Samsung Galaxy Note 3 dual SIM cards for travelers


Over the past few weeks we have highlighted the interest in dual SIM card slots for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which could release with this feature although currently this is more desire than fact.

The extra slot could be used for running apps and media, while another card could stay inside and be used for running apps from the SD card if this feature is supported on the upcoming model.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 dual SIM cards for traveler — the Galaxy S5 would also benefit from dual SD card slots, although in a recent article looking at this possible feature we noticed a number of comments asking for dual SIM cards. We then looked at some popular forums and noticed this is a request being echoed on many websites discussing Galaxy Note 3 specs.

You will also find a number of accessories to help Galaxy Note 2 and S4 users that want a dual SIM. This includes Micro SIM adapters with no cutting being needed and even Bluetooth DualSIM gadgets that pair with the current Samsung smartphones.

The reason there are a number of accessories offering Dual SIM options for smartphones is thanks to a demand for this feature, and accessory manufacturers understand this. Our readers have pointed to clone phones copying popular Samsung models and adding the Duel SIM specification as an extra.

Others even want this feature more than dual SIM cards, and this was made clear when one of our readers said, “Would like dual SIM cards more than dual SD cards”. They continued to explain that this feature would be “great for when you go to another country on holiday”.

Another one of our readers made it clear that Samsung would “ignore half the potential market of Galaxy Note 3” if they left out dual SIM cards.

What would you rather have between dual SIM and SD cards for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Personally, we’d rather see duel SD cards and could imagine two 128GB cards that would deliver some amazing expansion and this would mean a 16GB Galaxy Note 3 would be enough. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

You can also read some of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 news in our article from yesterday, which looked at mixed displays likely to arrive with the next phablet.


10 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 dual SIM cards for travelers”

  1. maaen says:

    My feeling is that double micro sd card slots would be an amazing thing for customers like myself.I also appreciate that dual sim cards can be a very good feature for a whole chunk of the human population around the globe.If Samsung designed the device internals using all available space …then I am certain everyone would be happy…I just wish ..I TRUELY WISH FOR THIS TO BECOME A STANDARD FEATURE IN THE GALAXY NOTE AND ALSO THE NOTE TABLETS OF THE FUTURE.
    Samsung…you really need to listen to these requests….The future can be very bright …..our essential needs and your courage in testing out new concepts.Just do not deny us the above mentioned essentials in the future devices.That request and wish also extends to removable batteries in NOTE TABLETS…AND ATIV TABLETS TOO.
    Thank you.

  2. freddieboy says:

    Why would u need either, easy & quick enough to change. Unlocked phone would b great, to make it so simple. Also a 128gb
    SD card is the same as having 2 64’s correct. Besides all that how hard is it to care more than 1 SD card with u. Say 1 for movies, 1 for pics & personal etc, duly marked & a spare. Hello. Personall would much rather keep cost down. Would really b nice to b able to store apps on SD card, with no extra effort.

  3. Zatones says:

    Dual SIM cards are my choice any day. In my country, some networks are not reliable in some places, hence almost everyone here has at least 2 SIM cards for both phone calls and internet access. It will definitely be better to have the 2 SIM cards in one handset. Also, call credits may finish on one network and necessitate calling from the second one. Further, intra-network (on-net) calls here are much cheaper and clearer than inter-network (off-net) calls. For these reasons and others, dual SIM card handsets move very well here. I personally have 2 of them (4 SIM cards total) in current use. I decided to buy very good quality, large screen (5.7inch and 6 inch), dual SIM Chinese handsets instead of the Samsung Galaxy Notes for this reason. And I am about to buy more of them to give out as gifts. I am even now looking for dual SIM tablets, since my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus (and the earlier Tab 7 which I also had) do not have this feature. Should Samsung give their Note 3 handset dual SIM card slots, they will likely get back another appreciative customer, especially if it also has a screen sized between 6inches and 6.4inches.

  4. goutham says:

    basically note series is for business people no such people live with single sim right either company provided sim and personal or official and personal right so think Samsung u r such a fool to launch two generation of business phone without dual sim atleast this time think well and launch…foolish sam….

  5. SkyJock says:

    I travel internationally quite regularly, say 6 times a year for 20 days at a time, and currently take a second cellphone with me – I would prefer a smartphone with a dual SIM. (Recently, I bought a Telefunken cellphone with 4(sic!) SIM slots on South African Airways – what a useless piece of junk – some Chinese company bought this venerable German brand name and is busy trashing it!)

  6. RGSpore says:

    I bought the Samsung GTS7562L in Singapore for US$200. Dual SIM which is great for traveling. But the phone is very clunky and hangs a lot. Then I was reading about “Shanzhai” manufacturers and I think my phone might not be a real Samsung at all.

  7. Gazza says:

    Look its simple. Samsung is ignoring the business market. Dual sims are required. Forget the junk, we want phone function. One business number, one personal number. And note stylus function, calender apps, email apps etc – thats it. The other stuff is nice, I love samsung products, but it is the dual sim that keeps sending me to the chinese – even though I always have one in for repair

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