iOS 7 beta 6 could fix iPhone 5, 4S app crashing


Before iOS 7 beta 5 released earlier this week we thought that the majority of apps crashing on iPhone 5, 4S and 4 would need the developers to update their app for problems to stop. This has proven incorrect in some cases and the latest software update for developers did in fact improve certain app performance, and even removed issues completely on some apps with more fixes expected in iOS 7 beta 6.

The screenshot you see below this article was taken on an iPhone 5 running iOS 7 beta 5, and the application crash was experienced while using the Google Plus app. It is worth noting this app crashed on the second opening in all previous betas, although you can now use Google Plus for a lot longer on iOS 7 beta 5 thanks to some kind of improvement with the latest software.

This fix alone showed our in-house developer that some problems will not be for developers to fix, and Apple themselves will be offering more support for apps that worked just fine in iOS 6.

Our previous article looked at iOS 7 beta 4 and how it fixed some iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 crashing, which was due to the mobile software rebooting to a black screen with an Apple logo. This issue was due to Apple’s software and not apps, but at the time we did also note a few reports of Skype and Instagram crashing and needing a fix via their developers or a future iOS 7 update. Some users also report Wi-Fi problems as well and this leads to only being able to use cellular rather than a wireless network for web browsing.

If we do see another update in the form of iOS 7 beta 6, then what apps would you like to see working that currently crash on iPhone 5 or 4S? We should also note that some of these bugs will need a fix at the app developer level, so in some cases this might mean iOS 7 hits a public release with many apps crashing thanks to a few developers being slow to fix issues.

The good news is that iOS 7 beta 6 and even the Gold Master could fix some app crashing problems without the 3rd party developers lifting a finger, but we guess only time will tell what number of your favorite apps run into problems when you install iOS 7 next month.

When it comes to a possible iOS 7 beta 6 release time it seems that the date is not so clear after Apple launched beta 5 on a Tuesday, rather than Monday.


29 thoughts on “iOS 7 beta 6 could fix iPhone 5, 4S app crashing”

  1. MonstrCrakhed says:

    ProTuber, iMovie, and Office plus. Office plus just has a problem with starting documents (the keyboard doesnt come up).

    1. Eraemlong says:

      If you have a developers account you can download find my iPhone 2.0.3 which fixes crashing. If you got it illegally downgrade to iOS 6

  2. sukshith says:

    contacts dont show all the icloud data, i hav like 600 contacts , but it shows only 50

  3. Tmel4198 says:

    Just open the software to developers already. Free the jailbreak team of their security research

    “Of course,” Cook told AllThingsD’s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. “On the general topic of opening up APIs, I think you’ll see us open up more in the future, but not to the degree that we put the customer at risk of having a bad experience. So there’s always a fine line to walk there, or maybe not so fine.”

    Just a thought for some of you jail-breakers out there:

    What if iDevices came pre-installed with cydia and an advanced security base IOS. The owner of the device has an option in their settings called “Jailbreak” or something along the lines, it would then explain to the user that beyond this point opens a lot of doors for customization but at the risk of having a bad experience and or a buggy experience. This would allow the user to then have the choice to have a “jailbreak” like experience that could make them love their phone even more and still have the option to switch back to the normal iOS at any given time. If anything was to go wrong on the device, the user has many options for reporting bugs and testing 3rd party tweaks / customization’s without actually causing harm to the device because of a more advanced like “Mobile Substrate” and “Safe mode”. Think of it as an always Open Beta that all users can try and if they dont enjoy it they can stick to their boring basic iOS experience. Obviously i am not saying this would be easy but would be a lot better for development, innovation, and the increase of sales for apple!

    I could keep going on with ideas but please just pass this around and hopefully apple and or ‘Tim Cook’ will come across it and realizw how much this would help iOS development and apple itself.

    Steve Jobs is gone. Bless his soul. But always remember he was all about making the User feel in control of their device while also having an amazing experience with the device!


  4. Mark says:

    Nothing work’s lol…. Can’t update apps can’t download from itunes store or app store problem’s in messaging app, facebook push notification stopped, unlock sound gone, battery life terrible list goes on

      1. Mark says:

        Yes it’s a legit beta downloaded ota it’s only since this beta 5 i’ve had these problem’s with the iPhone 5

    1. Jack says:

      unlock sound has been removed, battery life seems OK for 95% of all other users, I would restore to the old version then download the Beta again.

    2. Murat Akay says:

      in IOS 7 updates are downloaded automatically. That’s why you cant update anything manually.However you can see the update log. 😉 using beta 5 and only major problem i have is Draw something 2 is crashing… And i am sure that is app problem..

      1. Mark says:

        I’ve turned automatic updates off so do them manually, but cant update or even download apps and know many people with same problem on ios 7 beta 5

  5. Andrew says:

    All of my apps seem to work perfectly on my iPhone 5. The only problem I’ve had is with the Yahoo Sportacular app, freezes as soon as opened and have to force close it. I had a problem with twitter until the Beta 5 release which seemed to solve that problem. As far as pertaining to downloading apps and music from iTunes and the App Store, however, everything else seems to perform flawlessly. Beta 5 smoothed out a lot of glitches and rough edges, interested to see how it performs on Beta 6.

    I managed to register my buddy through my UDID and install the beta on his iPhone 4 and it had a significant more amount of problems. A lot of app crashes and glitchy/laginess. Hopefully they’ll sort everything for the gold release next month.

    Also looking forward to that possible jailbreak once it’s released 😉 given apple doesn’t patch up all the holes

  6. Rob Holley says:

    all of my apps (including Google+) worked perfectly on my iPhone 5. but when I updated to Beta 4 Twitter no longer works, apparently Beta 5 was meant to fix this and the Instagram issues people were experiencing, (I wasn’t experiencing any issues what so ever with Instagram) just Twitter, I saw a photo of a whole new look for Twitter and hoped that it would be updated soon, but still no update. hopefully Twitter will work again in beta 6. for now I will continue using Tweetbot.

  7. citiman00 says:

    Photo album still accessible from the lock screen without any security
    anyone can pick up the phone any view the photos by flicking the camera icon from the lock screen without security
    please Apple, HELP

  8. Rosii says:

    They need to fix the Citibank app I can’t do mobile deposits because the app keeps freezing and you have to restart the phone
    Also find my iPhone keeps crashing!! Highly annoying
    Both of these things need to get fix ASAP! I have the 4s

  9. Kat Dunham says:

    Google search and wi-fi connection both crashing, but just this week. What’s the deal?? Wi-fi crash seems especially suspicious, since it forces data plan use.

  10. Anna says:

    the text app (messages, whatever you call it) crashes every time I’m using it to send texts but when I send imessages, it works fine