iOS 7 by Apple making it hard for imitators


Today Phones Review had an interesting news piece by one of our top readers and they decided to look more into iOS 7 by Apple and what they have done to make it hard for imitators. So what have Apple done to achieve this? This is what Mary Roberta came up with, have a read and see what you think.

The World Wide Developers Conference held just recent at San Fransisco witnessed the big leap with Apple’s close to ‘perfect’ OS, the iOS 7. The new design is delicately colourful; and Jony Ive, Apple’s distinguished designer, has indeed done something great from the traditional white and black design. The lush designed iOS 7 comes with new control center, redesigned interface with flat icons, transparent animations; shadowbox with parallax effect for striking visual effect and many added features. The new control center panel glides from bottom as a translucent surface where you could still spot the colourful icons underneath.

Jony Ive, affirmed that the new version is nothing unfamiliar, the change is pretty user friendly to all Apple’s existing users as the platform offers more familiarity, after all this time the icons getting more specific!

Currently iOS 7 is compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 5, iPod touch 5th Gen, iPad 2, 3rd and 4th Gen iPad and iPad Mini, tagging it a more powerful iOS than predecessor iOS 6. Though the sculpture has some flaws to be looked upon in the icons, Ive & Co was praised for the beautiful carving on the iOS design, which grabbed Apple users’ attention. The seamless update of iOS has more to talk about the body movements. Yes, from now on your iPhone will work as the body moves.

iOS 7 by Apple making it hard for imitators

It doesn’t mean you dance and control the phone, here with light body movements; you could actually control the interface without touching. The new gesture arena of Apple interface works as the FaceTime camera capture motions and respond respectively. But to put here, this could be an interesting option for those who looks “touch” gesture challenging, but pretty time sucking for those touch-friendly freaks. However, no one can predict the future advancement of operating system, as who knows one day we could see all around swaying heads!

Apple Becoming Hard For Imitators
Apple is always on watch of its rivals and do you think Apple would be playful with the new operating system? From the release of iOS in mid 2007, Androids have been digging deep to ponder on the beautiful UX secret. The mimicking of earlier interface by Samsung has reflected on similar looks of iOS to all its smartphones and tabs.

iOS 7, protective UX, makes it tough for those who try to reproduce. Samsung notably has done this in the past, this time hard to copy and sure to increase the ‘copy’ cost. Instapaper founder and iOS developer Marco Arment wrote iOS 7 as a defensive interface, says, iOS 7 “comes with a number of convenient defensive advantages.”

Apple’s new interface would be inviting more attention by third parties and users for its parallax effect, where the credit goes to the hardware developers. Even around the web, this is been tried out in simpler version. According to gentle movements made, the high-end hardware creates illusions respective of the user interface giving user in depth access to the core of iPhone. On the iOS 7 interface you could see icons float in the background image, tabs of 3D browser, adding excitement for the users.

Mimicking iOS 7 is to carry with it good amount of trouble on low quality hardware, due to its powerful GPU, animation APIs and high-end hardware design. With this hard-core defensive release, Android UI or web app developers would probably face a great hit on its all-time troubleshooter GPU performance driven on low accelerated hardware.

The resolution revision of iOS 7 adds more strength to its UX. One-pixel lines in the touted iOS would be something hard for Android designers as nearly all those released Galaxy smart devices use PenTile screens, which result in poor text delivery and thin lines.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering said about latest update as, “the most significant iOS update since the original iPhone”, Apple would scout how users leverage on the powerful new version, letting stealers a high-time to crack their heads.

Everyone has an opinion on mobile operating systems and Mary Roberta wrote the above from Case-Mate, UK. Case Mate is great at offering iPhone 5 cases for total protection and so much more.


103 thoughts on “iOS 7 by Apple making it hard for imitators”

  1. Tron says:

    You have no idea what you are talking about, apple copied everything in ios7 from android, don’t write articles about subjects that you don’t even research. News flash apple isn’t innovative they are a marketing firm that copies other companies ideas.

    1. Pete Weatherley says:

      Oh for goodness sakes. Here we go again, another one crying “copycat.” You know, I’ve used both operating systems. Personally, if iOS were the tool, then Android would be the toy. Apple is, yes, a consumer company, but it is a company that expects its users to know what they are experiencing and to use it with sense and a little bit of pride. With Android, the system will treat the average user like a three year old from the word go. Just my opinion, so don’t go giving me grief, but that is how I feel as the average user. My advice, go and try out both systems, then tell me which copied which.

      1. Tron says:

        Most of the features ios7 is including has been on android for almost 2 years. And I have to disagree with android being childish, it’s the other way around, android gives the user complete control over the product you bought, and not just using your product the way apple tells you to

      2. Snake says:

        You have no idea what you are talking about. Apple copied android. That is clear. ios 5 6 and 7 are clear copies of android. Apple has never had an original idea. They have done nothing but copy. Android is smarter and better in every way. The only similarity touch screen.

        1. Abs says:

          yeh and android has invented everything on its own. (saracasm)

          Now even the HTC ones have that same aluminum and rounded edge feeling as the iPhone 5. No company in this day and age truly innovates.

      3. TheBeeNet says:

        You make a comment which is fine but you don’t want any grief. Really? Then don’t comment. As far as copying let’s see. iPhone did not have true multitasking until their new version but Android had it since its inception. Apple did not have the ability to use 3d live wallpaper until the new version. Again Android was able to do this for sometime. Notifications on lock screen but Android had this since creation. Control Center wow go figure a widget. Surely there has not been anything like this on any of Apple’s competitors. I have tried both products and I am convinced the iPhone was made for children and senior citizens because of the ease of use. However with that ease it lacks superior innovation. Bring on the grief I can handle it.

        1. Abs says:

          The simplicity itself is the superior innovation. Its easy to make a product loaded with thousands of features but that doesn’t mean the user experience is better for everyone.

          1. TheBeeNet says:

            The simplicity of ios is only because of its lack of innovation. Why ride a bike when you can have a Cadillac. IOS isn’t that hard to mess up, I mean it’s just icons and has to be accessorized to have the basic functionality found in Android. If you call that superior then you’re entitled to ride your bike.

          2. Abs says:

            Well a cadillac is better a bike or a regular car and it’s more expensive, so i’d say iOS is more like a cadillac and android is a cheap gizmo that can be found under any rock

          3. TheBeeNet says:

            Nice response but you did not solidify your position in this matter with quantifiables. Once again, the iPhone has to be accessorized to perform the basic functionality of Android. Wow, IOS 7 just got multitasking. It took, what, six years whereas Android had it since it’s creation. Also you can get notifications on the lock screen. Wow….this is so ahead of the game. I never seen this functionality before on Android have I?And you can have a parallax live wallpaper as well. I mean, really?.?.?. You’re rock comment has no depth. All jokes aside, the iPhone is a nice device but it is behind the times their stocks and earning reports is the true measure of how it is received by the world and it is not good.

          4. Peter says:

            “The simplicity of ios is only because of its lack of innovation.”

            Adding more features yet making the device simple to use is the innovation. you’re basically saying that making something harder to use is innovating.

          5. TheBeeNet says:

            Interesting response but old news. Explain to me why Samsung is kicking Apples but in devices sells since it is so difficult to use. Apple announced their quarterly earning yesterday and it did not beat out Samsung. So, obviously the difficulty in using it is a Apple made mantra of yesteryear.

          6. Peter says:

            Samsung phones are sold in more countries with more carriers with more models, its not surprising that its total sales are more than Apple’s. Doesn’t mean it’s the better phone. It’s all personal preference

          7. TheBeeNet says:

            You know what, you’re absolutely right. It is based upon personal preference but what I find is that IPhone users do not push Apple to innovate nor do they speak negatively against them for the lack of the same. As long as that goes on, Apple will continue to fall further and further behind the innovated curve. I like Android and make no qualms about it. You like IOS. Great because it is no different than having your favorite football or basketball team. In office circles and in bars everybody talks trash about what they hold dear. None of it is personal but it is the way of the world community. Even in the tech world. 😉

          8. Peter says:

            everything you’ve said is valid, but i believe apple has done some great innovation with ios 7. and that they’re not behind at all. Anyways, let’s just enjoy what we like

          9. James Burkett says:

            Innovation of what sort? They just copied everything they saw that Android and WP8 was doing. That’s not innovation.

          10. Abs says:

            Tell me what has android innovated? Shoving in 1000’s of features that no one’s ever going to remember? I don’t think so

          11. James Burkett says:

            iSheep. Android is the picture of innovation while Apple copies everything Google comes up with. Apple used to be the leader, now it is the follower.

          12. Abs says:

            Apple is and always will be a leader. Google can’t do anything except Search or Map a way to copy Apple.

          13. James Burkett says:

            Lol seriously?? Now your response there, that’s nothing but a joke. So. lol.

          14. James Burkett says:

            You keep telling yourself Apple is a leader while they are copying Android into iOS as fast as they can get their fingers onto the keyboard to code it.

          15. James Burkett says:

            Android doesn’t shove anything down the user’s throat that they wouldn’t be able to use in a functional and useful manner. Google is an innovator while Apple is the copy artist. How many years has it been since the general consensus was that Android was copying iOS? The only thing Android ever copied from iOS was the ability to run platform-specific applications- And that wasn’t exactly an original idea. Aside from that, there was nothing similar about Android and iOS until about two years ago when Apple started nit-picking features from Android and it continues to this day. Android picks up Nothing from iOS because Apple is too busy stealing from Android and calling it amazing and all that BS, when all it really is is stolen from Real software innovators.

          16. Abs says:

            you’re avoiding the question, what are the innovations in the android OS?

            Yes for argument’s sake Apple is completely unoriginal but so is Google with Android.

          17. James Burkett says:

            Google developed your drop down notification menu. Google developed your expandable notifications in the notification layer. Google pioneered cellular phone tech that included LTE. Google developed widgets (in iOS7 you finally have two active icons, which are the same thing as a small widget). Google pioneered software supporting NFC (which you will finally get in the iPhone 5S). Should I go on, or are you not yet convinced that Apple just follows Google’s lead?

          18. Abs says:

            The notification menu, i’ll give you that one, but iOS’s is better.

            Google developed software supporting NFC, but those features right not are just gimmicks/not widely used so not enough for a deal breaker. The first google/android phones with LTE and 4G, such as HTC thunderbolt, had terrible battery life. Widgets are just a matter of personal preference, i’ve owned a HTC sensation and never used a widget in my life.

            While those things may have been NEW to the market, they are hardly necessities.

            and yes Siri is just a gimmick but so is pretty much any digital assistant right now

          19. James Burkett says:

            A lot of people use NFC. Just because your iPhone doesn’t have it so You can’t use it doesn’t mean it’s not useful. As far as the argument about LTE, well, Apple would have Never implemented LTE into their devices had the market not done it first. That’s what Apple does. Watches the market and then puts old tech in their devices, and calls it innovative. Apple’s notification center is no better than Android’s- Its practically the exact same thing. If widgets weren’t important, Apple would not have finally programmed a active icon or two into their OS. Widgets are quite useful and in true Apple fashi0n, they steal the tech and are surely going to call it the most innovative thing on the planet. Apple did one thing wrong though, they didn’t wait long enough. Now they are going to put out their outdated OS while everyone else is on Key Lime Pie. Oh well, it’ll give them something to copy for next year’s “innovation”.

          20. Abs says:

            No, apple products are just better in general. android products are second rate plastic ripoffs

          21. James Burkett says:

            Ripoffs of what? Surely not iOS. Speaking of plastic, Apple is introducing a cheap plastic iPhone this year. What argument are you then going to use against Android devices?

          22. Abs says:

            Samsung uses plastic in it’s “high end” phones.

            when 5 million or more iphones get sold in the first day, what argument are you going to use against iPhones?

          23. James Burkett says:

            A high end phone from Samsung outperforms the related Apple device any day of the week no matter if it is made out of rock. It’s true that Apple has a lot of sheep to buy it’s products but who cares? Samsung sells more devices two fold.

          24. Abs says:

            of course the GS4 will beat the iphone 5 because it came out after, but the iphone 5 actually beat the GS3 in terms of speed, display, and portability.

            and that’s because there are different models of phones from the same company with different prices (importantly very cheap models) and different colors. Plus Samsung sells to more countries, so obviously it will sell more devices.

            ONce the low cost iphone comes out with iOS 7 and once it will be available in more countries, things will definitely change in favor of Apple

          25. Guest says:

            Their phones outperform iPhones whether they were made or plastic, or if they were made of rock. Of course Apple has a lot of sheep to buy anything they put their logo on but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s a better device. It means there are a whole lot of stupid people in this world.

          26. 1206549 says:

            I really don’t get how iOS is supposed to be simpler. I think I’m missing something here.

      4. James Burkett says:

        All you ever had to do was have a Android phone from two years ago to see who was copying who. Android has been doing the things iOS7 does (all those “new” features) for years. Now, they can’t even tout the smoothness of operation because Android got that too. You being a avid iOS user, you cannot tell me you’ve never seen lag on your device. It’s not possible because it’s not true. Android is far and away the better OS if you do anything more on your phone than text message and look at Facebook.

    1. 1206549 says:

      Sorry but no. The only thing better about iOS than Android 2.3 is that it’s UI is slightly cleaner not true anymore for 4.0 and up (NOte that this depends on opinion). Functionality wise, even 2.2 beats iOS.

          1. 1206549 says:

            Turns out we got an iSheep too. Also, you can’t deny that what I said is true.

          2. 1206549 says:

            Simple: It mentions Android. It’s not like iSheep don’t read Android articles either

          3. Abs says:

            so what’s so great about android phones anyways? I’ve owned one from motorola a few years ago and it sucked

          4. 1206549 says:

            Exactly in what way did it suck? Aside from the user interface being a bit cleaner in iOS (not true anymore today), I can’t think of anything.

          5. Abs says:

            the ui was slow, for the most part, every time I touched an icon or decide to use a widget, it would lag. Because android lags more, iOS is still cleaner than android. And I’m not saying iOS never lags

          6. 1206549 says:

            Keyword: “was”. I had Android 2.3.6 on a really slow phone (about 800 Mhz with 190 MB of RAM slow) and it never lagged when I used a widget. When I opened an app, sure but that was usually because the apps I had were hard on resources. Also, it’s usually the OEM skins that cause the lag not Android itself.

          7. Abs says:

            it still is slow as hell. you can’t even make a phone call without the android phone crashing.

          8. 1206549 says:

            My phone was an 800 Mhz Android phone with only 190 MB of RAM and 170 MB of internal storage. It was Samsung running TouchWiz. If there’s someone who knows what slow is, that would be me and I assure you, it never crashed while making a phone call even with a couple of apps running in the background, all the apps (at least those that don’t involve 3D graphics) run fine. Some of them not exactly as good as I wanted but it was usable. I could even play Angry Birds Space on it and a 3D racing game and it would still work. Also, guess what, several times, someone called me on it while I was playing and did it crash? NO! I was still able to answer the call fine.

          9. 1206549 says:

            I don’t really see how. Any Android phone with mid-range specs wouldn’t. There’s a difference between hardware and software.

          10. James Burkett says:

            If the last time you used Android was 2 years ago you Really need to look at one today. A whole different world today

        1. James Burkett says:

          Except you can’t save a ringtone that was sent to you via MMS and apply it as a ringtone on your own iOS device. Oh wait that’s just the tip of the functional iceberg.

    2. TheBeeNet says:

      IOS7 does not beat Android in any way. It was a copy of technology found in various devices and nothing new. If IOS7 is the best Jony Ives can come up with then he needs to go home. It took Android developers, what one day to copy it with widgets and icon packs and live wallpaper. Big whoop. Also there are jailbroke iPhones that have better features than IOS7.

        1. TheBeeNet says:

          You are so delusional that it is not even funny. IOS is so elementary even Apple has made its claim on how SIMPLE it is. It is time for you guys to graduate to the next chain of technological evolution and to come to Android side. You guys just got true multitasking somewhat with your applications. Big whoop. The a parallax live wallpaper and fruity flamboyant colored icon packs, and still limited on sharing documents with your air drop crap. All of these features have been realized years ago with other companies such as Microsoft, Web OS, BlackBerry, and Android who you so love to hate. Look at you. You’re the one who is jealous. You cannot even comment without using obscene words in your responses. Are you mad or something or is it you cannot defend your brand.

          1. Peter says:

            coming from someone who’s actually used iOS 7, I think it’s definitely a well needed update from iOS 6. It sounds like your comments are based on what you heard or seen try using it. Airdrop is actually not as limited as you want it to be fandroid.

          2. TheBeeNet says:

            So you’re a developer and were provided the IOS 7 version correct? What app did you develop on ios? I have an iPhone I would love to download it. Or what Mac product did you develop to get ios 7?
            I am not knocking the fact that it is a definitely needed update but these features have been realized already even in Android devices. I guest I can say, welcome to the Android 3.0 world. I don’t have to use the updated version to know it is still behind. Enjoy your android 3.0 update.

          3. Peter says:

            i got the beta software from a developer and have been using it. The features were well needed but…

            I don’t like the fact that apple resorted to copying android and windows. Because both of those OS’s really suck but I guess apple does what it has to do.

          4. TheBeeNet says:

            Seems to me they copied from the Best and they did do what the had to remain relevant. However, is it enough? Their new version will be coming out in September but I it will be viewed as lack luster more than awe inspiring because it is a copy of Android and Windows. I currently have 26 shares of Apple stock and I listen to their quarterly earning reports, let’s face it Android is eating up their bottom line and they had to do something to quell their investors. I am 44 and I like my retirement and I am in profit with Apple but you as an iPhone user and fan deserve better than what Apple is putting out. I feel that iPhone users should be more vocal about it to push innovation not a copying strategy.

          5. James Burkett says:

            What’s sad for those iSheep is, Apple didn’t get a good look at Key Lime Pie. They didn’t wait long enough, and now they are going to be stuck in Gingerbread land while Android comes right back and hits them with even More features they wished they would have copied for iOS7

          6. TheBeeNet says:

            It is really embarrassing for Apple now. Everybody sees it with the exception of Apple Fanboys, how they copied everything. Time is a revealer and what it revealed is that whether Steve Jobs was here or not, Apple has hit it plateau with its closed source platform and resulted to copying from its competitors. The UI has remained the same since 2007 and there experience is truly monotone at best. I can jailbreak and iphone and have better features that IOS7. I am interested in seeing how it will be received in September.

          7. TheBeeNet says:

            Not at all. But I was going to ask you the same thing judging by you previous comment referencing towards Android.

  2. TheBeeNet says:

    Apple is so far behind the curve it is pitiful. The UI has remained the same and so what they added some features that has been mastered by others. Big whoop. I will stick with my Android device.

  3. 1206549 says:

    The parallax illusion in Apple is simply the equivalent of a live wallpaper in Android, the control center is basically Apple’s version of the notification shade in TouchWiz and other skins and more recently, in stock Android, the icons look like part Symbian, part Windows Phone 8 or Minimal UI on Android and the multitasking has been in Android from the earliest forms and even before Android in WebOS.

      1. 1206549 says:

        Not really. The pinch to zoom thing has been in people’s imaginations before the technology has been available. You could see it in sci-fi movies older than the iPhone. And the grid of icons has been around since the early computers that used GUIs. So I wouldn’t say Android took those from the iPhone.

        1. TheBeeNet says:

          Just to piggy back on what you’ve said, if Apple believe Android had copied their technology there would have been a major lawsuit. Apple fanboys miss that one point. If Android copied ios, why won’t Apple file a head on lawsuit against Google about Android infringements? Because Apple knows it would be made a fool of and disgraced in court. They would not be able to recover from the bad press. Simply put Android did not copy ios but we do see and recognized ios7 is a copy of technology already realized by other manufactures including Android.

          1. 1206549 says:

            A lot of iSheep believe a major lawsuit did happen because they confuse Samsung with Google.

          2. TheBeeNet says:

            I know and even in the Samsung lawsuit it was determined that Samsung did not intentionally mean to infringe upon Apple’s patents. Some of Apple’s patents have come under fire and were tossed out. Samsung’s judgment was reduced and the other part is up for appeal. Samsung will have to pay but nowhere close to the billion the Anti-Samsung tech sites are boasting.

          3. James Burkett says:

            The only reason Samsung lost that lawsuit was that the jury foreman was a liar- He told the rest of the jury that the prior art shown in the courtroom didn’t constitute prior art because the software that the prior art was developed on would not run on Apple hardware. This guy is a complete Moron.

      2. James Burkett says:

        You think pinch to zoom was invented by Apple… LOL It was INVENTED by Mistubishi Electronics in 2001 (A full 6 years before the original iPhone was introduced) and demonstrated on the Diamond Touch. And let me get this straight… You think Apple invented icons?? Try XEROX, iSheep

          1. James Burkett says:

            Android and iOS are two completely different platforms- The only thing they had in common in the beginning was they both had icons and ran applications. Now they have a lot in common because Apple keeps copying everything Android does.

        1. TheBeeNet says:

          Mad props James for knowing your stuff. I had a similar debate with an IPhone user as well. What really stinks is Apple is well aware that Android copied nothing from ios but they do not inform their users and allow them to debate an argument they cannot win, such as this one. Just like when Apple said the iPhone 5 was thinnest smartphone in the world during the WWDC conference in 2012. Fanboys everywhere tried to fight this battle but could not win. Once again James, mad props.

          1. James Burkett says:

            LOL I love how Apple tells bald-faced lies to its customers and they don’t even question it! At the very first iPhone reveal, Steve Jobs got on stage and lied through his teeth- He said, “Guess what we invented! We invented Multi-touch! It works like magic!” A complete fabrication, because the tech was Invented Years before Apple ever even Thought of the iPhone. That’s just an example. Thank you for being one of the very few people who don’t seem to sway for one or the other platform but just look at reality- The truth! Instead of being a fanboy that believes and perpetrates lies to try to make “his/her” company of taste look better. And thank you for the props. I just tell the truth.

        2. Peter says:

          That doesn’t mean android is better at all, if that’s the case it’s just as bad for stealing it from the iphone. Actually even worse than iPhone

          1. James Burkett says:

            Moron, it’s not Google running around claiming to have invented it and suing others for using it.

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