Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Note 2’s greatest flaws


The majority of people expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to release around a year after the Note 2, and this means a release date around October 2013 with a launch event planned in September. The popularity of the original Note surprised a lot of the carriers, but this year its success is undeniable and the Galaxy Note 3 is expected to become even more popular.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Note 2’s greatest flaws — there’s a lot we can praise the current generation for, although users would also point out a number of problems that need fixing with the Galaxy Note 3 release.

The most public problem with the Note 2 is storage capacity and 16GB doesn’t cut it in this day and age. In fact, the amount of storage paired with the lack of running apps on an SD card didn’t cut it with the majority of users at launch. The issue of running apps from an SD will be fixed with an upcoming update, although we should note that some countries received larger storage options for the Note 2.

Within the last couple of weeks we looked at the most desired features for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, and top of our list was a removable battery and dual SD cards. The latter option would allow users to run apps from one SD card that stays in the device most of the time, although the other could contain media and other files.

This dual SD card idea came from our readers and we reported it in the above article, although we are aware of a few blogs taking this idea from Phones Review after that article was published. Would you like dual SD cards on the Galaxy Note 3?

Samsung need to deliver the Galaxy Note 3 with at least 64GB of storage in our opinion, although we know a few fans that would be happy with 16GB or 32GB if you could run apps from an SD card right out of the box.

What do you think is Galaxy Note 2’s greatest flaw? What would you like to see improved with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? In our opinion, the greatest flaw was the lack of internal storage capacity. More battery life would also be welcomed and some of our readers believe “if the Huawei Assend Mate has a 4050mAh battery, then the Galaxy Note 3 will increase on this”. For now leave a comment with the issues you have with Note 2 that need fixing when Note 3 arrives.

It is worth pointing out that the image below is one of many leaked pictures arriving over the past couple of weeks, which are explained in more detail with sources in this article.


25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Note 2’s greatest flaws”

    1. frank ocean says:

      i love that you can hook up usb drives to this phone.. Externall HDD would be GREAT!!!.makes transfering all those pics and videos a breeze

  1. Cabro says:

    A YOUM Screen bending on the right side of the Note3 would be awesome! 😀
    The battery and the internal memory should both be upgraded. and a better pixel camera should also be upgraded, maybe 16 mp?

  2. JJames says:

    Increased internal memory… at least 32gb, More multi tasking options, improved s pen functionality (currently erasing or editing at the point of a few pixels is imprecise,) 1080p screen resolution, better camera with low light capability (currently pixilates in low light.)

  3. Joey says:

    You scum. U ask for too much. If samsung put that kind of junk in a phone it jacks up the price then you all be complaining that it costs too much to buy it.

  4. Don Hils says:

    I think 21MP camera with zenon flash, 4gig ram, at least 32gig internal memory and 5,500mah battery will do the phone good. Not forgetting 6″ screen with at least 400PPI resolution. What else?

  5. lexiington, nc says:

    My note2 is a piece of $$it I had all kinds of problems with it from locking up and the rotation don’t work .
    Wife and I got them at the same time and 9days later her battery would on charge 1/2 way took it back and they replace it , plus we don’t get good service connection.
    Best buy said it was because we have sprint.
    Well sprint said everything show no problem in our area.
    Had a htc 4g evo before this piece and had no problems with it . So when you think you are getting better stuff sometimes its best to stay with what you got. Gone back to best buy to have them replace it.

    1. Dominick_7 says:

      I had to go through about 7 of them before I found one with no problems.. but then again I had to do the same thing with other phones as well. I got all but the last one shipped to me from Best Buy. They use NO protection in the boxing except one bubble packaging, and the phone loosely bounces around as UPS kick their boxes around. Don’t know if you went to the store to get your phone or bought it online but if you got it shipped I’m thinking that may be why. Also sounds like you may have a damaged Sim card. Might want to try a new one. Sorry you’ve had problems with yours but if you had working one its an incredible device.

  6. Jeff says:

    Quit using plastic for the body, stop skimping on the screen material so it can actually withstand a drop on the corner of the device, 64gb internal MINIMUM, and make it available online for a DECENT price instead if forcing us to get it from our carrier at a huge mark up.

    1. Dominick_7 says:

      Agree also except the plastic. Aluminum dents when bumped or dropped and interferes with reception, besides adding weight. Plastic allows for good reception, no dents, and for it to remain lightweight.

    2. Jeff says:

      I just can’t force myself to spend $700+ for something that feels like my sons Leap Pad. I currently have an almost 4 year old Droid X that has a silicon cover. Only a few scratches and MINOR dents. I work as a warehouse mechanic and have abused this phone. NEVER been sent for repair. Can’t say the same for anyone I know that has had a Samsung or Iphone.

  7. Babs Oyed says:

    I absolutely agree with the article. The biggest flaw of the Note 2 is certainly the paltry internal storage. I hope Samsung is listening and I hope we have a 64 gb version or larger available on day one of release.

    The other really important changes I’m hoping for are

    1. Bigger better battery > 4000mAh
    2. Better screen resolution and improved sunlight legibility
    3. Much thinner and lighter build (plastic is just fine, actually plastic is great. Most people cover up their expensive phones with a plastic case anyway)
    4. I also will like for them to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, unless they’ve somehow found a way to make the Exynos better than the former.

    Fix these issues Samsung and I’ll be buying more than one of these on day one.

  8. Meepty Doo says:

    all of you are faggotz, i want 64 gigs of ram, 1000 million mAh battery, minimum of 64 petabytes external memory, a UPB OLED display and steel body + 41 MP camera but with UltraPixel technology 4x Xenon and 8x LED flashlights, 6G cuz 5G and 4G are too mainstream, also wireless charging with only entering the room, did i forget about the 320k (80 times 4K) 22 inch screen? also 2 S pens for multiplayer games and Beats Pro in the package. Also 4 speakers on front panel + a subwoofer and 20 speakers on the back + 4 subwoofers and dual boot iOS + Android.

    That’s how most of you look like -_____- Look at things real – it will obviously have 3 GB ram at most, atm Samsung have too low 4GB mobile phone rams also the display will be 5,99 inch super amoled (not flexible) with 1080p HD. The worst thing that can happen is the Mali 450; i rly rly hope that if they use their Exynos they will at least combine it with a PowerVR not a Mali; Also the Snapdragon 800 is more of a multimedia chipset not a gaming/max performance one so idk

  9. Adrianzka Mayreswara says:

    I want it to have at least 32 gb of memory. 3 gb of ram is cool. A better gpu for the exynos version should balance it with the s800. The thing i would love to see the most is compatibility with 32 gb or more sandisk ultra (currently the note 2 isn’t compatible with it, as proved by my sd card’s death)

  10. King says:

    This article is spot on, the one major thing the Note 3 definitely needs is increased storage. AT LEAST 64Gb. However, realistically, 128Gb would also be desirable and will be a game-changing feature to set Samsung apart from its competitors. Majority of mobile tech companies think 16Gb, 32Gb is sufficient storage space ( probably because the rest could be stored at the cloud, for a price) but i have to disagree. I am a power user, I built my own PC and installed the best components I could muster. Hence, I need to have a phone that can satisfy my need to have the MOST. At the Note’s price range, they should at least have many storage options, NOT the paltry 16Gb you have to contend with. Mobile tech is still quite a ways from replacing desktop PCs but it’s getting there. Improved capacity to store apps, movies, docs, etc is going to be crucial. Not everybody would constantly be connected to the cloud, especially when they travel a lot, and the ability to access their own files in storage of at least 64Gb/128Gb+ would definitely be a necessary feature.

    Also, having a dual-sim capacity (a feature many basic phones, in developing countries have) would also be good so that one can apply for 4G LTE or even 3G service on one sim slot when one is travelling to the other country, while the other sim slot would be reserved for one’s original home telecom provider.

    Good battery life also would not hurt. 4000mAh is a desirable minimum. Also a high res 1080p screen with at least 400ppi would probably blow the competitors out of the water 😉

    The other features (Better camera-13Mp, Better CPU – Snapdragon800 or better, Higher RAM 3GB – 4GB, Better OS – Android 4.3 Keylime Pie) would be gravy =)

    Satisfy these requests Samsung, and you have my money =) I turned down the Note 2 ONLY because it had a mere 16Gb of storage w/c just won’t cut it. Improve on this, and you have an even bigger moneymaker on your hands.

    1. King says:

      Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Internal Storage of at least 64Gb/128Gb ON TOP of the mandatory microSD card functionality (Dual microSD wouldn’t hurt either 😉 ) would be necessary.

  11. Dominick_7 says:

    I have the Note 2 and LOVE this smartphone! The Note smartphone series have been brilliant and can’t wait to see what the Note 3 will be like, but since its being asked what we would like to have fixed I’ll leave some input.

    First of all it needs to have at least 64GBs of internal storage (besides the SD Card) since we cant install apps or games to the SD Card. This was ridiculous. One game can be between 1-2GBs alone, which I expect as tech goes on they will get larger in size, and its just a tease to give us this excellent large screen to make gaming finally enjoyable, but to have so little space to be able to install games was disappointing. On Verizon we were only left with 9-10GBs of internal storage after the OS and bloatware loaded up, which doesn’t leave much room for much else as far as games are concerned after apps are installed.

    As far as the Wacom sPen performance, it needs to be improved and more points of sensitivity would be nice. The problem I’ve had with it is the dot on the screen doesn’t always line up with the tip of the sPen when I’m drawing or painting, it loses calibration relatively quickly and goes kinda wacked out near the edges of the screen. It did this on all the Note 2’s I’ve tried. As an artist, I really hope they fix that as well. More artistic apps like Sketchbook pro where we can mix/blend colors or paints, and do more pro color work would be amazing. If that isn’t pre bundled ok, but I hope one becomes available that does it all as far as drawing and painting goes. One other thing would be nice is if there was a way to not only use the sPen on the capacitive buttons like we can on the Note 8, but also be able to disable the capacitive buttons somehow (maybe via the drop down notification menu) while drawing because I’d accidentally hit them while resting my hand on the phone while drawing.

    Longer lasting battery would be wonderful too. I’ll probably get a Zero Lemon and or Hyperion battery anyway as I don’t think either of those capacity ( think its 9300mAh and 6300mAh) batteries will be available right out of the box, but the battery it comes with should be at least 4050 or higher in case there are legal issues with Huawei.

    Would also like that it would finally come in black and have a textured back/battery cover like the Note 1 had because the plastic is slippery. I actually like that its plastic not only because its light, it doesn’t impede reception like aluminum does, the back will pop off and the battery will fly out so the impact leaves that way, but also because it won’t dent like aluminum would as well. A better more premium build would be nice, but other than the slippery quality to the plastic it doesn’t really bother me. The build is something I’ve seen people complain about which is a big reason people went with the HTC One over a Samsung. I hate Sense, didn’t like the way the One looked or the smaller screen size and it didn’t have a premium Wacom digital pen like the Note series have. That and the larger screen are MUST haves for artists like myself.

    A better screen than the S4s would be fantastic, as the Note 2’s screen was much better than the S3s (ex. no black clipping). Thinking perhaps LCD similar to how the DNA screen was in quality or better AMOLED with more balanced colors. While the AMOLEDS look nice I prefer LCD because of the way they feel less straining to my eyes as compared to LED screens. Will be very happy to know it will come with a high ppi rate compared to the Note 2, though it looked nice, both that and a 1080p screen will be very welcomed.

    Front facing speakers that were more bassy, louder and more warm with built in system wide equalizer if possible would be great. That way the sound will more so match the experience the user will have with watching movies and videos on that large screen. Don’t know where they could go though so maybe that won’t be possible if the screen takes up a lot of the front, but at least better quality speakers would be very nice.

    Don’t know if you can legally do so since HTC has done it in the past, but a kickstand would be sweet which will allow us to set the phablet down while watching a video.

    Lastly, as more and more features have been added after they have been made available from third party rooting such as screenshots, I really wish there was a way to have root access either out of the box or at very least a way to use certain apps that require root access such as overclocking software and official access to OSes and updates that are downloadable from the OEM in case anything gets screwed up or corrupted.

  12. Alain says:

    My note 2 just crashed.

    Guess whyyy?? LOW INTERNAL STORAGE!!!!!

    Fix please or I defect with extreme prejudice (I’ve got the Note 1 too).

  13. grmrsan says:

    I’d be happy if I could run apps from my sd card, and could use friggin Flash. None of the work arounds did anything for my phone 🙁

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