Being productive on your mobile at home and work


You might have a phone for pleasure purposes only. Likewise, you could be given one with your job to use for business. Many people have both – Although phones vary in make and style, the majority available on today’s market allow you to be productive outside of work hours. That is if you want to take your work home with you, of course.

Sometimes the working day just is not long enough for you to respond to all emails etc that come your way, with the phone provided by your company or even your personal one you can get through all your drafts at your leisure on the journey home. There are web apps available for you to connect to your work email or the built-in functionality on your smartphone. You have no excuse for not replying to anyone now.

Sync documents with work and home
With wireless technology and cloud storage you are never more than a few minutes away from the office. Not physically, of course, but documents can by synced and downloaded to your phone or tablet within seconds, allowing you to finish the job that could not quite be done in work hours. Then, sync again when you get home to get something started for your arrival at the office the next day.

Swot up
It is never too late to learn. And with many of us having long commutes to and from work this can be a great time to swot up. Reading is a good place to start, and on your phone you will be able to download e-book apps, many of which can also sync with an ebook reader so you don’t lose your place.

Whether you are learning a new skill or planning a project, simply using your phone’s browser to research using Internet can help.

Business calls
You could even use your phone for the purpose it was originally built for: making calls. Whether you have a business contract or a Virgin Mobile SIM only deal — see here for more information — the journey to or from work can be a good place to catch up on business matters.

Plan your schedule
All phones come equipped with calendars and there are many apps you can download to keep your schedule synced with work. With a smartphone you will easily be able to keep on top.

Do you use you mobile phone more at work or mainly for personal use?

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