iPad mini 2 release changes are laughable


The switching of rumors surrounding an iPad mini 2 release date has been pretty interesting the last couple of weeks, and the blog at the center of these apparent insider leaks has fooled so many websites along the way but certainly not consumers. The iPad mini 2 has never been delayed, even though one blog claimed to have insider information pointing to this, but has since reversed this very detail gaining buzz again from the original rumor they spread.

Most of our readers will know the blog we are talking about, which goes by the name of Digi Times, and as our readers have pointed out before this blog has become extremely unreliable. They continually state, “our unnamed source” and then at a later date these very sources deliver news that totally contradicts the previous statements.

This hasn’t stopped blogs and mainstream media jumping on the details they share, which they share in the form of almost fact. So, hearing that the same blog has now stated the iPad mini 2 release date will be in October around one year after the first generation hasn’t surprised us. This led to hundreds of blogs writing titles along the lines of, “iPad mini 2 back on track”.

We cannot help but laugh at so many websites grabbing every detail without questioning it, or at least adding their own opinion after some research. This has led to a lot of news reports claiming the iPad mini 2 would launch in early 2014, and now they say it is coming this year after all.

Personally, we have expected the iPad mini 2 to release in October all along, so our best advice is to ignore reports coming from sites like Digi Times, or at the very least have a read and laugh at how they continually contradict themselves.

You can expect the iPad mini 2 release date around one year after the first launch, so that’s in Oct/Nov. If you want to understand any problems with the Retina, then this iPad mini 2 article on Product Reviews will clarify any issues that in a nutshell are to do with battery life.

More importantly, during this iPad mini 2 release date dance blogs keep reporting there has been some more interesting stories, which include this leaked image that could very well be the 2nd generation iPad.


2 thoughts on “iPad mini 2 release changes are laughable”

  1. MRDONBULLY says:

    Apple is over. No innovation at all, terrible display, crap processor. It’s like you are receiving a nice box of chocolate but the chocolates are all expired inside. I miss Steve Jobs

  2. Pligzy Plant says:

    Is it me or doe the near side bezel seem to disappear ?? On the proposed ipad mini 2 picture. I hope apple don’t ruin the iPad the new bezel is slim but will that not make the screen more susceptible to damage if dropped a lot of websites also I have notice reported on the leak that the iPhone 5s will have still the A6 chip but clocked a bit faster and by the results I’ve rated around 1.4ghz. Which is the same as the A6x chip already found in the iPad 4 ???? Has no one picked up on this????

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