iOS 7 beta 4 fixes iPhone 4S, 5 crashing


This article is a quick update about iOS 7 beta 4 and crashing on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. We have touched base with our in-house developer testing our apps with the latest version of iOS 7 beta, and while our apps seem to be running fine it seems that the mobile software overall has some of the same problems seen in previous betas but some have been fixed.

We have received reports that iOS 7 beta 4 fixed the iPhone 4S crashing issues we first reported needed a fix when using beta 2. The phone would randomly crash to a black screen that followed with an Apple logo, then a restart into iOS 7. This seems to be fixed now on iPhone 4S running iOS 7 beta 4, but we did get word from a couple of our readers that are developers about the iPhone 5 crashing in the same way on beta 4.

Our developer has been testing iOS 7 beta 4 with an iPhone 5 and 4S since the download went live for developers, but he has yet to see any crashing on both phones. Feel free to hit the comments if you are running the latest beta and see crashing, or even other bugs?

Google Plus still crashing in iOS 7 beta 4 — as we predicted earlier, it seems that the problem with Google+ is one that the app maker needs to fix. Our tests reveal that the second time you open Google Plus and try to do something with the social app, it then crashes back to the home screen. This is exactly what happened in iOS 7 beta 3, so we hope Google fixes these issues soon as we know a lot of developers use Google Plus and want this problem fixed in iOS 7 as soon as possible.

We should also note that other problems in iOS 7 for some people include Music app headset controls not working, issues with the Photo Stream, plus a number of other apps crashing as expected considering it is still in beta. Two very popular apps that the creators need to fix for iOS 7 are Skype and Instagram.


43 thoughts on “iOS 7 beta 4 fixes iPhone 4S, 5 crashing”

  1. VictorElda1 says:

    I have been running iOS 7 beta 4 on my iPhone 5 and it still crashes sometimes. For example, when I try to open the app ‘vs racing 2’, it crashes, the apple logo shows up, and I get directed to the lock screen again.
    Another bug I’ve found on mine is that when you hold a number for too long on the lock screen, the dots just fade away.

  2. Jimmy J says:

    I have the iPhone 5 and my phone shuts down to the apple logo.Also I have to force shut down when phone gets stuck. Did not do that with bets 3.

  3. iphone5 says:

    after closing the apps, the wallpaper becomes black, which needs to be fixed. once i lock the phone and unlock it again it gets back to normal

  4. Lai says:

    The wechat application cnt upload photo with selected. And can have a cellular button on the control center? And while typing here. The screen will keep shaking

  5. Antonlw says:

    Will you people stop complaining about crashes. Unless you are legitimate devs (which I bet most of you aren’t) it’s meant to be buggy/ crash the software isn’t f*cking ready yet. By the time it’s released to the public all will be fixed, but for now just put up and shut up or downgrade back to iOS 6

    1. Simon Hedgey Merrall says:

      These people aren’t complaining about crashes happening if you actually read the whole article it says hit up the comments section if you are getting any crashes or bugs. This info believe it or not helps Apple out fixing any issues that are yet undiscovered by them.

      1. Antonlw says:

        I know, but I am not just talking on this article but generally all over the internet. Why I am annoyed is the amount of people expecting a total lag and bug free experience right now and those same people are the ones who have downloaded and installed it illegally in the first place.

        I guess what I am trying to say is sort of what you are saying but they should of known what it was going to be like and if they need to ‘bug report’ either tell the developer or Apple so it can be fixed. There’s is no point crying about it on internet tech review sites because non of us can do anything about it.

        1. Simon Hedgey Merrall says:

          True if people are moaning about it then they just shouldn’t use it at all. Personally I’ve only noticed a few bugs but they aren’t annoying. I don’t use google or Instagram so don’t have to worry bout those bugs lol

  6. Simba600 says:

    I got iphone 5 ios7 beta 4 sometimes when I go to phone contacts there is no bottom icon like keypad contacts favourites recents

  7. Antbony says:

    I have the iphone5 with iOS 7 beta 4 and it still has a few bugs and causes some of my games and photo apps to crash . I liked beta 3 better .

    1. VictorElda1 says:

      iOS 7 Beta 4 is based on bug fixes, but it will still contain a number of bugs. Beta 4 might contain bugs that was not in Beta 3, but considering that it was a 300MB+ update, they did improve the device’s speed and fix a great amount of bugs.

  8. James says:

    I am using beta 4 on my iphone 5 it crashes frequently and sometimes jumps from wi fi to data lte pretty quickly. I use a cell phone booster and sometimes it jumps from Verizon to Extended to quickly to keep service.

  9. Simon Hedgey Merrall says:

    I’m running beta 4 on iPhone 5 and have had it crash on me twice already

  10. Simon Hedgey Merrall says:

    I’ve also noticed that sometimes the home screen wallpaper goes black when you jump to home screen and crashes when in settings notably in wallpaper settings

    1. VictorElda1 says:

      Try uninstall and re-install iOS 7 Beta 4. I did that to my device and it worked. If that doesn’t work, try to do a soft reset if you backed up all your data.
      But if you notice that there are just too much bugs and you can’t handle it, downgrade back to iOS 6.1.4

      1. Simon Hedgey Merrall says:

        I don’t think its as bad as people are making out. Beta 2 had the most bugs by far but I just avoided that beta all together. Only issue I can find is on the odd occasion my phone will reset itself.

  11. Applefan101 says:

    I have an iPhone 4S I just downloaded it yesterday and the next night my phone screen just went black I can hear Siri screenshot and the sound when you connect the phone to a charger please help me!!!!!!!

    1. Tmel4198 says:

      Hard reset. hold top button and home button at the same time for 10 seconds. then turn it back on. it will work

  12. hench01 says:

    i’ve had a complete apple logo screen crash while using:
    app crashes:

  13. HopeItsNotJustMe says:

    Anyone notice a bug with the C/AC button in the Calculator App? Whenever you input any numbers, the AC button is static and doesn’t change over to C. Seems like this only happens in Portrait Mode…Landscape Mode is fine! This is an issue on iPhone 4, so not sure about 4S and 5…

  14. Mike says:

    iPhone 5 ios 7 beta 4. camera still takes pic when waking phone up. Any one else have this problem.

    1. VictorElda1 says:

      Not for me. Because this is still a beta version of iOS, so the crashes that people will experience will be different.

  15. Rhinda says:

    If you have headphones/earphones with control talk. It doesn’t work when trying to pause/play, skip music in the music app. I thought my earphones broke after 4 days of purchasing them. lol!

  16. Donna Lewis says:


  17. Bob says:

    Please fix iOS 7 crashes on my iphone 5 all the time !!! This is making my phone suck!!!!

    1. VictorElda1 says:

      Downgrade back to iOS 6.1.4. You will need to re-install all your apps again, but it will be worth it because it will greatly improve your user experience.
      But since iOS 7 Beta is not released yet, you can’t seek help from Apple Support.

  18. Kristie says:

    My husbands IPhone completely crashed!! It doesn’t work at all. No contacts no ANYTHING! He can’t even make calls. This happened out of nowhere. Any suggestions beside buy a new iPhone?

  19. Andrew says:

    All of you are complaining that there are problems. This is a beta. This is for Developers. Not the public so be grateful that you’re using it.

  20. Donna Lewis says: