Galaxy Note 3 release with tolerable USA date


It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date will be a lot more tolerable than first thought for both the USA and UK. The launch for last year’s model came in a lot later than some people would have liked, and this was especially the case with certain United States carriers and DoCoMo in Japan.

Early today we reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 passed Bluetooth certification with DoCoMo, so we wanted to follow up with a quick article highlighting this fact and how it impacts a possible Galaxy Note 3 release date schedule.

While the launch event will likely reveal rough dates for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release, it is a pretty solid expectation that Samsung will deliver the smartphone a lot sooner than last year to carriers in Japan but some also hope to around the world. The sooner than expected certification in Japan adds weight to this outcome in that part of the world.

It will be a big disappointment if Japan receives the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 a lot sooner than USA. “After seeing DoCoMo Bluetooth certification for Galaxy Note 3 this early, I really hope this means the USA sees an early launch date as well”, said one Phones Review reader.

We have no doubt that most fans will still purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, even if it met a later than expected release date. This is seen in this comment, “nothing will matter for me after the Galaxy Note 3 launch event in 2 weeks time, and even if I have to wait longer for a USA launch I will be both disappointed and happy to wait”.

Are you hoping for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to release in the USA sooner than the Note 2? Share a comment below if you are happy to wait as long as it takes, and if you will be aiming to purchase the Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless or another carrier. You should expect the phablet to arrive by early October for the majority, although it is possible for some carriers and parts of the world to wait much longer.

We’d also love to know if there is something that could stop you picking up the handset in terms of specs or launch, so hit the comments and share your thoughts.


14 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 3 release with tolerable USA date”

  1. serioustech says:

    I think this phone should drop Sept.2013, October is over the limit -people want to start using it before then. I myself am serious about buying lost of technology devices, phones, laptops, gaming consoles, custom building my own desktops, tvs, 3D entertainment etc. While Sept is a get back to work month for lots of us it would be nice to see that happen right after that launch day to let the public know you all can have it ASAP rather than waiting to see what else is available because a phone choice we all need our phones more than ever now an the Note 3 is a good choice for having a excellent media device that can fit multiple needs in life whether its pictures, surfing the web, organization, etc.

    The most thing that attracts me to the Samsung Galaxy note 3 is the screen size. an very portable with new technology boards an chips wired smaller an smaller. Like having the world at the palm of your hands in this day an age its information.Being able to see it on a huge screen that’s not as quite big as a real tablet but to be able to use on the fly with comfortable experience without squinting. at small text from a webpage or streaming video.

      1. Scott Sims says:

        I have been a Galaxy user for many years.I love the line. I have been planning to get the GN2 but when I learned of the GN3 I did not buy the 2. If I were to buy the 2 now, I would still want the 3 when it is released. If I am able to at least preorder in a couple weeks, that will help my impulsivity.

        1. bob says:

          samsung has made it a priority to release this device, at the cost of the ois camera, you should have it within a 7-10 from the 5th(provided you order it then)

  2. Joey David says:

    I have the Note 2, it’s the only phone I’ve had the longest. I usually switch phones all the time, due to boredom. But I like the screen size. Samsung shouldn’t make the screen bigger each time it releases an update, it’s supposed to be a phone and not a tablet. People want portability not to carry a 7″ tablet phone around.

    1. freddieboy says:

      Doubtful if bigger every launch. But if we can go to 5.7/5.99″ without increasing unit size (most likely 5.68″) & b 1.6mm thinner, why not.? Actually that’s the main reason Sammy is keeping the screen size《6″, so as to b able to keep unit size the same or possibly a touch smaller (excellent portably). Like GS3 versus GS4. Went from 4.8″ to 5″ with slightly smaller unit & thinner. Fairly confident GN3 will b larger version of GS4, thin bezels, flat on the Carbon Fiber flat batt cover & a nice metallic type ring around edge, how bout that dedicated camera button below power button, Hello. Oops that looks like an oversized I-5, guess apple will b thrilled, poor babies. ! !…

  3. Richard Yarrell says:

    I own the Galaxy Note 2 and have always said since March that nothing mattersafter September 4th period. I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 3 day one of launch for Tmobile whatever day it is.

  4. Rick I says:

    I am a Note II user and I will buy the Note III for the increase in screen resolution and the pixal jump in the camera, whenever it becomes available

    1. freddieboy says:

      I understand higher resolution is better detail (purportedly), with more info n a smaller space, etc. However the 720X1280 is 720 HD (where I usually have TV set, very limited 1080p shows) & the letters & #’s are a descent size. Sure u can adjust font size, which helps somewhat. + the necked eye (if 20/20) can barely tell the diff. Also Note II has a modified RGB arrangement. Normally it takes 1.5 pixles to get all three colors enclosed, whereas Note II has all 3 colors n each pixel. So with a ppi density of 306, it has 306 RGB colors. U take another brand phone with say 422 ppi density (higher resoultion) will only have 281 complete RGB colors on screen. Anyway 720X1280, imho is just fine & helps processor run more FPS. Want to test theory, run Epic Citadel on say GS4 or equivalent @ max resolution, ck FPS. Then go back & adjust resolution (on Citadel menu) & rerun, FPS will b considerably faster. Would make unit faster & use less batt, Hello. Would b nice if resolution could b adjusted, like on u’re computer.

  5. Mary Ann says:

    I want it NOW! ^_^ <3 Of course many people are rushing to buy something new, so.. i hope Samsung will release Note 3 till October , cause I dont know can I wait longer. if not – then I`ll just buy Xperia Ultra or LG G2. :/

    Sooo Samsung better hurry! There are a lot of Phablets around and I just can`t sit and watch them ! ;D
    Note 3 is my first choice , so hopping it will be out in stores soon. ( and must say hopping that rumors are really true , and Note 3 is going to have Xenon flash ?! – if so , I`ll wait for it even `till New Years eve 😀 )

  6. Mad Ruckus says:

    Waiting for the sprint variant (hopefully will be on the first day it releases nationally like with the GS4). Can’t wait to finally tap into the 800 and 2500 mhz LTE frequencies of Sprint!

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