iOS 7 beta 4 won’t fix Google+ app crashing


If you are one of the 6 million developers that could be potentially using iOS 7 and looking forward to the beta 4 update, then we wanted to highlight a crashing problem that some of you are experiencing with the Google Plus app. The social app crashes after you open it for a second time, and this has been happening with iOS 7 beta 1, 2 and 3.

The bad news is that iOS 7 beta 4 will not fix this type of app crashing, and this is thanks to an update being needed by the app developer. This problem has affected so many developers that you will find hundreds of forum posts and blog posts on it, but some people seem a little confused over what would fix the issue.

One commenter said, “I hope iOS 7 beta 4 fixes the app crashing with the Google+ app”. We can understand their frustration and hopes for a fix ASAP, but sadly it won’t happen when iOS 7 beta 4 hits a release date, which is expected this Monday.

We are not the only website/person thinking along this line and a number of developers already understand this, “I don’t think iOS 7 beta 4 or 5 will fix this crashing problem, it will be down to Google to fix with an app update before the public launch takes place”, is what one developer added.

There are a number of things being tried with the Google+ app and one user thought they fixed the issue by shutting off the auto-upload service, although as other users have quite rightly pointed out this doesn’t help and the app still crashes.

At the time of writing we can confirm the Google Plus app is crashing in iOS 7 on the iPad, iPhone 5, 4S and 4. There is no solution to this problem at this time, although if you have had any success then please share a comment.

What apps have you noticed crashing in iOS 7 beta 3, which the developers need to fix before the public release expected in September?


36 thoughts on “iOS 7 beta 4 won’t fix Google+ app crashing”

    1. Wiibloke says:

      Google have a game plan and I am pretty sure it is not about pleasing iOS users. I would think it is closer linked into getting users of any device deep into their app Eco system so switching to a Google (Android) phone is as simple and seamless as possible. Many of Googles services are also paid so limiting their market would only strangle their business. This works great for iOS users.

    1. Dontwannaknow says:

      Try reinstalling it, it will work. But when pressing on recent, it will crash. However, you can make voice, video call as before.

    1. Sultan Kara says:

      download spotify for iOS4 not a great solution, but there are a few tutorials on how to do it lying around until a beta update patches the volume problem.

  1. Dontwannaknow says:

    I think ios 7 beta will also fix that. I don’t know about you but my experience is it works. I have two apps that didn’t work on beta 2 but now it works on beta 3 and the app developer didn’t do anything at all. So beta 4 is expected to fix more app crashing.

  2. Games' BUG says:

    The worst thing is, most of the games on the iPhone have had half of their screens undetectable, which means that when playing games half of the screen could not be used.

  3. Shiva says:

    Seems to me a number of Google products are crashing upon opening. I can’t get Google Translate, Google+ or Google Earth to open properly.

  4. Si7verwolf says:

    But this is the responsibility of the developer – surely nobody would expect Microsoft to change their programming to suit millions of programs for each new release.

  5. Lanz says:

    People that are complaining about crushes are so so so stupid… Once developers update their apps everything will be ok…. Ignorant people.

  6. Faiz Saleem says:

    If you are going to complain about apps crashing on a beta release, do not install a beta release you are not entitled to install on your smartphone. I am a developer myself and I agree iOS 7 is buggy, but you shouldn’t be using it if you don’t have a purpose to do so.

  7. Ryan says:

    What functions iOS needs:

    1. Smarter keyboard options and Notes functionality
    2. Offline dictation and offline Siri
    3. Multi-window support for iPad (to enhance productivity)
    4. Actionable and Interactive Notifications
    5. New camera features
    6. Better copy and paste

  8. Rulo Flores says:

    Instagram Doesn’t crash on mi 4S with iOS7 Beta 3…the only apps I have problems with are Plants vs Zombies 1 & 2 those crash on start up.

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