iPad mini 2 without Retina display is disputable


New findings within iOS 7 SDK reports that a new iPad mini without Retina display is being tested by Apple, it also suggests the tablet will come with an A6 processor. The non-Retina display test unit is in our eyes disputable when it comes to the final release version.

Developer Nick Frey sent in the information to 9to5Mac with details that Apple is possibly going to release three new iPad mini models containing the A6 processor, these will include iPad “2,8 code name (J75),” iPad “2,9 (J76),” and iPad “2,10 (J77). This means there will be two cellular models and one WiFi model.

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iPad mini models that are already on sale include codenames ‘2,5’; ‘2,6’; and ‘2,7’ and the ‘@2x’ code means there is no Retina display support artwork but this code shows up in the iPad 4 and iPhone 5.

The current iPad mini houses an A5 chip, so if the suggested A6 CPU is indeed true this would be a step forward for faster processing.

iPad mini 2nd generation without Retina display is disputable
If Apple is using iPad mini 2 test units with an A6 processor inside surely it will be able to handle Retina display, and because these are test units it does NOT mean the iPad mini 2 will come without Retina, test units always comes lacking a few features that normally show up when publicly released.

Many have said they will not buy the iPad mini 2 if it releases without Retina display, we have to remember that these are just test units and the news above is all hearsay until Apple officially makes an announcement.

Would you consider the iPad mini 2 if it released without Retina display?


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  1. Barrett Jasper says:

    I would get one for the right price. Retin is nice and all but I’d rather save some money and not pay extra for a Retina display. It’s simply not that important to me. IPad and iPad Mini screens look fine enough for me and it keeps costs lower.

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