Nexus 5 launch on Sony vs. Motorola


We still have no date as to the Nexus 5 launch but that does not stop the constant rumors that surround this mysterious handset. Going back to earlier in the year there had been suggestions LG would not be behind the Nexus 4 sequel and that another phone maker would take their place.

However, since then things returned to normal and LG were back on again, that was until last week. This is because the Nexus 5 release might have nothing to do with LG once again and could see Motorola get behind the project instead. If this were the case then they would already be well into the project by now.

In one respect we can see where such a rumor would make sense, because Google and Motorola are now in bed with each other, and so they would in theory produce a great Nexus device, but would this cause issues for their new Moto X handset, along with future devices?

You also have to remember there have been suggestions of a Moto X Google Edition, which would be a rival Nexus 5 smartphone.

Nexus 5 launch on Sony vs. Motorola — We have already looked at the positives and negatives of Motorola being behind the Nexus 5, so what about Sony? When they released the Xperia Z they showed they were still able to design a beautiful looking phone while coming with impressive features as well.

Another good reason for Google to choose Sony this time round is because they have not been chosen before, unlike ASUS, LG, HTC, Samsung etc. Google could feel as though it is time to give someone else a go, although if this were the case they would already be far ahead with the Nexus 5 development by now.

We feel that these reports are way off the mark and LG is still going to manufacture the Nexus 5. The reason we say this is because there is a distinct possibility the LG G2 could be the Nexus 5, as this would follow the same pattern last year when the Optimus G became the Nexus 4. If this were to be the case then that would mean the Nexus 5 could come with rear buttons, which we discussed earlier.

The Nexus 5 launch is certainly up in the air as to who will be behind the new handset, but who would you rather, LG, Motorola or Sony?


11 thoughts on “Nexus 5 launch on Sony vs. Motorola”

  1. GothBoyUK says:

    I thought LG had categorically said they would not be producing the next Nexus phone as they have ‘moved on’ and don’t need to prove themselves any more.

    1. newsjunkieintl says:

      No, that was FALSE. A mistranslation everybody and his brother repeated and repeated ad infintim even though LG immediately issued a correction. It’s just in the correction they would not officially confirm or deny their involvement, so people keep repeating the more forceful statement, even though it’s a mistranslation.

      1. GothBoyUK says:

        Thanks for clarification, I’d missed that retraction for the reasons you’ve stated!

        It’s good news for me as I’ve always been impressed with LG hardware but let down by the lack of software updates. That’s a problem that doesn’t exist for Nexus models so I’d be very happy with a LG Nexus 5!

  2. newsjunkieintl says:

    I hope these Motorola Nexus rumors are false. There’s more evidence that LG is making the Nexus 5 (based on the G2), than evidence Google might let Motorola might screw up the Nexus 5. 🙂

    1080p, at least 5″ screen, quad core CPU: almost all the top tier Androids those specs and that’s what I want… Galaxy S4, Xperia Z (and Xperia ZL). The HTC One only has two of those three, so it’s not quite perfect. 🙂

    I don’t care how “optimized” your Moto X dual core CPU is, it’s not going to beat the quad core Snapdragon 800 — it’s NOT. And YES, I can tell a difference between 720p and 1080p. I work in HD professionally. If I want a 1080p phone, to replace my 2011 dual core 720p Galaxy Nexus, that is what I will get. I’ve already got a dual core, 720p Nexus phone — I want something better.

    As for Sony… that WOULD be interesting. Take a look at the Sony Xperia ZL (not the Z), model C6506: unlocked, 5″, 1080p, quad core CPU, HSPA+ pentaband, multiple LTE bands (including AT&T and T-mobile), super thin bezel. The phone is smaller than the Z, but has same screen and internal hardware. You can buy it straight from the Sony store online. Just update the CPU to Snapdragon 800, bolt on Key Lime Pie and Nexus 5 is finished. .

    If the Nexus 5 is not made by LG — based on the G2 — the current Sony Xperia ZL C6506 is my backup plan. I don’t trust Motorola to make a good Nexus after the “mid-tier” specs on the Moto X.

      1. newsjunkieintl says:

        Because I want the Nexus 5 to have those current specs — as it should IF it’s a true Nexus and not some watered-down compromise.

        Also the S4 came out before Snapdragon 800 was released. Now the LG G2, Sony Xperia Homani, and many other phones coming in 2nd half of 2013 are going beat the S4 into the ground — as well as the Moto X.

        Also, the S4 has hardware buttons on the front and Nexus phones don’t. Even when Samsung made Nexus #2 and #3 for Google, they had to take the hardware buttons off the front.

        If I have to buy the Sony C6506, the design ethic is reminiscent of Nexus while the older quad core at least matches the speed of the S4.

        1. shadowstewie says:

          The Nexus series is not created to have the top of the line specs. It’s created to have stock Android mostly geared towards developers. Only recently it seems the Nexus 4 is starting to target more than just the developers.

          The Moto X isn’t created to have the top of the line specs either. It’s created to be a phone that works that you can completely customize which is geared towards the mainstream audience.

          And Nexus #2 did indeed have hardware buttons on the front. Nexus #3 aka Galaxy Nexus was the first without hardware Home/Menu/Back buttons if I recall.

          I’m not sure, but all I know is that whenever a phone comes out, there is always a certain amount of people who will have hate against it for some reason. But that’s just what it seems like. I’m happy regardless since I’m upgrading my Galaxy Nexus in December.

          1. newsjunkieintl says:

            the Nexus series (tablet and phones) were indeed created to have top of the line specs — competitive with what’s on the market. NOT “next gen” specs, but hardware that will match or beat what’s on the market at the time it was released. Nexus #1 made by HTC had very excellent specs. #2 followup came 11 months later, within the same year.

            The Galaxy Nexus could beat the SII and the iPhone 4 — top tier phones on the market at the time.

            The LG Nexus 4 could beat the SIII and iPhone 4S — and match the LG Optimus G on which is was based. Only until the next year, when the S4 was released could you see a gap in performance.

          2. shadowstewie says:

            For the first 3 paragraphs….you should have nothing to worry about then 😉

            For the 4th paragraph. I don’t know what the Moto X has to do with developers as I’ve said nothing of the Moto X becoming the next Nexus lol.

  3. newsjunkieintl says:

    As for release date, look at the Nexus history. #1 – January. #2 – December. #3 & #4 – November. January is the outlier, as it was the first Nexus. After that, the remaining 3 were released in Q4 (November/December).

    The most recent two (Galaxy Nexus, LG Nexus 4) were “announced” in October and RELEASED in November. I would bet on the same this year. October announcement of Key Lime Pie and Nexus devices (updated Nexus 10 tablet and Nexus 5 phone), then November RELEASE.