iOS 7 beta app problems is self-explanatory


Since its official announcement back in June Apple has been busy releasing various different betas of its upcoming mobile operating system to developers. There have obviously been some issues and the iOS 7 beta app problems are pretty self explanatory.

The different versions of iOS 7 that have been released so far are obviously unfinished versions of the operating system, and will contain some bugs with some of the various iOS applications not yet optimized to run on the software.

This why Apple has only released iOS 7 for developers so far officially, although there will be many iOS users that have installed the software via a back door method. This has led to a lot of complaints that certain apps are not working with iOS 7 but these people that are moaning are not even developers.

Below this article a video is looking at why it is not advisable for the general public to install iOS 7 onto their device before the official release of the software. Obviously the fact that many apps won’t work with the software is highlighted with the game Worms 3, which has a lot of display issues.

Users are strongly advised to continue using iOS 6 until Apple pushes out the final build of iOS 7 that could come as soon as next month. There is some thought that the iOS 7 beta 6 release could fix the problem of apps crashing in the majority of cases, which could come any day now.

Have you installed iOS 7?


10 thoughts on “iOS 7 beta app problems is self-explanatory”

  1. Christian Rogers says:

    Well im at beta 5 and have had only one app crash and just opened it up again. So if your having app crashes then your phone must suck or something.

  2. John Carter says:

    U cant jus be saying dont update for one app crash .. I have iOS 7 since the first update and latest is very stable….. May be you need to get your phone fixed …. One app crash doesnt make the whole beta bad and its called beta for a reason…. Update those who wanna enjoy the great feel of iOS 7.. Way to go iOS 7

    1. Yankee says:

      Goodie for you but I’ve got several apps on my IPad that just plain no longer work and a couple of others that say they can’t connect even though my wifi is fully functional and I can connect in other apps without problem. These problem apps are not obscure games but highly used utilities and a couple of very popular games.
      Just because something works fine for you doesn’t mean there aren’t still a lot of problems.

      1. Up Nort says:

        You do remember that this is a beta that you shouldn’t even have right now, right? If a developer, you are using the beta to test your app and update for ios 7. Do not blame the developer…they didn’t ask you to illegally install a beta. They will make sure their app works on ios 7 WHEN IT IS OFFICIALLY RELEASED.

  3. haveone says:

    sounds moron, “dOn’t dOn’t make a video review like this one, ever” better play worms

  4. TeamIphone says:

    find my iphone app needs to get fixed, it keeps crashing and taking really long. i am on beta 5

    1. Siddhuncle says:

      If you were actually a developer, you would know that a new version of the Find My iPhone for iOS 7 is available for download too through apple’s website. However, you’ll need to be able to compile the app yourself and send it to your device.

  5. EverythingApplePro says:

    There Gonna Fix The Font on Worms 3 maybe on Beta 6 Or just Patch the game

  6. your_mum says:

    I’ve been using io7 beta on my primary phone since the beginning. Apart from some apps not working (which is usually fixed with an app update) its great and very stable. I’m not sure why everyone is complaining about a BETA…. its not a released update?