Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie release surely on horizon


Jelly Bean 4.3 recently dropped releasing first on the new Asus Nexus 7 2 tablet, (2 is for Second Generation) but in the back of everyone’s minds is the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie release date.

Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is surely on the horizon or at least being worked on with a release coming by September or October, of course this is speculation but we will explain why seeing as only Sony is the only ones at the moment bringing Android 4.3 to its smartphones, the Nexus 4 is the only other smartphone to have received the update, which we have learned Nexus 4 owners have started to get the Android 4.3 update but with problems to boot.

It has been confirmed that Sony devices such as the Xperia Z, Z Ultra, ZL, Xperia ZR, SP will be getting the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update, as of yet no release date has been confirmed.

What we find a little strange is that Samsung, HTC and other big names have had no mention of the update for its smartphones, there have been a few words that Android 4.3 will be coming but this is all speculation as no official announcements have been made. It would be good to see the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 etc getting the new OS.

It has been confirmed that the HTC One Google Edition will be getting the update soon, personally we say skip Android 4.3 and just release Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie around September or October on all top end devices, but there has been word it may come in 2014 but we will stick by a 2013 release.

Maybe Key Lime Pie will release on the upcoming Nexus 5 first and then other smartphones will get it soon after. Do you really want Android 4.3 or would you rather wait for a more superior Key Lime Pie?


12 thoughts on “Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie release surely on horizon”

  1. Tom Kelsall says:

    The author of this piece clearly knows next to nothing about Android software releases on oem phones – you should get someone who does. Android 4.3 will not likely be available for the GS4 it the HTC One until late this year due to the way the updates are made. This is not SoC makers’ fault, it is not phone makers’ fault and it is not entirely carriers’ fault… All play a part and it takes 6-8 months for the process to complete. Key lime pie will be as long again after its release to nexus devices and I’m guessing June next year.

    1. Peter Barnett says:

      If you’re saying KLP is coming in June you’re wrong. It’s definitely coming this fall, although probably November instead of October. 4.3 was a minor update to keep things rolling, but Google saved all the big tricks for KLP.

      1. squiddy20 says:

        No. Try re-reading what he stated until you understand what he actually said.

        Yes, Key Lime Pie/Android 5.0 will more than likely be announced/released sometime around October/November. But, and here’s where actually reading his comment comes into play, it won’t be available to the masses using phones like the SGS4 or HTC One until sometime around June, like every other update before. Android 4.2 was released early November. It didn’t start making it onto any devices (other than Nexus ones) until the S4, which was released in June. Android 4.0 was released in October, but didn’t start making it’s way to devices (again, other than Nexus ones) until at least June, if not later if I recall correctly. Notice a pattern?

        1. Peter Barnett says:

          Well….I did say “if you’re saying”. But now it does make more sense. Agreed. 🙂

        2. Richard Yarrell says:

          This guy is a sad conclusion of a man. Just a pitiful troll lost on the Internet. Don’t feed the troll fellas he should be out looking for income not on Internet sites. What a lost cause.

  2. Richard Yarrell says:

    For me just get out 4.3 soon as possible. Most handsets are stuck at 4.1.2 anyway or below so let’s get out 4.3. We already know that the Nexus 5 will arrive with 5.0 Kie Lime Pie it’s suppose too.

    1. squiddy20 says:

      Must suck having a “pimp slapping” Note 2 that’s stuck on Android 4.1.2 and/or not knowing how to root it. What a joke.

      1. Tom Kelsall says:

        Wow, you must feel really good about yourself having slapped down this n00b. Way to go, you bullying a$$hole.

        1. Richard Yarrell says:

          Squiddy is nothing more than a BROKE Internet troll. A pitiful conclusion in the real world. He couldn’t hold my jock strap if I taught him how. Anybody with a 2yr old handset and NO INCOME can’t be a real man. Plus who the hell calls themselves Squiddy. At best he’s a pathetic Internet troll who should be searching for a job and moving out of his mother’s house. Not trolling Internet site on a 5yr old laptop and 2yr old 3g handset. I can’t help but laugh.

      2. Richard Yarrell says:

        Pretty sure your 2011 Galaxy Nexus on Sprint isn’t doing to well 2yrs later regardless of your roms. It’s a sad conclusion when a grown ass man can’t provide for himself and he has to resort to all kinds of tricks to keep a 2yr old device average at best. Get a source of income then come visit these Internet site talking about something worth wild. Your life is a pitiful joke to say the least.

        1. squiddy20 says:

          1. Even if I weren’t rooted, and were instead using the stock Sprint ROM, I’d have 4.2.1. As it is though, I have 4.2.2, and will have 4.3 in a few weeks when CM pushes it to their build servers. Nice try though. Also, there are no “all sorts of tricks”. I flash a CM nightly, Google apps, and the occasional radio/baseband whenever an update is pushed by Sprint. Nothing more. Heck, I usually have my processor and GPU underclocked. Again, nice try though.

          2. The phrase is “worth while”. Go back to grade school and get a real education.

          3. I’d need to have a source of income to be able to get the Galaxy Nexus when I did in the first place. So, yet again, you’ve failed miserably.

  3. curmet says:

    WIll Android 5.0 only release for some devices or will devices running 4.1.2 be able to upgrade as well. I don’t see how it won’t, but every article i see only mentions new devices and the NEXUS. I mean, WTH, is it for only a few or all?