Self-improvement app-iness with Luminosity and Samaki and more


Stack up that smartphone of yours with free apps to defeat those typical goals that show up on your top 10 lists for self-improvement yearly.

Lumosity Brain Training

Designed by neuroscientists, Lumosity Brain Trainer keeps your head functional. The clean aesthetic of the interface of the app helps you jump right into games and puzzles designed to boost memory, speed and problem-solving skills. It features a Brain Profile Index (BPI) that tracks your progress, illustrating your strengths and, which areas may need more work. This app is available for Apple devices, with a free five-session trial. If you get hooked, select from three-month access for $4.99, six-month access for $6.99 or yearly access for $9.99.

One Today

If your self-improvement goals are geared towards helping others, look no further than the free Android app of One Today. It makes charity mobile, simple and customizable. The app provides a glimpse at various nonprofit organizations daily. You choose where you make a modest donation or encourage your social media pals to match your donations to strengthen the impact. One Today works better as it gets to know you. It increases its customization of the nonprofit projects it shares based on your donation preferences. This brand new app is in a limited release stage; so Android users will have to go to its site to request an invite to join.

Samaki Rewards

Most drivers have succumbed to the temptations of phone distractions while on the road. You assume one glance at a text or switching the music track isn’t a big deal. The brain functions needed for driving are reduced by 37 percent when using a phone, increasing the risk accidents, citing a study from Carnegie Mellon.

Ironically, the phones that keep you distracted can also save you with the Samaki Rewards app. This free app is a game offering points for drivers who drive safely without talking or texting. The more you leave your device untouched, the retail rewards you rack up. You have the option to cash in your points on items like Nexen Tires at TireBuyer.com, gift cards and jewelry.

Call Your Folks!

Perhaps you’re the kind of person who has the best intentions with loved ones, but you still manage to incur the wrath by forgetting Father’s Day, Grandma’s weekly phone call(s) or your BFFs anniversary. The Android app, Call Your Folks! helps you create reminders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to provide you with the necessary notifications to connect with your contacts. Available for 99 cents on the Android marketplaces, it may be the smallest price you have to pay for a memory boost that helps you continue to foster positive relationships.

Image by Maria Ly pursuant to the terms of her Creative Commons license.

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