Apple market share shows need for iPhone Lite release


Whether you are a fan of Apple or not there is no denying that the company were largely responsible for giving the smartphone market the boost it needed back in 2007 with the launch of the first iPhone. Now though years later the company has a lot more competition with even once fans deciding to choose something else for one reason or another, and the recent Apple market share in certain regions shows the need for an iPhone Lite release.

There are some people that would purchase an iPhone regardless of its specs and design but many more would love to own one that can’t afford to. Over the last few months we have heard rumours that Apple will finally produce a cheaper iPhone 5C or whatever it might be called even if it was only for emerging markets, and going on the latest market share figures for China it seems the company needs to get a move on.

According to reports the iPhone accounts for 5% of all smartphones purchased in the country during the second quarter of this year, but that is a fall from 9% from the previous quarter. While many might suggest this can be expected as many consumers decide to wait a while until a new model is released, but according to Canalys this is the lowest share by Apple since the end of 2010.

This compares to fierce rival Samsung that currently sits top on 18% although you have to remember the company has many more different models on offer. It also goes to show budget devices are popular as thanks to the likes of carriers such as China Unicom companies like ZTE and Lenovo have a larger percentage than Apple.

Mid-range to low cost devices are extremely popular in the country and other emerging markets and if Apple do decide to release a budget iPhone model the company will see its market share sky rocket, and this would likely be the case in other regions as well.

Apple’s cause will also be helped if it can secure a deal with the world’s largest mobile carrier, China Mobile, which doesn’t currently offer an iPhone officially to its customers. At the end of the day having more choice is always good for the consumer especially when they are not worried about staying loyal to one brand.

Would you purchase a budget iPhone?

Source: Bloomberg.