Galaxy S3 users want Android 4.2.2 or 4.3 update now


Samsung Galaxy S3 owners have been waiting a while now for the 4.2.2 update and yet users still don’t have it. It is about time minds were made up on the 4.2.2 or the 4.3 update and give one of them soon.

Two days ago we showed off a new screenshot of Android 4.3 running on the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is apparently a test version before the public release, we believe this leak to be fake but you never know in this day and age. There have also been rumors of Samsung getting ready both Android 4.2.2 and 4.3, but these claims have not yet been verified.

The next update needs to happen soon or at least let Android customers know for sure if 4.2.2 is being skipped in favor of Android 4.3, if users were told one way or another they would rest a little easier knowing what is coming and what is not.

It was first thought that Android 4.2.2 would release first bringing new features such as S-Voice and animated ripple and light effects, which is already on the Samsung Galaxy S4. We are not too sure if this is true or not but there could be a possibility that the sales of the Galaxy S4 affected the release of Android 4.2.2 and that is why they are going ahead in releasing 4.3 instead.

It makes sense really to skip 4.2.2 on the Galaxy S3 if plans to release 4.3 in a couple of months time, it would mean installing two updates in the space of a few months apart if they released 4.2.2, which seems pointless in a way. Maybe Samsung was focusing too hard on S4 sales rather than releasing a new S3 update; maybe they are just delaying 4.2.2 – who knows.

Would you prefer the 4.2.2 update, or would you rather wait for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update?


30 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 users want Android 4.2.2 or 4.3 update now”

  1. Bill Grau says:

    For me, the SG3 was my first Samsung, and my last…
    buying a phone on a 2 years contract, and seeing it obsoleted after 6 months is really taking the piss out of customers…
    Samsung I am not impressed…
    Apple or HTC are way better than you in customer service…

    1. Anthony Bubbie Oviedo says:

      Did you just say that HTC is better with updates? Hahahahahaha

      1. Mike says:

        LOL HTC is worse then samsung… it is just a frigging damn game they like to play with us.
        I wonder if we started to call Samsung directly bugging them for the update every day, maybe they would update to shut us up.
        If they are worried about the S4 being the same as the S3 with minor specs, they should of released the S4 as S3+

    2. Rundtomkringlending says:

      The phone is far from obsolete. And so far Samsung has had better support for me than HTC.

  2. Slowsung says:

    Come on Samsung… I really do not see any reasons for this delay, so PLEASE RELEASE THE UPDATE ALREADY! I will not put up with late releases for every single update (remember 4.1?). If you keep this kind of customer treatment up, the Galaxy S3 will be my first and last Samsung-branded smartphone.

  3. rama_10 says:

    Android 4.3 will land up on the galaxy s3 by next year or by December….because the first preference will be for the galaxy s4 and the note 3….its high time we have waited fr the 4.2.2 update….samsung and htc ain’t doing justice to their customers by not sending 4.2.2 updates for the galaxy s3 and one x….at least htc is taking steps to release 4.2.2 for its one x by august…Samsung ain’t really doing a good thing. ..we need the 4.2.2. Update immediately. ..screw 4.3…its not gonna come till 2013….we don’t have the patience to wait till that time !

  4. mrllprado says:

    The S3 is only a year old and is still an excellent device. Samsung should keep it up to date just as the newer version. It makes no sense for us to have to wait this long for updates when we buy a flagship phone like this one. Come on Samsung I know your are all focused on the S4 now but don’t leave S3 users behind. I have no plans on buying the S4 now but will soon wanna get it or even the next version and it all depends on how my experience with the S3 ends up.

  5. B-double-e-double-r-u-n says:

    Regardless of when Samsung releases it. Bell wont release it for another 6 months after that. :o(

  6. Hmp! says:

    Customers are so disappointed with AT&T. Until now, there’s no update from the 4.1.1 version!

  7. gabs says:

    la gente prefiere el que sea pero que lo saquen ya y no esten que esto y que el otro..

  8. VIDURA says:

    What? Is this a kindergarten game, samsung?? We ain’t playin’ with ya. Just get us the damn update! All the specs you gave us on samsung s3 was at it’s minimum or was not present. eg-it has a significant memory reduction(883MBs where we were expecting 1024MBs)11.25GB instead of 16GB. Unlike Apple, where everyone gets the same update + they never get depreciated in the market! You guys just create the depreciation of your own brand just to boost sales and make short term profits before the war, where the sharteholders can just vanish without a trace with the money!

  9. upgrade says:

    Will definately go back to iphone next year, if this is the way how samsung treat his customers.

  10. Arne Hermansen says:

    You must keep the galaxy s3 people happy, or you loos them. Happy user is a samsung user you now. so where is the update?

  11. darren Valaydon says:


  12. Jay says:

    The thing is with Samsung they promise a lot and do not deliver. Who’s still waiting for the GS3 wireless charging? GS4 S-band…. GS4 work/home segregation….If the Sony Honami comes out with a decent spec I’m moving away. Did consider the GS4 as i liked the idea of the s-band and other features but remembering what happened with the wireless charger on my S3 i though I’d best wait till it is released and look at the reviews. Good job i waited. Would like this update but its not the deal breaker for me it is for some. What is the deal breaker is a company who has lost all integrity by promising and not delivering.

    Wake up Samsung don’t promise if there is the slightest doubt you cannot deliver.

    1. PacoBell says:

      I got a third-party insert above my battery and a Qi pad that enabled wireless charging on my d2att. That was cool for a while. Then I decided to buy a ZeroLemon 7000mAh battery and now it’s collecting dust. Go figure.

  13. Bdog says:

    How about you F–king give me 4.2.2 when it comes out AND 4.3 when it comes out? Yeah. That.

  14. chadongthegreat says:

    I just received an update just now.. but when I checked the version of my Samsung S3 phone, it was still 4.1.2. why is that the version 4.2.2 did not installed in my phone? anyone knows the resaon?

    1. aleli says:

      me too i just received also i thought it was an android 4.2.2 update but its only firmware update when i checked it still android 4.1.2 🙁

  15. Vj says:

    I will never ever buy Samsung devices in my life time… They fool their customers… Moreover we have seen this trend in the past as well.. Enough is enough.. My next device would be nexus at least I know for sure that nexus users don’t have to beggars like Samsung users. This is gonna be the downfall for Samsung. Dash you babe 😉

  16. PC says:

    I’m going to update it today, just fed up with Samsung making lame excuses to skip. They are too busy focusing making money on S4 sales.

  17. galaxy red says:

    Yeah im sick on waiting for samsung. Im stuck with my s3 for another year so Im gonna be moving to cyanogenmod 10.2 which i will have the default android 4.3 on my phone. I like touchwiz more but I could live without it if Im not getting updates.

  18. Nathan Greene says:

    I prefer the 4.2 update. Been running around with the 4.1.2 and i need a change already! 4.2 has so many features to better customize without rooting but the constant wait and the lack of answers pisses me off! Should have gone with the nexus 4 in the first place.

  19. Yadda says:

    If you’ve run 4.2.2 on a galaxy s3, you’ll see that AVRCP and google maps are broken. Hoping 4.3 fixes this.

  20. Arun says:

    iPhone 3GS,4,4S,5 all get a update at the same time or very close dates yet the S4 has had its update when it came out and Note 2 and S3 users are just sitting here like absoloute idiots. My Nexus 7 gets the update straight away so next phone is easily a Nexus