WhatsApp 2.11.3 update with new video picker


We have seen a massive increase in the use of various applications that allow mobile users to communicate with friends or family in a number of different ways, and today we have news of the popular WhatsApp 2.11.3 update with a new video picker.

Users of the application on the iOS platform will be pleased to hear that the update brings a number of new features and enhancements, and a number of these fixes also focus on the recently added voice messaging feature.

A nice new addition to the app though is the ability to now send longer videos, which has seen a rise from 45 seconds up to 1.30 video clips. The full changelog includes the new video picker for longer videos, improvements in Voice Messaging especially in Accessibility parts, other VoiceOver enhancements along with a number of other bug fixes.

This news comes after the company behind WhatsApp revealed it now has over 300 million users that are sending 11 billion messages each day, and the way users access the app has also changed recently going to a $0.99 yearly subscription fee with the first year being completely free, and to download head over to the App Store.

We will have to wait and see how long it takes for the update to reach other versions of the WhatsApp offering especially Android users that often have to wait a little longer.

Are you pleased with this latest WhatsApp update?


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