iPhone 5S surprise and perfect display size


Apple really needs to come out of the camp and actually ask consumers what they would prefer when it comes to the next iPhone release; next on the list hopefully being announced in September will be the iPhone 5S and we want to delve into what the display size should be this time round.

Yesterday we reported by way Bloomberg that the next iPhone could come with a larger screen size of 4.3-inch, obviously Apple have not yet verified this so a pinch of salt is very much needed here. It does stand to reason we should talk more about this and ask our readers what would be their ideal iPhone 5S display size.

It was not long ago we reported the news from other sources that the next iPhone will see a delay, apparently production has been delayed because of fingerprint issues but now it seems it could have something to do with the design of the smartphone, yet another thing to ponder about. To be fair how can something be delayed without even having any official Apple announcements, something cannot be delayed if no dates were first put on the table.

The iPhone 5 was released last September with 4-inch screen, some loved the taller frame and others disliked it. We would prefer the iPhone 5S to have the same size display but with a whole new design, 4.3-inches or above is heading towards most Android smartphones out there, let Samsung, Sony etc have the massive phones and Apple should stay with the simplicity they have always used, the iPhone is a stunning smartphone and works well, yes we have complained about iOS 7 but this is in beta and we can accept issues will occur. Overall the iPhone offers so much and is easy to use for all age groups, large does not always mean better.


We love both Apple and Android and they have there good and bad points, and they offer superior features. The iPhone has always been classy right from the start, they moved away from plastic after the iPhone 3GS and it would be complete madness if they went back to plastic unless it was the budget handset. Apple should personally release one iPhone and forget the cheap iPhone, do not change what works.

One iPhone a year is enough or you will just saturate the market with rubbish, it has worked for Apple so far so they should stay with what they know. Samsung is killing the market; the amount of Samsung Galaxy S4 variations for example is getting silly. The way the Apple ecosystem looks is classy, simple and easy on the eye, one iPhone, one iPad and one iPad mini per year is ample.

Many websites including Phones Review have reported about production, screen sizes, delays, and new Apple releases such as the budget iPhone, only Apple will reveal all and until then no one knows the whole truth. It would not surprise us if Apple sat there day in day out looking at news sites reporting different things and reading all the comments from readers and only then will they make a decision in what is needed to give the shock and wow factor.

Getting back to the iPhone 5S
This is what we would like to see, the iPhone 5S being announced in September with a 4-inch display, yes the same that is found on the iPhone 5. Do NOT make it any taller than the iPhone 5, just change the design and add new features that will get the competition thinking.

We are not going to sit here and say what features are needed because we would go of course adding things that will never happen, not anytime soon anyway. Be nice for a new unlock though, something along the lines of holding down the iconic home button to open Siri and you could use a phrase, sing a line from a song or just about anything to unlock the smartphone. If you open Siri right now and say unlock iPhone he/she will reply with “Sorry I can’t unlock your iPhone for you” surely they could sort something out so Siri can unlock the phone by allowing the user to say a phrase that only you would know to unlock the iPhone.

Wireless charging, and we said we would not say anything about what features we would like, but the ones we are suggesting are possible and not stupid crazy.

The main point to this article is to see what our readers think when it comes to the ideal iPhone 5S display size — The Question: what would be your ideal screen size for the iPhone 5S?


4 thoughts on “iPhone 5S surprise and perfect display size”

  1. Scott Forbes says:

    “Apple should personally release one iPhone and forget the cheap iPhone, do not change what works” – Should apple release a budget iPhone, then it is not meant for the current buying markets. The budget device would be to allow them to enter into the budget conscious market, thus enabling them to allow prospective consumers the chance to own an Apple phone where they are currently financially restricted in doing so.

  2. Paulie Walnutz says:

    I think the size of the iPhone is ideal. If they do increase their screen size, they should do so by eliminating some of the bezel around the screen. The technology is out there now for them to do so. And it would keep the form factor the same for ideal size of the physical handset fitting in the user’s hand.

  3. wky21 says:

    Big screen size are good for browsing but phone in the front of the jean’s pocket comfortably are important too due to essential needs all day long. In order to do that, perhaps the screen size should kept not more then 4.7″. Then let the browsing on a tablet instead.

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