Tank Rivals Missions and Hordz 3D BB10 apps


The BlackBerry 10 platform is relatively new when you compare it to the likes of Android and iOS, and obviously it is playing catch up in terms of available applications. Today we have news of the Tank Rivals Missions and Hordz 3D BB10 apps.

First up the Tank Rivals Missions game was released to the BlackBerry World app store at the end of July and is promised to provide an addictive and fun shooting game. Players have to take control of toy tanks to remotely destroy those of your enemy inside the arena.

You start with a basic tank but as you progress these can be upgraded by using the coins that are awarded after completing each mission. There are over 60 different missions to tackle and users can even design their tanks choosing from over 100 different styles, and to find out more or to download click here.

Next up we have the action packed Hordz 3D that will see you testing the reflexes of your finger as you take on wave after wave of enemies. These include the likes of skeleton bikers, vampires, witches, and many other foes.

The game will see you trying to master many different finger swiping combos to defeat the enemy which has a unique first person perspective, and there are more than 50 levels to tackle with 12 different monsters out to get you. Hit this link to find out more or to download.

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