readers, many of whom wanted more internal storage and loved the idea of dual SD card slots. One reader even commented that multiple SD cards would be “true digital storage heaven.” Of course we now feel that potential customers of the Galaxy Note 3 would really appreciate this possibility, and there’s absolutely no reason we can think of why Samsung couldn’t also implement dual SD as standard for the Galaxy S5.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on Samsung developing the idea of dual SD card slots for the Note 3 and also the Samsung Galaxy S5. Is this something you’d really like to see, and do you feel this could be a viable option? Send us your comments about dual SD for the Galaxy S5. (Please note that the image below is a concept design Galaxy S5).


13 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3 dual SD cards welcome”

  1. Larry Neil Beckreck says:

    Would like dual sim cards more than dual sd cards. Great for when you go to another country for a holiday, without problem of locked phone. Went to USA with Carphone Warehouse provided Note 2 LTE, nominally unlocked, for ee network, but when I got to USA and tried to put in T-mobile sim card there, they found it WAS LOCKED, so I couldn’t use the sim card that I had bought there. UGH. Phoned CPWH from USA, they checked with Samsung who said phone was unlocked. No apparent solution, what a bummer! Can you please investigate this, as I can’t seem to get a straight answer from CPWH? larry.beckreck@alum.mit.edu

  2. Matt says:

    I think Dual SD Cards would be awesome. Especially if each slot can support 128GB with SDXC… just imagine how good that would be!
    Especially for me as I only get phones with an external memory slot, as they have all my music, ebooks, movies are on them and I can just swap cards and go without worrying about transferring files every time I get a new phone.

  3. áhmed says:

    dual sim card is a welcomed idea for loyalty and more wider market, but dont forget the battery capacity, something more than 4000mAH.

  4. Hector says:

    Dual sd slots is OK. But if Samsung do not put in Dual SIM capacity they are ignoring half the potential market of the note 3. Even cheap chinese copies of the note have dual sim. But samsung customers who need the versatility of dual sim are relagated to inferior samsung models . DUAL micro sim pleas

  5. GTRsdk says:

    Just put a 6.8 AH battery in it 😀
    I recently purchased a 12v 6.8 AH battery (Lithium Ion of course) myself, and I like how lightweight it is compared to other (non-lithium ion) batteries.
    If Samsung could do that but make it Note 3/ Galaxy S5 size…


  6. G says:

    Please do that Samsung! the dual sim card would be so useful! So many people have to carry a work phone and a personal phone. I would even ask for 3 sim cards.

  7. Tyler says:

    That would be AMAZING! The only thing that attracts me more to apple is their design for playing music better than anyone. Recently my iPod Classic’s head phone jack wore out so I just have it away to a computer parts store because they couldn’t fix it.
    Since then I’ve been using my Galaxy S2 and missed how easy it was to pause and change songs until I discovered PowerAmp.
    They have a lock screen with the album art and pause/play/skip album/song buttons and gestures that make it work as efficiently as iPods, plus it’s far more sleek looking.

    But seriously, I miss the 160GB of music storage. I have only a few apps and all my memory is stored with music and it’s not even half of what I have. Android needs to consider how great of an impact HD movies and music have on smart phones today, memory needs to be expanded.

  8. Tyler says:

    Oh and also, look how tiny the micro SD cards are! Can anyone tell me if it really takes much space to build 2 or 3 extra slots? They seem so miniscule.

  9. Tyler says:

    And I think two sim cards would serve no purpose; most people only have one service. It’s also easy to change a sim card anyway, I don’t get that… :/

    1. Michael Benesch says:

      Mostly its for travelling, you can use a locally bought sim card or a travel sim card that has lower international/overseas charges, while also being able to receive all your calls and texts from your normal phone number.

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