iPhone 7 and Samsung produced Apple A9 chip possibility


Samsung has long been the provider of various components for a number of products for arch rival Apple, but recently given all the ongoing court battles around the world it was widely believed that this business relationship was living on borrowed time. Now though there are reports that there is the possibility of the iPhone 7 featuring a Samsung produced Apple A9 chip.

Reports are suggesting that Apple has agreed a deal with fierce rival Samsung to provide its processors in 2015, with the South Korean company using its 14nm process to build the Apple designed A9 chip, and will power the iPhone 7.

This latest rumour seems to go against previous reports that Apple had signed a three year deal with TSMC to produce its next generation of A series processors, and the units built would be called the A7 and A8 chips using the 20nm process in 2014.

Apple and TSMC have been in discussion about a possible deal for a number of years now but there has always been something that has got in the way such as yield rates. Apple has relied on Samsung for the supply of parts such as displays and the production of the chips that Apple designs for its mobile devices.

This news could mean that both Samsung and TSMC will produce processors for Apple in the coming years so the company is less reliant on one source for the bulk of its key components for its mobile devices.

Do you think that Apple would still look to Samsung for its components?

Source: The Korea Economic Daily.

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