BlackBerry woes continue on reported T-Mobile decision


It’s no secret that the launch of BB10 and the devices running it, hasn’t been the big success story that BlackBerry desperately needed. It was hoped that the new operating system would revive BlackBerry’s ailing fortunes, but it now seems that BlackBerry woes could be worsening following reports of a decision that T-Mobile has made.

We’ll point out straight away that the new report is so far unconfirmed and stems from a T-Mobile USA employee, so we have to consider that it may not be completely accurate. Nevertheless, if this latest news is correct then it will be a harsh blow to BlackBerry.

It seems that T-Mobile, will now only sell BlackBerry 10 devices online and are stopping sales in its brick-and-mortar stores. The decision made by the fourth largest carrier in the US is said to be because of poor sales of BlackBerry 10 devices in stores.

A Cleveland employee maintains that he/she was told that BB10 devices will only be sold via direct ship but also stated this this could be something that just affects Northeast Ohio. However, it seems that other employees of T-Mobile have also confirmed that BB10 devices will no longer be sold in-store.

We’ve been following BlackBerry’s declining fortunes and recently there’s been a lot of interest in upcoming BBM Android and iPhone apps. The BlackBerry Messenger service is seen as one of BlackBerry’s few remaining assets, but the long delay in going cross-platform means that other messaging services have now had time to find a place in the market.

News of this T-Mobile decision to stop selling BlackBerry 10 devices in stores seems to be further evidence of BlackBerry’s waning position in the mobile market. Android and iOS devices now dominate the market, and with BlackBerry weakening further this could give Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform a boost.

Hopefully T- Mobile will soon make its position clear regarding BB10 devices, but for now if you were planning to head to your local T-Mobile store to purchase a new BlackBerry smartphone, you may be wise to check availability first.

If this news is accurate are you surprised that T-Mobile will stop store sales of BB10 devices? Do you think BlackBerry has any chance of rejuvenating its place in the market? Let us have your comments.

Source: CrackBerry Forum Via: WMPoweruser


8 thoughts on “BlackBerry woes continue on reported T-Mobile decision”

  1. Frank Cout says:

    How can you explain poor sale if you do a search on
    T-Mobile own website select BEST SELLER both the Q10 and Z10 rank Better
    than the S4 S3 Nokia 925 Nexus 4 and more.. Only the Iphones Samsung S2 ,Notes 2 and entry level Nokia 521 rank above Q10 and Z10, I think before publishing a rumor from what is probably a 17 years old (rumor) Some should question and do a little more research.

  2. john says:

    How do you put out an article when you state in the article that your information may not be accurate? You are reporting on a rumour based on a no name employees? What a joke. Why doesn’t you call T mobile and speak with someone with authority and knowledge. I guess if you did you would have no story. What a joke.

  3. Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones says:

    Just accept it – BlackBerry are s**t!!! Sorry buts true. Everybody knows they have failed with BlackBerry10 – crapBerry10 more like. Sorry but they are Rubbish. I was a BlackBerry user for 7 years. I left in April this year – I didn’t like BlackBerry 10 what so ever. It was crap. Never again. Noticed a lot blackberry users are in Denial – and they think Blackberry are the best thing since sliced bread… Sorry but there’s better phones on the market and Crapberry is not one them.
    BlackBerry knows they have failed and they know they have lost this. Sorry but the fact remains BlackBerry are Dead…Rip BlackBerry.
    Sorry but android & iPhones are the best phones on the market. BlackBerry 10 was no threat to Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia & Sony. BlackBerry have brought alot of their problems them selves – look at the PlayBook for Example… Alot of people lost trust. Sorry but BlackBerry are crap!!! They had their day… Give it up blackberry. It’s time to call it quits. Leave with some pride surely… Give it up and call it quits with the phones & Tablets – but why not turn the company into a software company. The phones are not working – give it up.

      1. Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones says:

        It’s true – their crap.. And Everybody can see it accept Bkackberry users that arevlivingbin denial – blackberry has lost -sorry to say buts a true fact. The company’s a joke… Honestly – who cares. They did the damage on their own merit for one. Even BlackBerry/Rim knows they have lost, they know it’s dead brand.

  4. groop dogdrill says:

    good grief, which particular 7-year-old with English as a second language did you hire to write this article? was the sentence construction done for a bet? if so, you massively lost; unbelievable, primary school standard of grammar/construction/language.

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