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The Apple design team are no doubt sitting back in comfy seats in the office coming up with new innovative ideas for the next iPhone, but we know for sure that they will not open and doors revealing what they are coming up with. The iPhone 5S is an almost guaranteed certainty, but as for a budget smartphone with the main material being plastic is a complete mystery. Surely it is time for the iPhone Mini Lite, we now have a few photos and one video with some ideas.

Samsung, HTC, LG and many more have budget smartphones to keep sales figures up, they all have high-end handsets but not everyone can afford them, one thing Apple has not done is release an iPhone at low cost prices and it is about time they released a budget smartphone under the $300 mark.

Leaked images have made their way over to Tactus, of course we have to remember these are just leaks and nothing more. Nether the less it is still worth seeing ideas thrown around to show us what is possible. A new sub-$300 outright priced plastic smartphone called the iPhone Mini Lite made with smooth polycarbonate materials in an array of many colors would be very good for Apple consumers, Apple could consider this budget iPhone 5 style smartphone.

To release a smartphone that looks like these shown here with the price tag mentioned above would open more doors and generate a larger audience for Apple, they should consider this possibility. It does not mean Apple will be lowering its standards because they can still supply new high-end smartphone we are all used to.

iPhone Mini Lite designs for Apple consideration pic 4

The other plastic smartphone called the iPhone Lite shown below has been rendered by T3; we have also added a video that shows you the possibilities. The new iPhone Mini Lite with a 9mm thickness, made with polycarbonate, many color variations would be great to see, and with iOS 7 on board would make things more attractive.

Other iPhone Lite features: 8-megapixel camera, Lighting charging port, 4-inch display, 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage only and Bluetooth 4.0 – Take a look at more photos below.

Would you buy a new Apple smartphone called the iPhone Mini Lite for $300?

iPhone Mini Lite designs for Apple consideration pic 5

iPhone Mini Lite designs for Apple consideration pic 2

iPhone Mini Lite designs for Apple consideration pic 3


One thought on “iPhone Mini Lite designs for Apple consideration”

  1. Quentin says:

    No way. Unless the good people in Cupertino are completely delusional, then their motivation for building a low end phone is to stay competitive in Asia and emerging markets where low-cost heavily subsidized phones from China and the like are devouring their market share or shutting the high-end iPhone out completely. To be competitive they should not waste time on R&D, and they will either have to leverage their existing supply chains and parts inventories, or purchase low-cost off-the-shelf parts. Obviously, the case will be plastic, but it would be stupid to develop an entirely unique form factor. Finally, they will need to brand the phone in such a way that consumers don’t feel like they are buying the red-headed step-child of the Apple portfolio; so, to call it “Lite” would be a mistake. However, “Mini” could work, particularly if the device was based on the corresponding iPod design.

    In order to maintain and/or capture market share in the above mentioned locations, Apple will need a product that they can give away, which means keeping overhead low and leverage existing IP while maintaining respect for target customers by making their entry into the Apple family feel like a natural progression of the brand.

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