iPhone 5 WiFi continual issue on iOS 7 beta 5


Since Apple released its iOS 7 beta 4 I’ve been having major problems with WiFi signal, which we hoped would be fixed when iOS 7 beta 5 released. Well, the new beta is now with us and it has not fixed the issue.

I know that iOS 7 is in beta stages and we can expect problems here and there, but is Apple aware of the lack of WiFi strength since iOS beta 4 was released? There was hope when iOS 7 beta 5 was released yesterday, but guess we will have to wait for beta 6 or public release.

Before anyone asks me what router I am using, this has nothing to do with it at all because it was working fine until iOS 7 beta 4 was installed. I guess I will have to put up with the iPhone 5 WiFi continual issues on iOS 7 beta 5 for a little while longer.

My router at home (Not the Office) is downstairs in the dining room, before I could walk all around the house and in the garden. WiFi reception is very bad indeed with most of the time 3G showing up, I tested WiFi strengths on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and it is fine, tried it on and iPhone 4, 4S and 5 on iOS 6 and there are no problems.

You are no doubt going to say “Restart your router” and “Restart your iPhone 5”, tried all this and not made any difference at all. I am not moaning because we know iOS 7 is in beta and these comes with a few flaws, lets hope Apple sorts this issue because I have no doubt in my mind that it is a software problem.

Please let Phones Review know if you are having iPhone 5 WiFi issues since installing iOS 7 beta 4, or if beta 5 fixed it for you?


17 thoughts on “iPhone 5 WiFi continual issue on iOS 7 beta 5”

  1. Marcel says:

    Oh I’m having the same problem! If i go to the bedroom, the wifi signal stay very poor! Only 3 mts for router!

    Frustrated! 🙁

    1. ericsniper says:

      Do you have a metallic-finish-protector covering the back of you phone? It could be it that’s causing your phone’s wifi signal to drop even if you’re close to the router. I used to have a metallic-film-finish protector on the back of my iphone5. Before that, i used to have a very good wifi signal. A day after i had the protector on my phone, the phone’s wifi signal drops very badly. At first i thought it was the aluminum bumper and the plastic case cover that’s blocking the wifi signal, so i removed the bumper on the phone. Still, the wifi signal was weak and drops erratically. I checked out apple forums about wifi issues, but i couldn’t get any good answers. Some say its hardware and others say router etc…The only option left was to reload ios. But before i reload the ios, i was tinkering on the idea that it could be something on my phone that’s actually causing the wifi signal to drop. Obviously, it’s not the aluminum bumper or the plastic case cover. But there was one thing left that i had not done yet, remove the metallic-finish-film back protector on my phone. As soon as i took it out off the back of the phone, the wifi signal went up from 1 bar to full instantly. I walk a little bit farther from the router and put the film protector back on the phone, the wifi signal drops again. To confirm it, i tried putting the protector back on the phone and the wifi signal drops erratically. Now my one month old iphone5 has gotten its wifi signal back. I think some thin metallic materials use to make back cover protector would cause wifi signal issues.

  2. sathish says:

    It’s not a big issue, you should buy a new iPhone. That’s what apple will suggest as well. wifi once gone it’s gone for ever.

    1. Guest says:

      Most people don’t have the unlimited funds to keep buying new iPhones because Apple won’t pay attention to production defects.

  3. rokuon says:

    Those who doesnt have anything else to compare to iphone 5 wifi with, why bother posting? my ipod touch could detect wifi from the same range as iphone 5 while iphone 5 couldnt? ipod touch using 6.1.3 ios, iphone 5 using 6.1.4 ios. Then what exactly is the problem here? Apple should know better that nowadays smartphone without wifi is the same as dead device.

  4. Jradical says:

    Strange, I just downloaded beta onto my iphone 5 for the first time, (beta 5) and I haven’t seen any problems with connectivity. The music app crashes once in a while, photos as well, but like you said, its a beta.

  5. jay says:

    out of all the bugs in the past betas, this one is the worst :/ i cant even download apps cause i have to use 4g which wll use data

  6. kmcclee says:

    I have issues with iOS7 Beta 5 connecting to my secured FIOS router. I can connect to an open public WiF AP. But my router with WEP or WPA2 can not be connected. I use the standard Verizon FIOS router which I am sur emillions of people have so this has to be fixed before launch.

  7. nOTaNaSSCLOWN says:

    What is this… people complaining that this is the worst beta in years… SMH … it is a beta… it is NOT for public use, It is SUPPOSED to have problems, IT IS A BETA… if you are frustrated about the bugs then put 6.1.4 back on your phone and let the DEVELOPERS do their job… WOW!!

  8. Cody says:

    my beta 5 is doing all kinds of crazzy stuff. Phone constantly crashing. Battery %age freezing. Saying its 100% all day then if I reboot it shows the real level at 10%

  9. Larry says:

    There is an issue with certain Apple wifi chipsets that do not allow some iPhone 5’s to connect or stay connected to WPA and WPA2 encrypted networks. The iPhone 5’s with Intel wifi chipsets are not having this issue. Mine is affected. I have to use WEP or go unprotected with a MAC filter before my iPhone 5 will stay connected to my network. I was able to reproduce this issue for T-Mobile tech support and I got my phone exchanged but the new one does the same thing. I am unsure whether or not it is a software issue or a hardware issue but Apple does know about it. Search the internet for iPhone 5 wifi problem and you will see a bunch of stuff about it on Apple’s support forums. I plan to make an appointment at the genius bar soon and make them exchange my iPhone as well as my girlfriend’s for phones that have Intel wifi chipsets in them if IOS 7 does not fix it.

  10. Shikhar Bodhi says:

    this has been a problem with IPhone 4s and above. Dont know whether it is software or hardware but yes its an issue. Apple needs to fix this.