Google Maps Navigation app for iOS catches up with Android


Despite many other alternatives that includes the lacklustre Apple Maps, Google’s own in house offering remains one of the most popular free navigation apps available to mobile users, and now the Google Maps app for iOS catches up with Android.

While Apple is promising to improve its own map application with the release of iOS 7, Google has now updated its iOS app shortly after doing the same to the Android version. The latest update for Google Maps now adds support for the iPad along with indoor maps.

Google Maps 2.0 will support larger screen sizes such as the full sized Apple iPad and the iPad mini, and also now features indoor maps with walking directions for locations such as airports, malls, transit stations, and other large buildings.

The application also now benefits from better navigation that includes live traffic updates and incident reports, and users can now get information that includes 5 star ratings for various locations. This will allow them to search and discover popular places to eat, stay, drink, sleep, and shop locally.

There is also the option of getting some good deals from your favourite brands via Google Offers, but it seems that iOS users that have already downloaded the update are not too happy with the app with some negative reviews.

At the end of the day the Google Maps 2.0 app is free and can be downloaded via the Apple App Store.


2 thoughts on “Google Maps Navigation app for iOS catches up with Android”

  1. REALproblem says:

    Google was very moronic in slipping in the back door and REMOVING the Google Navigation app, replacing it within the Google Maps app, albeit a very lacking and chewed off version of it. Countless users are upset at the loss of information, loss of time, sudden retraction of their daily transit app, and the over heinous act of silently updating the OS WITHOUT permission by the user (which has the “option” of not being done, although that was simply overridden and done anyways). Big mistake for Google, as they have alienated many users who relied on some security, integrity, and reliability. Way to go, Google, just invade our privacy, take away our right to choose, and breach the very contract that you came up with. Big thumbs down for Google, as if betraying it’s users with the allowance of the NSA’s SPY program, PRISM, wasn’t bad enough, now you force us to allow you to do whatever you want? No, it won’t be tolerated. You’re losing users by the second, losing money by the second, and losing face every second you don’t FIX your transgressions.

  2. Lasse Kärkkäinen says:

    The new version is horribly bad in pretty much any way imaginable, and pushing clearly unfinished software as an automatic upgrade that replaced the old version entirely was a truly EVIL thing to do. Google for maps 6.14.4 apk for the old version and be sure to disable auto-upgrade so that you don’t lose it the next day, again.